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There are several resistance based exercise types that are designed to increase muscular strength and density. However, each exercise type targets a slightly different result in terms of the muscular development. For instance, lifting free weights with fairly heavy resistance will promote increases in strength and lean muscle mass while performing exercises utilizing resistance bands will tend to tone and sculpt the muscles.

We have accumulated virtually every exercise under each exercise type that you would ever perform within a fitness routine. Our intent is to provide you with a comprehensive list of the various exercise types, and the associated exercises under each of the exercise types so that you have all of the information required to choose the type of exercises that will allow you to achieve your personal fitness goals.

Below you will find an extensive catalog of various types of fitness exercises. We have structured the layout of the exercises so that you can quickly and easily find the exercises that are of interest to you.

Search by Exercise Type: For example, if you are interested in exercises associated with an exercise ball then you can simply click on the Exercise Type: Exercise Ball. From there you can then choose the specific muscle group that you wish to perform using an exercise ball.

Search by Muscle Group: For example, if you are interested in exercises associated with your biceps then you can choose Exercises by Muscle Group: Biceps Exercises. From there, you can then choose the type of exercise that you will exercise your Biceps with (i.e. weight training).

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