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We have accumulated virtually every exercise that you would ever perform within each muscle group. Whether you just want to know what type of exercises are typically performed for a specific muscle group or how to perform a specific exercise for one of the various muscle groups - You will find what you are looking for within this section of our website.

Below you will find each of the major muscle groups divided into separate categories. Under each of the separate categories you will find the various exercise types and the specific exercises that can be performed under each exercise type.

The intent for this section of our website is to assist you in quickly identifying and locating the specific exercises that you would like to perform for each muscle group in order to achieve your specific health and fitness goals. Once you have identified the particular muscle group of interest, the exercises are sorted in alphabetical order so that you can easily and quickly locate the specific exercise of interest.

Search by Muscle Group: For example, if you are interested in exercises associated with your biceps then you can choose Exercises by Muscle Group: Biceps Exercises. From there, you can then choose the type of exercise that you will exercise your Biceps with (i.e. weight training). Thereafter, a list of all exercises under the specific muscle group will be displayed. Each specific exercise will list the required equipment that is necessary to perform the exercise, the benefits of the exercise, the typical number of sets and repetitions for the exercise, and a step-by-step set of instructions on how to correctly perform the exercise.