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Les Mills Pump Exercise Program Review


Les Mills Pump Exercise Program Review


Quick Overview
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    30 Days

Les Mills Pump is an advanced exercise program from Beachbody, the makers of some of the world's most popular DVD-based fitness programs such as P90X, Insanity and Turbo Fire.

The Les Mills Pump exercise program has been extremely popular in thousands of fitness centers across the country, and it's now available as a comprehensive fitness program you can perform at home. Although Les Mills Pump is classified as an advanced workout program, it's designed to be accessible to beginning and intermediate fitness seekers as well.

The secret behind Les Mills Pump's accessibility is also the reason why it's so highly regarded as an ideal program for both weight loss and muscular toning: the REP EFFECT. This concept revolves around the use of relatively light weights and a high number of reps, and differs from bulk-oriented strength training routines that utilize fewer reps and larger amounts of weight.

As with many workout programs from Beachbody, Les Mills Pump can be expanded upon with the purchase of various upgrade options, comprising both additional DVD-based workouts and strength training equipment. These upgrades are by no means necessary to use the basic package, though they do provide additional variety and levels of intensity for more experienced users. The basic program lasts for a total of 90 days, giving you ample time to decide whether you wish to purchase additional upgrades.

Beachbody is currently offering a unique trial period for Les Mills Pump in which you can enjoy the program for 30 days for $14.95. If you're unsatisfied with the program, you may return it without committing to the full purchase price.


    • Provides cardiovascular exercise and weight loss with an emphasis on strength training.
    • Compatible with multiple fitness levels.
    • Motivational, detailed instruction from coaches.
    • Adjustable weight levels allow for adjustable intensity and difficulty.
    • Total body exercise program.
    • Includes strength training equipment and fitness tracking materials.
    • Excellent customer support.


    • Somewhat more expensive than some Beachbody programs.
    • $14.95 trial offer, while other Beachbody programs offer a free trial.
    • Some users complain that the equipment is lacking, while others find it sufficient.

Intent of Fitness Program

The intent of the Les Mills Pump total body fitness program is to get your entire body into shape using a variety of workouts that target specific muscle groups, as well as various muscle groups in combination. The entire Les Mills Pump program is centered around the concept that using lighter weights and a high number of reps allows you to burn calories and achieve a leaner physique more quickly. Beachbody and the Les Mills Pump program refer to this concept as the "REP EFFECT." This is different from traditional strength training programs, which typically recommend fewer reps and more weight in order to increase muscle size and density.

Another aspect that sets Les Mills Pump apart from most other Beachbody programs is the fact that it includes actual free weights. Other programs sometimes include elastic bands for resistance, if they include equipment for strength training at all. The following equipment is included with the Les Mills Pump fitness program:

  • Barbell - Includes a padded grip for comfortable training and a two-piece design for easy storage and assembly.
  • Two 5-pound Weight Plates - These attach to the barbell, and can be used as handheld weights for certain exercises.
  • Two 10-pound Weight Plates - Twice as much resistance as the 5-pound weights.
  • Two Safety Clips - These ensure that the weight plates stay safely attached to the barbell, and can be removed and installed instantly.

Aside from the weight training equipment, the Les Mills Pump workout program delivers on its intent by including the following DVD-based workouts with the basic package:

  • Les Mills Pump Basics - 10 minutes - An introductory video that teaches you how to set up the barbell, adjust the free weights, and use the proper form while you work out.
  • Les Mills Pump Challenge - 20 minutes - A rundown of fundamental resistance exercises designed to get your muscles working and deliver visible results quickly.
  • Les Mills Pump and Burn - 30 minutes - A series of compound exercises designed to work multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This workout is intended to burn calories and fat while building muscle.
  • Les Mills Pump and Shred - 45 minutes - A high-intensity workout program designed to improve your endurance and burn fat using tons of repetitions and small amounts of weight, a perfect example of the Less Mills Pump REP EFFECT.
  • Less Mills Pump Revolution - 55 minutes - A lengthy, endurance-based routine intended to lift your heart rate, build lean muscle mass and burn calories. This workout focuses on explosive movements such as power lunges and power presses, and emphasizes quick tempos throughout.
  • Les Mills Pump Extreme - 55 minutes - Arguably the most intense workout included with the Les Mills Pump exercise program, this routine will test your physical abilities while targeting specific muscle groups.
  • Les Mills Flow - 20 minutes - This stretching routine is designed to align your musculoskeletal frame, alleviate muscle soreness and improve flexibility.
  • Les Mills Hard Core Abs - 20 minutes - This workout routine focuses on building flat, rock-hard abs using targeted core exercises that work your muscles from multiple angles.

