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Metabolism stimulants are designed to increase the individual's metabolic rate. By doing so, the individual will increase the number of calories that they burn each day which, in turn, may allow them to enter a state in which they are burning more calories than they are consuming through food.

This is known as a caloric deficit. Under normal health conditions, it is recommended that the individual include an exercise routine with their metabolism stimulant to increase the effectiveness of their overall weight loss regimen.

There are four basic ways in which an individual can increase their metabolic rate: through the food types consumed (and the rate at which they are consumed), through exercise and strength training, through natural metabolic enhancers, and through synthetic medical metabolic enhancers.

The effectiveness, safety and side effects associated with each manufacturer of metabolism stimulants should be thoroughly researched and evaluated prior to consumption. In addition, it is highly recommended that you consult your medical professional before doing so as well.

Below are our team's top recommendations for the most effective metabolism stimulants designed to promote effective weight loss. Our review criteria consists of a thorough and stringent analysis of each metabolic stimulant. Our intent is to provide our users with the information required to make an educated decision as to which stimulant will best meet their personal weight loss goals.

Acai Slim Complex Review


Acai Slim complex is an all-natural, multifaceted weight loss supplement designed to boost your metabolism, increase your energy and provide you with some essential nutrients. The primary ingredient is an acai berry extract from the actual acai berry fruit. Some of the other primary ingredients include Citrus Aurantium, Banaba Leaf Extract and Garcinia Cambogia Extract.

Acai Berry Actives Review


Acai Berry Actives is a weight loss supplement designed to increase energy and metabolism. The primary ingredient is an acai berry extract. Coupled with the other natural ingredients found in Acai Slim, metabolism and energy levels are increased, and other related nutritional health benefits are realized as well.

Nuphedrine Review


Nuphedrine is a weight loss supplement that combinines two powerful appetite suppressants and a metabolism booster. The Hoodia and Slimaluma contained in the product assist in reducing hunger and food cravings, while the Advantra-Z increases the rate of metabolism and burns up to 500 additional calories per day.

Probiotic Complete Review


ProBiotic Complete is a weight loss supplement designed to cleanse excess waste and toxins from your intestinal tract. This is accomplished through the consumption of pills that contain a variety of herbs, nutrients and healthy bacterias that promote the elimination of built-up waste. Dietary weight loss supplements of this type promote a healthier and more efficient intestinal track while promoting modest reductions in weight.

Nuphedragen Review


Nuphedragen is a weight loss supplement that suppresses the appetite and increases metabolism by interacting with various sections of the brain. In addition, caffeine has been added to increase metabolic levels. Side effects exist and consumption of this product should be handled with caution.