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Perricone MD Skin Care Review


Perricone MD Skin Care Review


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Perricone MD is an advanced skin and beauty product manufacturer with a manufacturing facility in New Jersey and a flagship store in New York City, as well as distribution in thousands of physical locations across the country. Perricone MD was founded by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a dermatologist who sought to develop skincare products that could rival the results of risky and invasive dermatological procedures.

The brand ultimately launched in 1998, and has received critical acclaim, positive user testimonials and countless mentions in skin and beauty magazines and major news publications since that time.

Perricone MD maintains the simple philosophy that sagging, wrinkled skin is not an inevitable by-product of aging, but rather a disease that can be prevented and treated, given the proper skincare regimen and lifestyle choices. As such, the company offers a line of dozens of premium skincare products that can be used separately or in combinations to form various regimens. This allows for a level of skincare customization that can address virtually any concern for men and women of all ages. The product line itself is based on constant scientific innovation, with several ingredients exclusive to Perricone MD products.

Perricone MD has partnered with Beauty.com, a massive online skincare product retailer, to act as one of its major distributors. Although Perricone MD's product prices are somewhat steep to begin with, a number of perks and discounts from Beauty.com allow for deep savings. This begins with the company's Dollars Program, which effectively results in a 5% discount off of all purchases in the form of cumulative gift cards. Beauty.com also offers one of the best shipping policies in the skin and beauty industry, in the form of free shipping on all orders that meet or exceed $25. Finally, Beauty.com includes free samples of products from Perricone MD and other manufacturers with most product orders.


    • Emphasis on research and clinical testing.
    • Extensive product line.
    • Positive user testimonials.
    • Dr. Perricone is a licensed dermatologist.
    • Strong customer support.
    • Free shipping on orders over $25.
    • Extremely effective products.


    • Slightly expensive.
    • Some artificial ingredients.


Perricone MD offers an incredibly high quality product line that includes cleansers, eye treatments, makeup, moisturizers, toners, serums, sunscreens, DMAE, neuropeptides and more. It's also possible to search the product catalog according to skin conditions and concerns, such as redness, acne, discoloration, sensitive skin, loss of elasticity and lines and wrinkles. The products can also be used as a system, of which four are available. Different systems are devoted to different types of regimens, including Prevent, Correct, Repair and Restore. User reviews of these systems describe their incredible efficacy and effectiveness, as well as their cost savings.

Much of Perricone MD's quality can be ascertained by viewing Dr. Nicholas Perricone's credentials. Dr. Perricone is a board-certified dermatologist currently serving as a Professor of Medicine at the College of Human Medicine within Michigan State University. He's also served as Chief of Dermatology at the Connecticut Veterans Hospital, and Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the prestigious Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Perricone uses his vast knowledge of dermatology to constantly improve and refine the Perricone MD product catalog, and the results of this work are obviously appreciated by the skincare community in general.

Dr. Perricone cares deeply about his customers, as proven by his constant maintenance of a popular skincare blog found at www.dailyperricone.com. As the blog's name suggests, Dr. Perricone personally updates this blog almost every day with articles related to skincare, cosmetics, nutrition, exercise and healthy living in general. The blog even includes its own YouTube channel, complete with product overviews and video testimonials from real individuals who have tried Perricone MD products with positive results.


Every single product page on both the Perricone MD website and the Perricone MD section of Beauty.com includes a full list of ingredients, displayed as a text-based list as opposed to an actual product label. The Beauty.com ingredient lists are actually preferable, as many of the more unusual ingredients are listed as links that you can click on for additional information. The Beauty.com ingredient lists also tend to separate the active ingredients from the inactive ones, making it easy to see the benefits you'll gain from using a particular Perricone MD skincare product at a glance.

It should be noted that Perricone MD is not an all-natural skincare product manufacturer, let alone an organic one. Although the company relies largely on natural ingredients such as essential oils, citric acid and herbal extracts, many of the products do contain artificial ingredients such as preservatives, chemical fragrances, colors and other additives. Although testimonials and user reviews give no indication that these ingredients are detrimental to the safety of the company's products, those who are strictly seeking an all-natural line of skin and beauty products will wish to consider a different company.

