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Nordic Track Exercise Bike Equipment Review


Nordic Track Exercise Bike Equipment Review


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For over 25 years, Nordic Track has specialized in uniquely designed home fitness equipment for the everyday user.

Through constant and consistent technological development, Nordic Track has been able define themselves as an innovator within the cardiovascular fitness equipment industry.

Today, Nordic Track operates under the ICON Health and Fitness Corporation. Additional companies under the ICON Health and Fitness Corporation include Weslo, ProForm, HealthRider, Weider, IMAGE, JumpKing and Reebok.

As a result, the ICON Health and Fitness Corporation has become one of the largest manufacturers of exercise equipment in the world.

Nordic Track exercise bikes are moderately priced and include a fair number of user features and options. Several of the features include adjustable seats, multiple resistance levels, heart rate monitors, over-sized pedals, iFIT technology, multiple workout programs and cooling fans. Of course, the number of user options and features is dependent upon the model of the exercise bike.

Nordic Track has long been recognized as a manufacturer of exercise equipment that utilizes the latest technological designs and innovations. Their exercise bikes are no exception, and are smartly designed and constructed. In addition, all Nordic Track exercise bikes are reasonably priced. Although Nordic Track offers an extended warranty that can be purchased by their customers, the base warranties on their exercise bikes are below the industry standard.


  • Well-Known and Time-Tested
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  • Moderately Priced


  • Below Average Warranty
  • Return Policy a Little Pricey

Rating Criteria


Since the 1980's, Nordic Track's technology has been leading the charge in fitness innovation. Patented technologies included in the production of their exercise bikes include:

  • Compatibility with iFit programs for lifetime workout tracking
  • Interactive consoles with various displays and readouts
  • CardioGrip pulse training
  • Precision Flexonic belts in the drive system for smooth and quiet pedaling
  • Quick Touch programming for in-the-moment changes during a workout


The features and options offered on the Nordic Track exercise bikes, both upright and recumbent, include heart rate monitors, one-touch programming, digital resistance and easy-fit pedals. With 16 to 30 personal workout programs, it is easy to choose the workout programs that tailor to the personal goals of each individual.

Most Nordic Track exercise bike models are compatible with iFit interactive technology, and two models also include various fitness games. Each model features a high-resolution console with continuous readouts for speed, resistance, program and heart rate monitoring. Some models include built-in cooling fans.


The bearings and crank assembly on each Nordic Track exercise bike are durably forged for smooth strides and stability. Each steel frame is designed to hold users up to 300 or 350 pounds. Nordic Track is confident that their exercise bikes are well-designed and that the construction is solid. To this end, Nordic Track exercise bikes are designed for light to moderate use. witch redmercuri.com spells reviews

Customer Support

Customer service is offered via the Nordic Track website. For sales and service repair needs, customers may contact the customer care department by email, phone or standard mail. Owners manuals and parts may be requested via online forms. Authorized technicians will provide all under-warranty services for repair or replacement.


The warranty for all Nordic Track exercise bikes comprises one year of total coverage, including the frame, parts, motor and any labor service. Some higher-end models carry a lifetime frame warranty. Additional extended warranties may be purchased from Nordic Track at the time of the original purchase.

ICON offers a 30-day money back guarantee on their products. Within this time, any unsatisfied customer may request a return authorization number to ship the equipment back to Nordic Track. It should be noted that only the original purchase price will be refunded. In addition, customers pay the costs of shipping both ways, plus a 10% restocking fee.

Parts and Service

For service on Nordic Track exercise bikes that are still under warranty, a customer simply needs to call or email the company's customer service department. An an in-home repair request is set up, or in the case of manufacturing defects, a replacement exercise bike may be issued. Parts for exercise bikes that are no longer under warranty may be ordered via the online forms located on the Nordic Track website.


Nordic Track offers two types of exercise bikes: upright and recumbent. The non-online sale prices of Nordic Track exercise bikes range from $ 399.00 to $ 1,200.00. However, substantial discounts in price can be found from time to time on their website.

The Nordic Track exercise bike prices are within, or slightly below, the average cost for an exercise bike of this caliber. This being said, Nordic Track exercise bikes provide a solid value when compared to their price.


Nordic Track has a strong reputation for manufacturing high quality and effective cardiovascular exercise equipment. Their exercise bikes are designed and manufactured using the same level of technology, design concepts and quality as all of their other exercise equipment. In addition, Nordic Track exercise bikes are reasonably priced and intended to target a large portion of the exercise bike market.

Continuing to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction is important to Nordic Track, as is increasing the accessibility of fitness equipment to a wider range of fitness needs and/or limitations. Their simple design and ease of use, plus their customer-friendly cost structure, make Nordic Track exercise bikes a solid competitor within the fitness equipment industry.

To this end, Nordic Track exercise bikes are a solid choice for individuals that are looking for a cardiovascular activity that can be performed indoors and at home. Nordic Track exercise bikes provide an excellent cardiovascular workout, are sturdily constructed, and are designed to last for years. This being said, Nordic Track's line of exercise bikes are well worth considering for individuals that are looking to upgrade the cardiovascular areas of their home gyms.