Individuals who purchase the Les Mills Pump Ultimate Cross Training Deluxe Upgrade will receive three additional DVD-based workouts, all of which focus on cardiovascular conditioning:

  • Combat - 45 minutes - This workout focuses on calorie burning through fighting moves such as high kicks and punches.
  • Sports Attack - 30 minutes - A series of drills similar to those used by professional athletes, designed for maximum calorie burning in minimal time.
  • Les Mills Step - 30 minutes - This routine emphasizes high-intensity interval training and utilizes the aerobic step included with the Ultimate Cross Training Deluxe Upgrade.

Primary Areas Worked

The Les Mills Pump workout program will have you performing some of the most proven and time-tested exercises contained within the spectrum of strength training and aerobic exercise. Some of the specific exercises you'll perform with Les Mills Pump include:

  • Reverse curls
  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Press pullover combos
  • Clean and presses
  • Deadrows
  • Chest presses
  • Scissor kicks
  • Leg lifts
  • Triple cross crawls

Unlike some Beachbody programs such as Brazil Butt Lift and Hip Hop Abs, which focus on specific areas of the body, the Les Mills Pump exercise program is designed as a total body workout program. This means that you'll be exercising all major muscle groups as you work your way through the 90-day program. As a result, your body will improve uniformly, and you'll be able to notice fat loss and improved toning and sculpting in all areas of your body. Since most of the moves focus on cardiovascular activity in addition to strength training, your heart and lungs will benefit from the program as well.

Program Length/Frequency

Similar to other advanced exercise programs from Beachbody such as Insanity, P90X and P90X2, the Les Mills Pump workout program is designed to last for a total of 90 days. However, unlike those programs (which generally require you to work out at least six days per week), the Les Mills Pump program only advises users to exercise three times per week. This makes the program especially appealing to those whose busy schedules prevent them from committing daily blocks of time to physical activity.

Each workout is designed to last for approximately 60 minutes. As you follow along with the included workout calendar, you'll be performing the DVD-based workouts in various combinations in order to complete a one-hour workout.

Effectiveness/Results of the Program

The Les Mill Pump fitness program has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from Beachbody customers since the program's debut. Here are a few general observations taken from real Les Mills Pump users:

  • The trainers are supportive and motivating
  • The music is high-energy
  • The included weight training equipment is solid
  • The workouts themselves are intense and provide real results
  • Although the emphasis is on toning and achieving a lean physique as opposed to building raw muscle mass, the program is still challenging
  • The program works well for multiple age groups

As with all fitness programs, your results will ultimately depend on your ability to closely adhere to the program's guidelines. Fortunately, Les Mills Pump includes a number of materials designed to keep you on track. These include the following:

  • Lean, Strong and Unstoppable Fitness Guide - A 90-day guide that includes training guidelines, a tracking chart and a workout calendar.
  • Get Lean Nutrition Guide - A three-part nutrition plan designed to boost your metabolism and help you increase strength while losing weight.
  • Tape Measure and Measurement Tracker - Measure yourself on a regular basis in order to track your progress and make the appropriate changes.

Equipment/Space Requirements

All of the equipment needed to perform the Les Mills Pump workout program comes with the basic package. This includes a barbell, safety clips, a pair of 5-pound weight plates and a pair of 10-pound weight plates.

Users who are ready to move on from the basic program will find additional equipment in the Les Mills Pump Ultimate Cross Training Deluxe Upgrade. This package includes two additional 5-pound weight plates and an aerobic step platform with four risers to adjust height. Although the step can be used with some of the workouts in the original Les Mills Pump program, it's only necessary for the workouts in the Cross Training Deluxe Upgrade.

