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Advanced Walking Routines

Advanced Walking Routines

advanced walking

An advanced walking routine is designed for individuals that aggressively perform their walking routine on a regular and consistent basis. While most individuals that regularly perform an advanced walking routine use their walking routine as their primary means of exercise, many also include additional exercise types to create a more well-rounded overall fitness routine.

Individuals that perform an advanced walking routine typically perform their routine at least 5 to 6 days per week. In addition, advanced walking routines include various forms of walking including speed, tempo, and interval and are intended to exercise the body at a higher level.

Advanced walking routines require that the individual perform their walking routine with a high level of consistency, focus, and desire to improve their performance.

Likewise, many individuals that perform advanced walking routines complete in walking competitions and have been regularly performing their routine for several years.

Individuals at this level must ensure that they are consistently consuming a diet that is high in nutritional value and is well balanced. In addition, individuals that perform advanced walking routines must understand the importance of learning to "listen to their body" as the physical demands placed on their body can be quite high. More specifically, the joints, structural frame, and soft tissue. In all, individuals that perform advanced walking routines must be able to tell the differences between "good pain" and "bad pain".

Below are several tips that are intended to assist you as you progress through your advanced walking routine:

  1. 1Download the appropriate walking routine.
  2. 2Perform the warm up provided within each of the walking routines.
  3. 3Perform the walking routine exactly as per the schedule.
  4. 4Complete the cool down and stretching sections as specified.
  5. 5Record and keep track of your results as you progress with the routine.
  6. 6Complete each walking routine in it's entirety.
  7. 7After completing the walking routine, consider progressing to the next level of difficulty.
  8. 8Keep checking back, as new and different routines will be added to the site in the future.

Warm Up and Stretching Routine

A warm up and stretching routine designed to minimize the risk of injury. This warm up and stretching routine consists of a brief warm up, flexibility exercises, and cool down and stretching exercises. This warm up and stretching routine is to be performed along with a walking routine.

Advanced Marathon Training Routine

An 18 week walking program leading up to a marathon. For individuals who have been performing a walking routine for a minimum of 12 months, who consistently walk 5 days a week or more, including speed walking, and who easily walk 6 to 8 miles twice a week. Before attempting this routine, you must have participated in previous walking marathons. This walking routine should be performed in conjunction with the warm up and stretching routine.