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Yukon Strength Training Equipment Review


Yukon Strength Training Equipment Review


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Yukon Fitness has been a high quality manufacturer of strength training equipment for both residential and commercial use since 1991.

Yukon Fitness is a top-tier manufacturer of stength training equipment, utilizing the latest technology, design and innovation available.

In addition, Yukon Fitness backs their strength training equipment with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty. The lifetime warranty applies to the welded structures, pulleys and bushings.

Yukon Fitness manufactures a full array of both multi-station exercise systems and standalone strength training equipment designed to target specific muscle groups. In addition, Yukon Fitness offers olympic weights, dumbbells, bars, dumbbell and plate racks, and a whole host of accessories.

All Yukon Fitness strength training equipment is well designed and built to last. Their weight training systems utilize the latest technology and design concepts, are ergonomically designed, and allow for quick and easy transitions from one exercise to the next.

Overall, Yukon Fitness offers a complete line of strength training equipment that is designed for light to heavy use. When compared to their competitors, Yukon Fitness receives a top-tier rating and is well worth considering for anyone looking to begin a strength training routine.


  • High Level of Quality & Construction
  • Excellent Safety
  • Industry-Leading Warranty
  • Excellent Price Point for the Value


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Rating Criteria


Yukon Fitness offers several home gym systems. The Caribou III strength training system incorporates a Smith machine which guides the barbell along the vertical frame. This feature provides complete safety as the bar glides along the vertical retainers, providing the feel of free weights without the need for a spotter. The Caribou III also has an optional selectorized 200-pound weight stack and a lat attachment that includes an adjustable bench for flat, incline and decline exercises. Several other components and accessories can be added to the Caribou III strength training system, including a preacher curl attachment, a chin-up bar, triceps pressdown bar and rope and multiple swivel curl bars.

In addition, Yukon Fitness offers strength training home gyms that utilize unencumbered olympic straight bars to mimic a true "free weight" motion. Offering both the unencumbered and Smith machine approaches allows each individual to choose the style of home gym that best meets their strength training goals and preference.

Yukon Fitness also offers a wide array of standalone weight training equipment that is designed to exercise specific muscle groups. Below is a brief list of several of the types of standalone exercise equipment options offered by Yukon Fitness:

  • Abdominal Crunch Machine
  • Deltoid Machine
  • Lat Machine
  • Chin-up, Dip and Leg Raise Machine
  • Pec and Rear Deltoid Machine
  • Cross-Over Cable Machine
  • Hip and Leg Sled Machine
  • Seated Calf Machine
  • Vertical Leg Press

As is evident, Yukon Fitness offers a wide range of strength training equipment. In addition to their weight training equipment, Yukon Fitness also offers support equipment to allow the user to perform a workout with a great deal of variety. For instance, Yukon Fitness offers olympic bars, lat pull-down bars, a multitude of short bars, free weights, dumbbells, plate stands, dumbbell racks and more. By doing so, Yukon Fitness allows their users the flexibility to design their own strength training system.


The Yukon Fitness multi-station systems contain a dip station, a squat station, and a bench press station. Each station includes specific accessories to assist the user in performing a variety of exercises. A leg hold-down is included for the lat machine, a removable seat for the squat station, a large foot plate to perform standing calf raises, a low cable attachment, an ab crunch harness, and multiple height settings for the squat bar.

The Caribou III system also contains several stations including the power rack, smith machine and leg curl/extension machine. The Caribou III system is tailored towards individuals that prefer performing a strength training routine with an increased level of safety. For instance, the Caribou III system includes a Smith machine and leg pulley station while still utilizing Olympic weights and a standalone bench for dumbbell exercises.


Yukon Fitness strength training equipment is known for its above average quality and construction. Yukon Fitness is a relatively small company, and instead of focusing on marketing, has chosen to concentrate on manufacturing high quality equipment that utilizes sound construction principles and concepts, quality materials and the latest technological advancements.

Yukon Fitness strength trainng equipment is constructed using heavy duty 12-gauge steel tubing, 2,000-pound-tested aircraft-quality cables, and pulleys with sealed ball bearings. All seats and benches are adjustable and have box-stitched padding for improved durability. All pivot points on the frame pieces and pulley systems use metal iolite bushings to reduce noise and provide smooth and consistent resistance. Omegle Girls and Stickam Gfs - New free videos

Customer Support

The customer support department at Yukon Fitness can be reached directly via telephone, email or fax. Their operating hours run from Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm EST.


Yukon Fitness strength training equipment includes a lifetime warranty for the frame, pulleys, bushings, upholstery, grips and cables. This warranty protects against all manufacturer defects. The lifetime warranty applies to the individual who originally purchased the equipment, and is not applicable under a commercial setting.

In addition, it should be noted that certain pieces of equipment do not include a Yukon Fitness lifetime warranty. All warranty items require that the customer cover the return shipping and handling fees.

Parts and Service

While the Yukon Fitness lifetime warranty covers all parts, they do not provide in-home service. The initial assembly of the strength training system and the installation of any replacement parts must be performed by the individual or a third party.


The cost of Yukon Fitness home gyms ranges from approximately $ 299.99 to $ 1,599.99. As is evident, the prices are reasonable and priced well within the average cost for a quality home gym.

Average costs for the standalone pieces of weight training equipment range from approximately $ 99.99 to $ 1,379.99. In addition, the support equipment (i.e. straight bars, curl bars, dumbbell racks, benches, plate racks, etc.) offered by Yukon Fitness ranges in price from $ 6.99 to $ 599.99.


Yukon Fitness is a top-tier manufacturer of high quality strength training equipment that is designed to last for years. All of their equipment is designed for light to heavy use, and is ideal for individuals that intend to weight train regularly. In addition, Yukon Fitness offers a wide range of strength training equipment, thereby allowing each user the flexibility to custom design their own home gym system.

Yukon Fitness strength training equipment is smartly designed, uses sound construction techniques and principles, incorporates heavy duty materials, and includes one of the best warranties available today in the fitness industry. In addition, Yukon Fitness utilizes the latest technological advancements to create equipment that operates smoothly and provides consistent and even resistance.

All in all, Yukon Fitness is a top-tier manufacturer of strength training equipment. This being said, Yukon Fitness strength training equipment is well worth considering, whether you're beginning a weight training routine for the first time or looking to replace an existing set-up.