Beachbody offers additional weight plates to further customize your workout experience. These weight plates are available in various configurations, including 2.5 pounds, 5 pounds, 10 pounds and 25 pounds, and are sold as pairs. By using the 25-pound weights, you'll shift the focus of the program away from weight loss and sculpting and toward pure strength training.

The Les Mills Pump program involves a fair amount of aerobic movement, requiring ample space in front of the TV and DVD player you use for viewing video-based workout programs.

Physical Requirements

The Les Mills Pump workout program is intended as an advanced exercise plan, designed to help you lose weight and develop a trim, more sculpted physique in just 90 days. For this reason, individuals who have lead a sedentary lifestyle for several years or are otherwise severely out of shape may want to consider a more introductory program.

At the same time, Les Mills Pump is more accessible to beginning and intermediate fitness seekers than the most advanced Beachbody programs such as P90X, P90X2 and Insanity. This is due to a couple of factors:

  • Les Mills Pump relies on the REP EFFECT, meaning small amounts of weight and large amounts of repetitions. For this reason, Les Mills Pump is accessible to individuals with no strength training experience, despite the fact that weight training is one of the program's primary focuses.

  • The workouts are only designed to be completed three days per week. This allows for ample rest in between more workouts. For advanced fitness seekers, this frees up four days of the week for other forms of physical activity.


As with the rest of the exercise programs offered by Beachbody, the Les Mills Pump workout program is backed by some of the best customer support in the health and fitness industry. Both before and after your purchase, you'll have access to the following Beachbody support channels:

  • 24/7 toll-free phone
  • Live online chat
  • Email

As a Beachbody customer, you'll also have access to the Beachbody message boards where fitness seekers and Beachbody employees engage in discussion regarding the products. This is an excellent way to get feedback or ask questions as you're working your way through Les Mills Pump. The Beachbody website also includes a FAQ section to answer the most common questions posed by users of Les Mills Pump and other Beachbody programs.

For a limited time, Beachbody is offering Les Mills Pump as a 30-day trial for $14.95 including shipping and handling. This allows you to try the Les Mills Pump program in your own home for up to one month. If you decide not to keep the program, you may return it with no further financial obligation.


The basic Les Mills Pump workout program can be purchased for a total of $194.80. This will be billed as an initial payment for $14.95 followed by three monthly payments of $59.95 each.

However, Beachbody also offers a number of upgrades for the Les Mills Pump program, designed to increase the intensity and variety of your workout while allowing you to purchase individual elements of the overall program.

The Les Mills Pump Ultimate Cross Training Deluxe Upgrade includes two additional 5-pound weight plates, an adjustable aerobic step and three additional cardiovascular workouts. This upgrade package costs a total of $140.00.

The Les Mills Pump Ultimate Cross Training Deluxe package includes everything from the original Les Mills Pump program in addition to the materials from the Deluxe Upgrade. If you're totally new to Les Mills Pump from Beachbody, this is the most comprehensive and cost-effective way to experience the program. This complete package costs a total of $305.85.

The Les Mills Pump Ultimate Cross Training Deluxe DVDs package includes only the DVDs from the Deluxe Upgrade and excludes the aerobic step and additional weight plates. This package is ideal for Les Mills Pump users who are looking to upgrade to the Deluxe kit without purchasing fitness equipment they already own. This package is available for just $40.00.

The Les Mills Pump Core DVD is identical to the Les Mills Hard Core Abs workout currently included with the basic Les Mills Pump package. However, it's also available separately for individuals who want a functional preview of the full program without committing to the full purchase price, or the $14.95 trial offer. The Les Mills Pump Core DVD can be purchased for a single payment of $19.95. Home of inspirational presentations — https://presentational.ly


Despite the fact that Les Mills Pump costs slightly more than most of the other workout programs offered by Beachbody, most users will agree that the purchase price is fair given the included equipment. This holds especially true for fitness seekers who don't already own strength training equipment.

Les Mills Pump is one of the most well-rounded fitness programs from Beachbody since it focuses on both cardiovascular activity and strength training. This is important given that the medical community agrees that no total body fitness program is complete without regular strength training.

At the same time, the core focuses of Les Mills Pump are weight loss, cardiovascular conditioning and muscle toning and sculpting. Users who are strictly looking to increase their muscle mass and density should probably look to a more traditional strength training program with larger amounts of weight and fewer reps.