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Xtend-Life Nutritional Supplement Review


Xtend-Life Nutritional Supplement Review


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In 2000, Warren Matthews and his son, Lance, established Xtend-Life Natural Products (Intl) Ltd. During the two years prior to starting this company, they performed a worldwide search in which they looked for the best raw materials and compared them with the materials used by other supplement companies.

Warren and his son both concluded that the best way to ensure the delivery of pure vitamins and supplements to individuals was to control every step of the process, from defining the ingredients to be used to harvesting and thereafter, manufacturing of the supplements.

Today, Xtend-Life Natural Products is an all-natural nutritional supplement company based in Christchurch, New Zealand that sells both supplements and skin care products. Xtend-Life's slogan, "Using science to get the best out of nature," is a fitting description of the company's approach to creating these products as they are considered a top tier nutritional supplement manufacturer.

Xtend-Life has a strong commitment to the quality, purity and consistency of their products. All ingredients undergo a variety of clinical trials and independent laboratory tests before they're included in Xtend-Life supplements, and the finished products are similarly tested to ensure their quality.

All of Xtend-Life's nutritional supplements and products are backed by a some of the best customer support in the nutritional supplement industry. The company's website includes extensive guides designed to help their customers determine the most appropriate products for their specific conditions. In addition, Xtend-Life offers direct customer support 24/7 via a variety of channels including email, live chat and toll-free phone.


  • Extensive research performed.
  • All products GMP-certified.
  • Top quality products.
  • Extensive ingredient/product testing.
  • Large customer review section.
  • Exceptional customer support and return policy.


  • No bulk purchasing options.
  • Limited sales and discounts.


All ingredients used in Xtend-Life supplements have a Certificate of Analysis, and all of the company's products are manufactured at GMP-certified ("GMP" meaning "Good Manufacturing Practice," a set of supplement manufacturing quality control guidelines enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration) facilities. In addition, Xtend-Life conducts their own independent laboratory analysis to ensure that their manufacturing facilities meet the highest level of quality and standards within the industry. Xtend-Life also assures their customers that there are continual microbiological tests performed throughout the manufacturing process for each of their products.

The Xtend-Life website is a testament to the company's overall quality. The site is far more than a series of order forms and terms and conditions, and instead serves as a guide designed to help those with little to no knowledge of nutritional supplements in choosing the products that will best serve their needs. Under the Health Concerns tab located in the site's top navigation menu, you'll find an index of various health issues ranging from eye care and sexual health to depression and lack of energy. You'll find a detailed list of symptoms and statistics pertinent to each issue, followed by recommended supplements and vitamins intended to help improve those specific conditions.

Elsewhere on the Xtend-Life website, you'll find other resources designed to help you make an informed purchase and improve your understanding of how nutritional supplements interact with the body and mind. These resources include a free email newsletter and a blog that's updated every single day. Five of the most prominent and experienced Xtend-Life employees, including the company's owner, contribute articles to the blog.


Xtend-Life assures its customers that they use only the purest and most pristine ingredients. Xtend-Life not only lists every ingredient on each product's bottle, but within each product's description on their website as well. Their website specifically details where and how they obtained each ingredient, and they only harvest from areas that are healthy and naturally renewable.

The process of finding the best ingredients is an arduous one, as Xtend-Life auditions ingredients from numerous manufacturers before deciding what to include in their supplements. When they're searching for ingredients, Xtend-Life prioritizes quality and purity far above cost. The company relies on independent laboratory testing to ensure the potency of all ingredients, and refuses them if they don't meet the company's rigid standards.

Microbiological and heavy metal tests are also performed on all ingredients. Disintegration (which refers to the collected ingredients' ability to fragment and distribute) and friability (which refers to the tablet's tendency to break) tests are performed on final products immediately prior to packaging.

Xtend-Life controls oxidation levels to ensure the freshness of raw ingredients, and never adds any fillers, sweeteners or other additives to their final products, delivering on their promise of offering only the purest supplements.

Clinical Studies and Research

In addition to their own independent laboratory tests, Xtend-Life relies on reputable clinical studies in order to determine the safety and efficacy of the active ingredients used in their nutritional supplements. The ingredients are thoroughly researched at the molecular level in order to determine how they'll behave when combined with other ingredients. When you view a nutritional supplement on the Xtend-Life website, you'll see a list of the included ingredients. By clicking on a particular ingredient, you'll see the latest scientific data and clinical study information regarding it.

Xtend-Life stresses the fact that clinical trials are generally performed on supplement ingredients, not supplements themselves. This is because it would cost a supplement manufacturer millions of dollars to contract the study, after which point the supplement could simply be copied by other manufacturers due to patent complications pertaining to natural supplements. As such, clinical studies have not been performed on Xtend-Life supplements, though they have been performed on all of the ingredients used by the company.

Xtend-Life is hands-on with every step of their manufacturing process, and this includes research. The Xtend-Life Research and Development team is led by Dr. Munem A. Daoud, the same individual who helped Matthews and his team create their very first line of supplements. The company offers detailed explanations regarding the steps they perform when researching and testing both ingredients and final products.


