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Necessary Yoga Equipment

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The equipment required for the practice the various styles of yoga are normally inexpensive and readily available. One of the most important considerations in the proper preparation to perform yoga is apparel. The clothing that you should ideally wear when performing a yoga exercise routine will typically vary depending on which specific type and style of yoga you are performing.

In general, your clothes should be comfortable and allow for the full range of motion for all parts of your body parts. There are many added accessories that are not generally necessary but can assist you in holding poses longer or build up to proper poses by making them easier to perform.

In addition, yoga mats should be considered as many of the poses, and sequences of poses, are performed on the floor. Another item to consider are yoga straps. Yoga straps are used to assist you in stretching your muscles further by applying additional tension to the specific muscle that you are stretching. In all, most yoga exercise routines are quite affordable and can be performed with only a few items; especially it you are performing your yoga routine at home.

Different Types of Equipment

  • Yoga Mat: This inexpensive mat is meant to cushion and support the body to avoid discomfort while practicing yoga on hard surfaces. Mats are generally available in most retail stores that deal with sporting or exercise goods. For most types of yoga, mats are necessary.

  • Yoga Bolster: This usually cheap support mechanism is meant to support the spine while more complicated movements are performed. These devices very closely resemble bolsters used during weight training to prevent injury. Rather than preventing injury, yoga bolsters work to make movements more comfortable and relaxing.

  • Yoga Blanket: This blanket is typically just a blanket. For this reason, consider simply bringing a comfortable blanket to class rather than investing in a separate blanket for yoga. The application of these blankets is to keep you in a relaxed and comfortable state during the practice of breathing exercises.

  • Yoga Strap: These straps are meant to help you perform movements that you may not be truly flexible enough to achieve yet. They are really extensions for your limbs so that you may, for example, be able to reach your ankles with your hands if it is not yet possible. In addition, straps may allow you to hold positions for longer periods of time.

  • Exercise Ball: These devices are used in yoga in only a few poses. If you already have an exercise ball, you will be set for the few occasions that require it in yoga. If you do not own an exercise ball, your teacher will normally tell you when the class will be performing motions that require one.

Different Types of Yoga


The student of yoga in the traditional style should attend a class and wear comfortable clothes that allow for a wide variety of movement and a yoga mat to support and cushion the body.


Wear comfortable clothes and secure a yoga mat before beginning to perform any yoga movements. Because relaxing yoga is most often used before bed, changing into pajamas or other sleeping garments is acceptable for any yoga technique emphasizing relaxation.

Fast Paced Yoga

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Equipment needed for fast paced yoga depends on the exact type or school that the person attends. In general, you should show up to your first class with comfortable clothes that do not inhibit movement and a yoga mat to cushion your body.

Some classes may require additional materials such as yoga straps or a training ball but those can be obtained as you progress through a program. As most fast paced programs progress through a series of six stages, some equipment will not be needed until later.


Only comfortable clothes and a yoga mat are needed in any of the programs associated with this style. You may also want to consider investing in some yoga straps or a bolster when practicing yoga for flexibility.

Injury Related

In order to be comfortable while exercising, wear comfortable clothes that do not inhibit movement and use a yoga mat. Some people that use yoga only for injury related means do not want to invest in a mat and use a folded blanket or other soft material to cushion their bodies. This is fine as long as it is not so thick that it actual effects posture negatively or so thin that it does not provide any support.


All of the same rules apply as far as equipment goes, but in meticulous yoga, classes and texts are absolutely essential to success. The gear that you use in this style will depend on the movements that you use in your meticulous approach.

Self Motivated

This style uses the same equipment as other approaches to yoga and the type of health benefits (aerobic, strength, flexibility, etc.) depend largely on the poses being incorporated.


The only parts of the body employed are the lungs and the throat/mouth when strengthening muscles is concerned. For this reason, no equipment is generally needed for this style of yoga.


The aerobic benefits and materials needed to study yoga in the style will depend on which type of yoga you choose.

Pre Natal

Wear clothes that are comfortable and invest in a yoga mat to ensure that you are comfortable and that your baby is safe. You may also need to invest in straps and a bolster to avoid injuring yourself or your baby.

Post Natal

Post-natal yoga does not require any extra equipment as any other form of yoga but does require a careful approach and proper training.

Weight Loss

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When engaging in yoga to lose weight, expect to wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat, ball, and straps. Both of the types of yoga that are effective in weight loss utilize various methods using extra equipment and (as you will see with Hot) extreme conditions meant to emulate the location at which the art was born, India.

Stress Relief

As with any other form of yoga, stress relief yoga does not require any additional equipment, however, it does require a disciplined approach and proper training to achieve the true benefits of the style.

Office Poses

Poses that are performed at the office should obviously require little or no equipment. As you are at work, bringing an exercise ball or the like would likely be inappropriate.