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The intent of our Nutritional Supplements Review Section is to provide our users with the ability to evaluate the top-rated manufacturers throughout the nutritional supplement industry.

There are vast differences when comparing the quality, effectiveness, potency and systems in which the ingredients are determined, harvested, processed, and finally, manufactured.

To this end, our goal is to provide our users with the necessary information needed to purchase their nutritional supplements with confidence, and to determine which specific supplement manufacturers best meet their unique and personal lifestyle requirements.

The nutritional supplement review section has been divided into the following two categories:

  • Pharmaceutical Manufactured Nutritional Companies

  • Natural and Organic Nutritional Supplement Companies

The review criteria for each of the nutritional supplement companies includes the quality of the supplements, the ingredients that are used in their products, the clinical studies and research that have been performed on their supplements, the endorsements and testimonials that support their product effectiveness, the customer support provided by their company, their product return policy, and the cost of their supplements. Finally, each review category is rated from 1-10, with 10 being the highest.

Natural & Organic Manufactured Nutritional Supplement Companies

Top 5 Organic Companies

Xtend-Life 9.57/10.00
E3 Live 9.50/10.00
Native Remedies 9.43/10.00
Doctor Greens 9.29/10.00
Sibu 9.21/10.00

Nutritional supplementation has grown by leaps and bounds as the average individual finds it increasingly difficult to receive the nutrients required for optimal health through their dietary regimen alone. While the United States has one of the highest obesity rates in the world, it also has one of the highest rates of nutritional deficiency. As many of our food sources continue to decrease in their nutritional value while increasing in the number of contaminants and preservatives, proper nutritional supplementation has never been more important. In fact, literally hundreds of thousands of individuals have turned to all-natural organic supplements to compliment their dietary regimen and to ensure that they are receiving the nutrients required for the body to function appropriately. Manufacturers under this review section produce all-natural organic supplements.

Pharmaceutical Manufactured Nutritional Supplement Companies

Top 5 Non-Organic Companies

Puritan's Pride 9.57/10.00
Bodybuilding.com 9.50/10.00
Purity Products 9.43/10.00
New Vitality 9.29/10.00
GNC 9.07/10.00

With so much of the food that is consumed today being highly processed, high in fat and nutritionally deficient, it has become imperative that individuals look to nutritional supplements to ensure that they are receiving the nutrients that are necessary for the body to perform optimally. Inadequate nutrition has been linked to several diseases including heart failure, diabetes, depression, cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome to name just a few. This being said, it is important to view nutrition as the most important aspect of good health and fitness. The top rated pharmaceutical manufactured nutritional companies adhere to strict regulations and are a good choice for individuals that do not necessarily require an all-organic approach to their nutritional supplementation.