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Can Diet and Exercise Cure Diabetes?

Can diet and exercise cure diabetes? According to one study, yes. A new study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that individuals may be able to reverse their Type 2 diabetes by practicing better habits related to diet and exercise. Although the news should give hope to the 26 million Americans suffering from diabetes, the CDC researchers noted that complete remission is quite rare. During the study, obese patients completed one year of counseling sessions encouraging them to exercise more and eat a healthier, more calorie-conscious diet. After this year had passed, 11.5% of the participants experienced at least a partial reversal in their condition, and their blood sugar levels returned to a prediabetic state without the assistance of medication. Only 2% of the obese adults achieved the same without counseling.

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Muscle Building Study Finds Many Teens Focused on Bodybuilding

A surprisingly large number of teenagers, including both boys and girls, care about building muscle and take various steps toward doing so, according to a new muscle building study by researchers at the University of Minnesota. While many of these muscle building habits are healthy, some of them could actually lead to long-term health problems, according to the researchers. It’s important for parents, doctors, educators and the teens themselves to understand which bodybuilding habits are healthy and which are not. The study, which surveyed approximately 2,800 students from 20 middle schools and high schools around St. Paul and Minneapolis, came to some interesting conclusions about the muscle building habits of teenagers. Approximately 80% of girls and 91% of boys said they exercised longer and/or harder to increase muscle. Making changes to eating habits to support muscle growth was found to be less common but still highly prevalent, with 62% of girls and 68% of boys admitting to doing so. Teens unfortunately reported using riskier methods as well, however.

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Physical Exercise Benefits Include Added Years of Life

Engaging in frequent physical exercise, such as walking, jogging, swimming and sports, can add years to an individual’s lifespan, even if that individual is overweight, according to a new study by researchers at Harvard School of Public Health. Individuals who engaged in more intense activity tended to increase their lifespans even further, though moderate physical exercise benefits were recorded also. The study found that individuals could benefit regardless of their gender, age, weight and status of health. The Harvard researchers examined data from six existing studies involving health and exercise data for almost 640,000 people over the age of 40. Roughly 82,500 of the individuals died during a 10-year follow-up period. The study was the first to estimate changes in life expectancy based on body mass index, or BMI, and physical activity.

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Excessive Exercise Can Damage Heart

You have probably said to yourself at sometime in the past, “If only I had the time and motivation to exercise for hours every day, my health issues and concerns would disappear – right?”

Wrong, according to a recent excessive exercise effects study conducted by researchers at Kansas City, Missouri’s St. Luke’s Hospital. In fact, cardiologist Dr. James O’Keefe and other researchers behind the study say that extreme forms of cardiovascular exercise can be detrimental to heart health, particularly in certain individuals.

The results of the study serve as unfortunate news for individuals who routinely participate in extreme endurance types sports such as triathlons, marathons and long-distance swimming and cycling races, to name a few.

However, it’s also good news for individuals who only have a moderate amount of time to devote to exercise, and whose primary goal is to improve health and fitness rather than train for competition. In fact, Dr. O’Keefe said that the vast majority of exercise benefits can be realized with less than an hour of exercise each day. “Extreme exercise is not really conducive to great cardiovascular health,” according to Dr. O’Keefe.

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Massage Amplifies Benefits of Exercise

If you’ve ever received a high quality professional massage after a long, grueling exercise session, you know how relaxing and soothing it can be. A newly published study is indicating that the health benefits of regularly receiving a sports massage aren’t just restricted to relaxation.

According to the Ontario based study, the results indicated that individuals who received a massage after 70 minutes of exercise experienced significant increases in energy production within the cells of their muscles.

Inflammation in the same cells was reduced as well. The results of the study reveals the benefits of receiving a sports massage that should tempt many exercisers and strength trainers to receive massages more frequently.

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