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Rimonabant Weight Loss Review


Rimonabant Weight Loss Review


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Developed by Sanofi-Aventis, Acomplia (Rimonabant) is a selective CB1 endocannabinoid receptor antagonist. In other words, Rimonabant is intended to promote weight loss by reducing the total number of calories an individual consumes on a daily basis.

Rimonabant works by blocking endogenous cannabinoid from binding to neuronal CB1 receptors. The activation of these receptors by endogenous cannabinoids, such as anadamide, increases an individuals appetite. By blocking the activation of the receptors, appetite suppression may occur.

Although Rimonabant has been available in Europe since 2006 to individuals needing to lose weight, Acomplia failed to receive FDA approval in the United States due to the side effects associated with patients taking Acomplia (called Zimulti in the United States). More specifically, the patients displayed an increased risk of adverse psychiatric events, including thoughts of suicide.

In October 2008, following a review of the post-marketing results, the EMEA recommended suspension of the drug's marketing authorization based on safety concerns. The data concluded that there was a doubling of the risk of psychiatric disorders in patients taking Acomplia when compared to the group using a placebo.

While Rimonabant has been clinically proven to promote modest weight loss (at best), the side effects far outweigh the possible benefits. To this end, there are several other weight loss supplements that are all-natural and free of any adverse side effects. For these reasons, Rimonabant is not a weight loss pill that we can fully support.


  • Relatively Inexpensive
  • Carefully Researched


  • Lots of Possible Side Effects
  • Modest Weight Loss at Best
  • Interacts with the Central Nervous System

Weight Loss Method

Rimonabant works by blocking the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. This is designed to lower your food cravings in between meals and prevent you from munching on snacks when your body doesn't truly need food. The recommended dosage is only a single pill each day before breakfast.


Rimonabant is not as effective at suppressing hunger and dropping pounds as other natural weight loss supplements. Users taking a relatively large dosage can only expect to lose a little over 10 pounds each year while taking the drug.

Health Benefits

It has been theorized that Rimonabant might be effective in helping to eliminate addictions to nicotine and other drugs. Studies with Rimonabant and Tobacco Use, or STRATUS, is an ongoing program with 6,000 participants designed to test the drug as a smoking cessation tool. Unfortunately, the various side effects outweigh this potential benefit.

Clinical Studies

Over the past couple of years, a study was conducted with over 6,600 participants who took either a placebo or a large or small dose of Rimonabant. The study was conducted in hundreds of clinics throughout the US, Europe, and Canada. People taking the larger dose lost an average of 11 pounds over the course of the year, not a significant amount by any means. In addition, side effects increased with the larger dosage.


Interestingly, Rimonabant is actually the name of the only ingredient present in the pill. Rimonabant is an artificial, chemical formula designed to suppress the appetite and fight food cravings by interacting directly with the receptors in the user's brain.

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Safety And Side Effects

The side effects of Rimonabant are numerous and potentially dangerous due to its interaction with the central nervous system. Many users have reported bouts of depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts. In addition, it's possible that use of the pill over a prolonged period could lead to neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's, Huntington's, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's. Other side effects include diarrhea, headache, joint pain, and nausea. The FDA has not approved the drug. People with existing mental disorders should not take Rimonabant.

Cost Of Product

Rimonabant is cheaper than most weight loss pills, partially due to the fact that only one pill is required per day. Although you cannot purchase Rimonabant directly from the manufacturer, online pharmacies offer the product at a rate of around $ 45.00 for 60 pills, a two-month supply. Buying in bulk will reduce the cost significantly.


It is highly recommended that you talk to your medical doctor before trying Rimonabant. Rimonabant carries an extensive list of side effects, many of which will depend on your medical history and body chemistry. However, if you do decide to try the drug, do not expect immediate weight loss. In fact, clinical studies have shown that the weight loss results are modest at best.

This being said, the side effects associated with Rimonabant far outweigh the possibility of effective and timely weight loss. Hence, we do not recommend Rimonabant as a weight loss supplement as there are several all-natural weight loss supplements that are free of harmful side effects and promote a greater rate of weight loss.