The Xtend-Life website contains pages upon pages of user reviews, found under the Customer Comments area of the site. The reviews are well-organized and thoroughly describe the effectiveness of the supplements themselves, as well as the overall experience of working with Xtend-Life. Readers should note that these are actual, unedited comments sent to Xtend-Life by real customers, not paid promotional materials like you'd find from some supplement manufacturers.

The exceptional effectiveness of Xtend-Life's nutritional supplements is largely due to the advanced delivery systems the company uses to encase its ingredients. For many of their supplements, Xtend-Life uses an enteric coating process to prevent stomach acid from damaging the ingredients, thereby ensuring they maintain their potency. Enteric coating is the process of applying a unique polymer film to the tablet. This film is designed to disintegrate in the upper intestine, which has a different pH level than the stomach. In other Xtend-Life supplements, more traditional delivery methods such as soft gels, capsules and non-enteric coated tablets are deemed appropriate.

Customer Support

Xtend-Life sells supplements strictly through its online store, making it effectively impossible to receive in-person customer support. However, the company can be easily reached by email, standard mail, toll-free phone, fax and live chat. When you send Xtend-Life an email inquiry via the company's embedded web form, you can expect to receive a response within 24 hours. You should also receive a confirmation email immediately after sending your inquiry.

Xtend-Life's customer support team holds office hours from 8:30am through 5:00pm New Zealand time, Monday through Friday. Note that this is 18 hours ahead of EST. If you contact Xtend-Life via phone outside of its normal customer service office hours, you'll be redirected to a call center. If your concern is urgent, the call center will get you in touch with an Xtend-Life representative regardless of the hour. Otherwise, the call center will pass along your message so that it can be dealt with the following day.

Product Return Policy

For up to 6 months after the purchase date, customers can return Xtend-Life products to the company for a full refund of the purchase price, minus $6.50 for shipping and handling. This policy even applies to opened bottles and tubes. You can request a return by calling or emailing Xtend-Life and providing your name, order number, product name(s), batch number and expiration date, along with an optional explanation of concerns or complaints. A couple of important conditions apply:

  • Xtend-Life will only refund a single opened bottle of each product type you wish to return. In other words, you can't open a second bottle of the product that you wish to return and still expect to receive a refund for both bottles. Of course, you can return an unlimited amount of sealed bottles, even if they all contain the same supplement.

  • If you placed an order that was eligible for free shipping and returning a portion of the order won't drop the total order amount out of the eligibility range (i.e. it still totals over $60), Xtend-Life won't deduct $6.50 from your refund.

Xtend-Life also offers an industry-leading policy for lost shipments. If your order hasn’t arrived within 15 days, Xtend-Life will send another shipment free of charge.


Prices for most products offered by Xtend-Life are either on par with or slightly higher than the prices set by the company's competitors. The reason for this is that Xtend-Life supplements, due to the increased costs associated with higher quality ingredients and a superior manufacturing process, are simply more expensive to produce. At the same time, Xtend-Life serves as a classic example of getting what you pay for. The company's supplements are an excellent value considering the quality and consistency you can expect each time you place an order.

Xtend-Life ships its products worldwide for a flat shipping fee of $6.50. Shipping is free for orders of $60 or more. All shipments are sent using New Zealand post priority airmail. If you live in the United States, you can expect to receive your supplements within 7 to 12 days of placing the order. Each supplement bottle typically lasts a single person one month, so keep this in mind when determining how many supplements you'll need to order in a single shipment.

There are two ways in which you can receive discounts off of your supplement orders from Xtend-Life. The first is to place an order costing $300 or greater, which results in a 10% discount. You can also receive 10% discounts on all orders regardless of their totals by joining the Xtend-Life Loyalty Program. This program is free to join. In order to maintain your membership in the program, you must place orders with the company on an ongoing basis, no more than 95 days apart.


Simply put, Xtend-Life is one of the top nutritional supplement companies in the world. The company is renowned among the health and fitness industry for its exceptional commitment to not only high quality nutritional supplements, but high quality customer service. For example, if you live in an area of the world in which Xtend-Life does not offer toll-free phone numbers, the company will accept a collect call and pay for the phone charges itself. All questions are answered thoroughly, and the company has a reputation for doing whatever it takes to satisfy both its paying and prospective customers.

When it comes to providing details on research and testing, Xtend-Life exceeds expectations. The company takes quality control very seriously, and won't even manufacture a product unless it's confident that it can produce a better version than that of its competitors. According to countless customer reviews, testimonials and our own experience, Xtend-Life’s products are well worth the money.

At the same time, it's important to note that many Xtend-Life's products are relatively expensive in comparison to its competition. In addition, some may be leery of working with a company based in a foreign country. Rest assured that neither of these concerns represent reasons to avoid Xtend-Life. The company has a history of filling orders on-time and with little hassle, and the lack of frequent discounts is easily mitigated by the fact that Xtend-Life's pricing is already as low as it can be given the level of quality involved.