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Appetite suppressants act exactly as their name implies - they suppress an individual's appetite so that they consume less food. This in turn, may place the individual in a condition where they are consuming less calories than their body is burning in a given day. In the health and fitness community, this is known as a caloric deficit.

For most individuals that use this weight loss approach, it is recommended that they include an exercise routine with their appetite suppressant to improve the overall effectiveness of their weight loss regimen. There are basically two types of appetite suppressants available: natural and medicinal. In both cases, the effectiveness, safety and side effects of the suppressant should be thoroughly evaluated prior to consumption.

Below are our team's top recommendations for the most effective appetite suppressants designed to promote effective weight loss. Our review criteria facilitates a thorough and detailed analysis of each appetite suppressant so that our users can make an educated decision as to which suppressant will best meet their personal weight loss goals.

Proactol Review


Proactol is a weight loss supplement that is designed to absorb fat (up to 28%) while suppressing the individual's appetite and reducing their food cravings. Proactol is primarily a fat binder and has been endorsed by several medical doctors. Proactol pills are comprised entirely of natural, organic plant extracts.

Hoodia Gordonii Plus


Hoodia Gordonii is a rare plant found exclusively in the Kalahari Desert of Africa, and assists in weight loss by suppressing the individual's appetite. Hoodia Gordonii Plus is a natural product and consists of African Hoodia Gordonii, Garcinia Cambogia extract (a weight loss stimulant and energy booster), and green tea (an antioxidant).

Proshape RX Review


Proshape RX uses a variety of natural ingredients to stimulate weight loss. The primary ingredient, Hoodia Gordonii, has been proven to be an excellent appetite suppressant. Additional ingredients in Proshape RX serve to reduce fat storage, cut down on calorie absorption, boost metabolism, and reduce cholesterol absorption.

Hoodia Gordonii Review


Hoodia Gordonii is an appetite suppressant containing only 100% pure African Hoodia Gordonni. Hoodia Gordonni has been proven to suppress appetite and has no known negative side effects. In addition, the Hoodia Gordonii supplement has one of the highest active concentrations of Hoodia Gordonni on the market today.

Ephedra Hoodia Fusion


Ephedra Hoodia Fusion is the combination of two popular weight loss supplements in a single pill. Ephedra Hoodia Fusion is designed to reduce food cravings while increasing the individual's metabolic rate. Additional ingredients include caffeine, green tea and chromium. These are included to increase energy and burn fat. Here you can communicate and make new acquaintances live chat porn video Unfortunately, you have no models in your friend list.

Rimonabant Review


Rimonabant is a synthetic weight loss supplement that is designed to suppress the appetite and reduce food cravings by blocking the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Since Rimonabant interacts with the central nervous system, side effects have been reported and consumption of this product should be handled with caution.