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Native Remedies Skin Care Review


Native Remedies Skin Care Review


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Native Remedies is an online skin and beauty product manufacturer and retailer that has continued to successfully deliver safe, effective, all-natural skincare products and herbal supplements and has a customer base of well over 500,000 customers in 30 markets around the world.

Since its founding several years ago, Native Remedies has developed an extensive line of skin and beauty products including creams, gels, lotions, facial washes, anti-aging cleansers, exfoliators, moisturizers, spritzers and more, all of which are formulated with organic ingredients such as essential oils and whole herbs.

This approach has earned Native Remedies accolades and positive testimonials from medical professionals and average consumers alike, as proven by the extensive amount of positive reviews found throughout the Native Remedies website.

Native Remedies maintains a strong commitment to delivering skincare products that are not only natural, safe and results-oriented, but affordably priced and readily-available as well. All products are subject to a valuable "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" offer which makes the already-reasonable prices lower than what you'll find from much of the competition.

Native Remedies is known for offering some of the best customer support in the skincare product industry. Representatives are standing by 24/7 to field your questions via email and phone, and the site's Ask our Experts section allows you to receive product recommendations from a team of knowledgeable herbalists and homeopaths. The addition of a virtually unprecedented 1-year return policy, which allows you to receive a full refund even after opening and using a given product, is yet another reason why Native Remedies has easily amassed such a devoted following of skin and beauty product consumers.


    • All-natural ingredients.
    • Advanced manufacturing processes.
    • Extremely safe products.
    • Affordable pricing through "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" offer.
    • Easily-navigable website.
    • A+ BBB rating.
    • Exceptionally long return policy.


    • Somewhat limited product line.
    • Free shipping only offered through automatic shipping program.


Native Remedies takes great pride in product quality control. All Native Remedies products are produced in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and FDA certified facilities. In formulating their products, Native Remedies relies on the research of their own experts as well as historical data regarding traditional medicine and modern scientific research pertaining to herbs and other all-natural ingredients. Native Remedies has achieved an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), an obvious signpost indicating their approach to quality.

While most skin and beauty companies offer a generic FAQ section detailing ordering and shipping policies, Native Remedies goes a step beyond by placing individualized FAQ sections on virtually all of their skincare product pages. Each FAQ section answers important questions regarding a specific product, such as the following:

  • What is the product's success rate?
  • How long has this product been sold?
  • What's in the product?
  • Has the FDA approved this product?
  • How do I use the product?
  • What form does the product take? (e.g. tablet, cream, serum etc.)
  • How should the product be stored?
  • When will the product expire?
  • How often should the product be used?
  • When will the product produce results?
  • Does the product have any side effects?
  • Is the product safe for those who are breastfeeding or pregnant?

The fact that Native Remedies provides such an extensive FAQ section for each product on top of an already-comprehensive product description page is a testament to the company's quality. Native Remedies clearly takes great pride in their product line, and they make every effort to tell you why. Quality is apparent elsewhere on the Native Remedies website, such as in the Health A-Z section. This is an alphabetical and comprehensive listing of various health conditions and ailments, including symptoms, treatments and links to related products sold by Native Remedies. This makes it incredibly easy to find the perfect skincare product for any skin and beauty concern.


Native Remedies is committed to using the purest all-natural ingredients in all of its skin and beauty products. Harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances, gluten and other additives are never used in Native Remedies' products. Instead, the company relies on whole herbs, essential oils and other natural ingredients in carefully-composed formulations in order to create the safest and most effective skincare products possible. Many of the ingredients are organically and sustainably grown, and none are sourced at the expense of animals. This philosophy is a prime example of Native Remedies' insistence on protecting the natural environment and the welfare of the life inhabiting it.

Some skin and beauty companies rely on standardized extraction methods for processing herbs and other essential ingredients in order to extract their active ingredients. Native Remedies claims that standardized extraction results in increased side effects due to leftover chemical residues that are virtually impossible to eliminate from the processed ingredients. As such, the company utilizes a full spectrum manufacturing process that preserves the integrity of the raw ingredients. Native Remedies understands that only certain parts of a given plant may be used medicinally, and takes this into account when processing raw ingredients.

Each product page on the Native Remedies website includes a full list of ingredients. After the name of each ingredient, you'll find an explanation of why the company chose to include it in the skincare product. This eliminates much of the mystery that's usually involved with selecting a skin and beauty product, and allows you to determine exactly what you'll be applying to your skin before you make a purchase.

Clinical Studies and Research

Most of the finished skincare products sold by Native Remedies have not undergone clinical testing, and if they have, the company does not reveal this information on their website. However, the vast majority of the ingredients used to formulate Native Remedies products have been scientifically tested. The results of these studies are readily available on the product pages found throughout the Native Remedies website. In some cases, you'll find the study results by clicking on the Ingredients tab, which offers a brief summary of clinical testing results for each ingredient as well as a citation to the medical or scientific journal in which the study results were published. In other cases, you can find clinical testing information by clicking the FAQ link located on each product page.

