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The intent of our Exercise Program Review Section is to provide our users with the ability to research and evaluate the various top-rated exercise programs that are currently available and thereafter, determine which specific type of fitness program will best meet their unique personal health and fitness goals.

For ease in evaluation, the exercise program review section has been broken down into specific exercise program types.

It is important for each individual to determine the nature of their short- and long-term fitness goals prior to choosing an exercise program. In addition, it is important to choose an exercise program that meets or exceeds your current physical capabilities and/or limitations.

Upon completing and feeling comfortable with an initial exercise program, each individual will want to expand their personal fitness goals to include an even higher level of fitness. This being said, the ultimate objective is to develop a set of personal fitness goals that become an integral part of your daily lifestyle.

The review criteria for each of the exercise programs includes evaluating the overall intent of the exercise program, the primary areas worked, the length and frequency of the exercise routine, the effectiveness of the exercise program, the space and equipment requirements, the physical requirements, the customer support, and the overall cost. Finally, each review category is rated from 1-10, with 10 being the highest.

Exercise Programs


Exercise programs under this section are designed to strengthen the entire core area, reduce excess body weight, and are ideal for individuals of all fitness levels.


The advanced exercise programs are intended for individuals that are wanting to take their current level of fitness and conditioning to the next level.

Cardio/Fat Burning

The cardio and fat burning exercise programs are ideal for individuals that are looking for high energy workout routines that are designed to promote weight loss.


The exercise programs under this section are intended for individuals that enjoy performing dance oriented type movements and sequences to high energy music.

Equipment Systems

The equipment systems programs are ideal for individuals that enjoy strength training and are looking for a single piece of exercise equipment for their home.


The express exercise programs are intended for individuals that are on a tight time schedule but still want to perform a comprehensive workout routine.


The extreme exercise programs are designed for individuals that are in good shape and enjoy performing aggressive workouts that target the entire body.

Getting Started

The getting started programs are intended for individuals that have not exercised in a while and are looking to begin an exercise routine to improve their overall health.


The specialty programs are designed for expectant mothers and individuals with some form of physical limitation that requires a less aggressive workout.


The strength exercise programs are intended for individuals that are looking to increase their lean muscle density, overall muscle mass, and strength.

Weight Loss

The weight loss programs are designed to burn a higher number of calories and promote safe and effective weight loss while toning and sculpting the entire body.