Additional information regarding the most important ingredients found in Perricone MD products can be found in the Key Ingredients section of the Perricone MD website. This page includes descriptions of unique ingredients such as DMAE, alpha lipoic acid, phospholipids, vitamin C ester, tocotrienols, olive oil polyphenols, neuropeptides and other ingredients that are mainstays of the Perricone MD product line. After reading a brief list of benefits for each, you can click through the ingredient names for additional information. This section is ideal for those who want to know more about what sets Perricone MD's products apart from the competition.

Clinical Studies and Research

Although Perricone MD does not provide clinical study results for all of their products, some of the site's product pages do include basic descriptions of independent trials. These can be found under the Results tab of each product page. For example, the product page for Perricone MD's High Potency Eye Lift reveals that, after four weeks of usage as directed:

  • 86% reported improvements in skin elasticity.
  • 86% showed a reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • 79% reported enhancements in skin firmness.

A similarly conducted trial involving one of the company's flagship products, Cold Plasma, states that among users between the ages of 20 and 65, four weeks of usage delivered the following results:

  • 94% were pleased with the overall results.
  • 85% saw results instantly.
  • 79% found it to be the best skincare product they'd tried.

When formulating Perricone MD's products, much of the research process is completed by Dr. Nicholas Perricone himself. Dr. Perricone has authored five best-selling books, including The Perricone Promise, The Perricone Prescription and The Wrinkle Cure, as well as countless peer-reviewed scientific articles that have appeared in medical journals. All full list of Dr. Perricone's medical articles can be found under the Publications area of the Perricone MD website. The Case Studies area of the website provides descriptions of individuals in their 20's, 40's and 60's who personally benefited from the advice and products provided by Dr. Nicholas Perricone and his skincare company.


Perricone MD makes it easy for customers to assess their products by allowing for the posting of user testimonials. These testimonials can be found on both the Perricone MD website and the Perricone MD product pages located on Beauty.com. In both areas, you'll find user reviews that follow a similar format, starting with a star rating between 1 and 5. Each review also includes a list of pros and cons, such as "cleans effectively," "gentle," "good value," and "smells bad," as well as a list of that user's suggested uses. The reviews conclude with a text summary of the user's experiences with the product, as well as a "bottom line" in which the user decides whether they'd ultimately recommend the product to others. The user testimonials found directly on the Perricone MD website are most helpful, as they also include the reviewer's age range and skin type. This can make it significantly easier to determine whether a particular product will yield the same results for you as it did for the reviewer.

Overall, the reviews found on both Beauty.com and the main Perricone MD website are overwhelmingly positive, with most products easily averaging between 4 and 5 stars. Many of the reviews state how, after trying countless similar products for other manufacturers, the ones from Perricone MD were the only ones to deliver actual results. Some of the products do receive a few mixed reviews, so it's important to prioritize the information found in testimonials marked with a Verified Buyer tag. This icon indicates that the reviewer has indeed purchased the product that they're reviewing.

In addition to a slew of glowing user testimonials, the Perricone MD product line has received positive reviews from several major skin and beauty publications, as well as other mainstream media outlets. Mentions of the company's products can be found in Allure, Quintessential Style, OK Weekly, Glamour, Vanity Vair, Women's Wear Daily, Newsday and Harper's, among others.

Customer Support

Beauty.com is one of the biggest and most popular skincare product retailers on the Internet, a reputation they've built in large part by offering some of the best customer service in the industry. The company offers three methods of direct service, including live chat, email and toll-free phone. You can use an email web form embedded directly on Beauty.com to contact the company via email, or dial 1-800-278-4786 to contact the company by phone. Many users prefer live chat support, which is available Monday through Friday from 7:00am until 4:00pm, PST. Regardless of the support method you choose, a team of skincare and beauty experts will promptly and thoroughly field your inquiry.

