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Life Fitness Exercise Bike Equipment Review


Life Fitness Exercise Bike Equipment Review


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Life Fitness is committed to assisting individuals and communities alike with the practice and disciplines associated with leading a healthy lifestyle. The fitness equipment that is designed and manufactured by Life Fitness is intended for the serious fitness enthusiast as well as the occasional exerciser.

Life Fitness offers several exercise bikes under the Lifecycle name. Lifecycle exercise bikes are available in both upright and recumbent styles. All Lifecycle exercise bike are well designed and constructed using the latest technology and highest quality materials.

Lifecycle exercise bikes offer health club performance in an at-home setting. Both the upright and recumbent bike styles are featured in health clubs nationwide. In addition, all Lifecycle exercise bikes can be tailored to each individual's preferences through a wide range of user options and features.

Life Fitness is one of the leading cardiovascular equipment manufacturers in the world. All of their cardiovascular equipment products are well designed, expertly constructed, use the latest technology, offer numerous user options and features, and are ergonomically friendly. In addition, all Lifecycle exercise bikes are designed for moderate to heavy use and are well suited for commercial use.

For these reasons, the Lifecycle exercise bikes manufactured by Life Fitness are simply some of the best exercise bikes available today. When considering the various exercise bike manufacturers, the Lifecycle series of exercise bikes are definitely a top-tier choice for corporations and individuals alike.


  • Leading Edge Technology
  • Designed for Heavy Use
  • Customizable Options
  • Above Average Warranty


  • Above Average Cost

Rating Criteria


Life Fitness offers several key technologies in their Lifecycle exercise bikes, both in their upright and recumbent styles. Below are a few of the user features and options available:

  • Hand contact heart rate sensors
  • Choice of two integrated entertainment consoles (some models) or LED message display
  • Life Fitness virtual trainer
  • Heart Sync-controlled heart rate workouts
  • Customized training programs including Interval and Sports Training


Depending on the Lifecycle exercise bike model and customization features chosen, a user can expect a comfort ride seat, self-leveling pedals and easy-grip handlebars. In addition, users can choose between a recumbent or upright exercise bike style. In general, the recumbent style exercise bike is preferred by individuals with back pain.

Each Lifecycle exercise bike will include between five and fifteen user programs that include hills, interval training, weight loss and manual programs, to name a few. Each of the workout programs are designed to work in concert with other options to allow for custom workouts and to support multiple user profiles. Lingvobalt.com: lithuanian translator - translate english to lithuanian

A built-in MP3 player input, dual accessory beverage holder and front magazine rack are standard on all Lifecycle exercise bike models. The resistance levels range from 15 to 20. Each model provides its own internal power and does not require an electrical outlet or cord.


The quiet ride technology utilized by the self-powered alternator makes for a strong exercise bike without sounding like a construction vehicle. Life Fitness cycles are made with a poly V belt-drive, industrial-weight flywheels and sturdy base frames to maintain a balanced and safe ride, no matter how aggressively the user is working out. The Lifecycle exercise bikes' welded steel frame supports users up to 300 to 400 pounds.

Customer Support

Life Fitness offers customer support for sales and technical issues directly through their website and through local retailers. In addition, Life Fitness can provide a list of local retailers in your geographical area. For troubleshooting and technical support, Life Fitness representatives are accessible via phone and email.


Life Fitness offers lifetime warranties on the frames for all of their Lifecycle exercise bikes. In addition, Life Fitness offers a three-year parts warranty and a one-year labor and service warranty.

Parts and Service

Parts and service are available for all Lifecycle exercise bikes by calling Life Fitness to schedule a technician visit or to order replacement parts.


The Life Fitness manufacturer's costs range from $ 1,399.00 to $ 3,499.00. However, it should be noted that all Life Fitness Lifecycles are sold through authorized retailers only.

This being said, virtually all of these retailers mark their prices for the exercise bikes below the manufacturer's suggested price, and frequently offer special sales promotions. Hence, most individuals are able to purchase a Life Fitness exercise bike for well below the suggested priced found on the Life Fitness website.


The Life Fitness Lifecycle series offers a top-quality, health club level exercise bike that is designed for heavy use. All Lifecycle exercise bikes are manufactured using the latest technology and research available, and are designed for years of use.

For individuals looking for a "top of the line" exercise bike that will provide years of effective, variable, and efficient workouts, Life Fitness is a solid choice and receives a top-tier rating. However, this being said, Life Fitness Lifecycles are priced above the average cost for an exercise bike. While the quality, user options and features, durability and warranty support the higher cost, some individuals may find the price to be a little steep for their budget.

Life Fitness Lifecycles are the most popular exercise bikes within the corporate environment. The high level of durability, ease of use and design and construction make them a sound choice for environments where heavy use is expected.

All in all, Life Fitness Lifecycles are some of the top exercise bikes offered today, and for individuals that can afford to purchase one, satisfaction is virtually guaranteed.