The fact that Native Remedies provides this information on their website sets them apart from lesser skin and beauty product manufacturers and retailers, who often use scientific reasoning to explain the benefits of their products without actually citing the source of the information. By engaging in the time-consuming process of adding clinical study citations to most of their skincare product pages, Native Remedies proves its commitment to creating safe, effective and results-oriented skin and beauty products while maintaining a high level of scientific transparency.


There are a variety of ways in which to determine the effectiveness of the skin and beauty products sold by Native Remedies. At the top of the site's homepage, you'll find a Testimonials link that directs to a complete listing of the company's product line. By clicking on each product, you'll see the testimonials regarding it. One page includes an extensive listing of testimonials regarding the company in general, and most of these offer positive descriptions of Native Remedies' product line and customer service. Some of the testimonials even come from medical professionals, though these reviews seem to be specific to the company's nutritional supplements and not their skincare products.

You can also view user testimonials by navigating to the individual product pages on the Native Remedies website and clicking the Testimonials tab. Close by is a Reviews tab, which serves a similar purpose to the Testimonials section while adding star ratings between 1 and 5. Unfortunately, the Reviews sections are largely under-utilized, with many products receiving no reviews at all. This may be due to the fact that the Reviews section is a relatively new feature on the site that's difficult for customers to distinguish from the Testimonials section.

Customer Support

Native Remedies offers comprehensive customer support 24/7 through the following channels:

  • Email
  • Toll-free phone
  • Standard mail
  • Fax

Email inquiries are answered with a 24-hour period, and the company maintains three separate email addresses for various types of concerns. If your question directly related to a product, or if you're seeking a product recommendation for a certain condition, it's advisable to contact the company through the Ask Our Experts link found in the top navigation menu. A team of herbalists and skincare experts will field your question based on their expert knowledge of the Native Remedies product line, answering any questions related to suggested usage guidelines and skincare regimens.

Native Remedies also supports its customers by maintaining a strict privacy policy. In accordance with this policy, the company never shares personal information with third parties, protecting your email inbox from unwanted spam.

Product Return Policy

Native Remedies offers one of the longest return policies of any company in the skin and beauty product industry. If you're unsatisfied with any product sold by the company, you may return it for a full refund within 1 year of the date of purchase. Note that refunds do not include the original shipping and handling charge. Returns exceeding $200 in value have a 25% restocking fee deducted from their refund.

Native Remedies requests that customers wait 30 days before deciding whether to return a skin and beauty product. This is a wise decision given that many of the company's products take several days or weeks to take effect due to their nature. If you're still unsatisfied with the product after a month of use, you may return it with its original packing slip or order number to Native Remedies. Note that returns lacking an order number or packing slip are subject to a 25% administrative fee. Have fun with slot games at sizzling-hot-spielen.com They are for everyone!


The Native Remedies skin and beauty product line, while moderately priced to begin with, can be made even more affordable by taking advantage of the company's "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" offers. These offers apply to all of the products sold by Native Remedies, and are equivalent to a 33% discount. It's important to note that most of the products sold through the Native Remedies online store are already priced around 25% below normal retail pricing, making the "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" offer one of the most affordable ways to purchase high quality skin and beauty products in bulk. Some customers, however, may be dismayed by the fact that the lowest possible pricing is only available through a bulk order.

There are two other ways in which you can save money at the Native Remedies online store. The first is the company's email newsletter, to which you can subscribe for free. The newsletter is distributed on a regular basis and contains coupon codes as well as news of upcoming promotions. Native Remedies also maintains a Product Specials page, located in the site's bottom navigation menu, which includes additional sales.

Native Remedies provides standard shipping for $5.95 and two-day shipping for $9.95 on all orders. The company also offers free shipping through their EasyShip program, in which you'll receive the same skin and beauty products on an ongoing periodic basis. This is a great money-saving feature for those who plan to use the same products indefinitely, or until canceled.


Native Remedies is one of the best online destinations for those seeking all-natural, organically-grown skin and beauty products. The company bases its product formulations on clinical testing and scientific research, the results of which are immediately available on the site's product pages. Although the Native Remedies product line is not as extensive as those offered by some of the largest skincare companies, it stands out for its obvious commitment to quality, consistency and safety. Native Remedies boldly states that its skincare products have no detrimental side effects, and most are even safe enough for use by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, 24/7 direct customer support and an incredibly lenient 1-year product return policy, it's apparent that Native Remedies is devoted to consumer satisfaction. The company offers its products at moderate prices, and even better value is available when utilizing the "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" offers that apply to all of their skincare products. Those who are still hesitant to try Native Remedies' all-natural product line are advised to view the company's user testimonials, of which there are dozens for many products.