Aside from their excellent direct customer support provisions, Beauty.com offers an extensive FAQ section that all users should peruse before filing a service inquiry. The FAQ includes answers to questions pertaining to Perricone MD products and other manufacturers, as well as more general information. Some of the topics in the FAQ include Accounts, Returns, Billing, Shipping, Product Information, Promotional Offers and Order Status. Overall, the FAQ is more detailed and thorough than the ones offered my many skincare product retailers.

Another example of Beauty.com's dedication to customer service comes in the form of their automatic delivery program, entitled Auto Delivery. With this program, you can receive products from Perricone MD and countless other skincare product manufacturers on an ongoing basis. Customers can choose between shipping periods of 30, 45, 60, 90 and 180 days to ensure that a new supply of product is delivered as soon as the previous supply runs out. Any orders delivered through Auto Delivery that do not qualify for free shipping will receive a shipping cost discount of 66% off.

Product Return Policy

All of the Perricone MD skin and beauty products sold by Beauty.com qualify for the latter company's product return policy, in which you can return any item for a full refund, less the cost of shipping and handling, within 30 days of the original purchase. Unfortunately, Beauty.com is only able to accept sealed merchandise with no questions asked for a refund. This prevents you from opening and trying a Perricone MD product before determining whether to seek a refund. At the same time, Beauty.com states that they will offer full refunds, including the price of shipping, for items that are defective or damaged. Although a product that simply fails to deliver the expected results will not necessarily be deemed defective, it's useful to contact Beauty.com directly to determine whether a refund is possible in each individual case.

If you do decide to return a Perricone MD product to Beauty.com for a refund or exchange, it's best to pack the item securely to prevent shipping damage, as the company is not responsible for return orders that are damaged during transit. Utilizing a shipping method such as FedEx or UPS with shipping insurance and tracking is also advisable. In any case, you must contact the Beauty.com customer support team to request a shipping label before sending the return package.


Many of the products sold by Perricone MD are priced in line with those of other popular premium skincare product manufacturers, though some are slightly more expensive. By offering a product line with a wide variety of price points, Perricone MD is more accessible to those on a wide variety of skincare budgets. At the same time, effective price reductions can be had on all products by purchasing Perricone MD items from Beauty.com, one of the company's major online distributors. Beauty.com's Dollars Program, a membership service, allows you to receive the equivalent of 5% in-store credit on every purchase you make. The credit accumulates quarterly and is available for spending the following month. If you spend $300 on Perricone MD products over the course of three months, for example, you'll receive a $15 gift card that you can spend thereafter.

Beauty.com also offers an industry-leading shipping policy in which all orders worth more than $25 are shipped free of charge. Note that the order must weigh less than 20 pounds in order to be eligible. Relative to the competition, these eligibility requirements are extremely lenient, and will result in free shipping on virtually every purchase made through the site. This is far superior to the free shipping policies maintained by most of the competition, which often require a purchase of $50 or even $100 in order to qualify for free shipping.

Finally, Beauty.com offers free samples and special gifts for qualifying purchases of skincare products from Perricone MD and other manufacturers. You can receive free tote bags, makeup cases and product samples by placing orders for various minimum qualifying values.


Perricone MD is an ideal choice for virtually anyone seeking a premium skincare product manufacturer. The company's diverse and extensive product line allows customers to address concerns ranging from acne and enlarged pores to wrinkles, redness and dry skin. All of the products sold by Perricone MD are based on the research and knowledge of Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a licensed dermatologist that founded the company in 1998. Dr. Perricone works with chemists and skincare scientists to constantly refine a product line that's manufactured 100% in-house with ingredients from around the world.

Perricone MD does have a few minor disadvantages, most notably a reliance on some artificial ingredients and relatively expensive pricing. These are highly advanced skincare products, and they're priced accordingly. However, by purchasing Perricone MD products through Beauty.com, you'll be eligible for a number of discounts, free product offers and no-cost shipping. Beauty.com also provides exceptional customer service through live chat, email and toll-free phone, all of which allow you to easily receive product recommendations and ordering advice from skincare experts.