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Intelligent Nutrients Skin Care Review


Intelligent Nutrients Skin Care Review


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Intelligent Nutrients is an all-natural skin and beauty product manufacturer with a strong dedication to certified organic ingredients and consumer satisfaction. The origin of Intelligent Nutrients dates back to 1978, when founder Horst M. Rechelbacher founded Aveda Corporation, a cosmetics company focusing on plant-based ingredients.

Approximately 20 years later, Aveda was sold to Estee Lauder and Rechelbacher founded Intelligent Nutrients, a company that to this day maintains its commitment to safe, non-toxic, food-grade skin and beauty products based on organic ingredients.

Intelligent Nutrients has positioned itself at the cutting edge of skincare research and development by focusing on the relationship of human and plant stem cells to anti-aging technology.

Intelligent Nutrients sells a selective yet comprehensive line of skincare products including anti-aging serums, mists, cleansers and moisturizers, as well as a hand sanitizer, a hand purifier and a lip nutrition product, all of which are certified organic.

Their skincare products are augmented by several other product lines falling into categories such as Aromatics, Body Care, Hair Care, Home Hygiene, Lip Care, Functional Foods, Baby Care and Love Therapy.

A large portion of Intelligent Nutrients' online sales are handled by Beauty.com, one of the company's primary distributors. Although the Intelligent Nutrients product line is relatively expensive initially, you can receive a number of discounts by purchasing the company's products from Beauty.com. The company offers free shipping on all orders exceeding $25, as well as 5% in-store credit on all purchases, redeemable on future orders.


    • All-natural, certified organic ingredients.
    • Free shipping on orders over $25.
    • Excellent customer support including live chat.
    • No chemical additives.
    • Animal cruelty-free.
    • Sustainable growing process.
    • Plenty of positive testimonials.


    • Brief return policy.
    • Relatively expensive.


Intelligent Nutrients is committed to offering the highest quality skin and beauty products on the market, a philosophy backed by their utilization of 100% all-natural, organically grown, food-grade ingredients. In fact, all of the ingredients used in Intelligent Nutrients skincare products are safe enough to eat, let alone apply to your skin. This approach is even present in the way in which Intelligent Nutrients creates the aromas for their products. In lieu of artificial perfumes, the company uses plant aromas derived from certified organic essential oils.

When it comes to ingredient sourcing, most all-natural skin and beauty companies simply state that their ingredients are harvested safely and sustainably without revealing the actual location where the ingredients are grown. Intelligent Nutrients goes a step further by stating that all of their certified organic ingredients are grown at the farm of founder Horst Rechelbacher in Osceola, Wisconsin. This facility, which is also used for research, is totally self-sustained by solar and wind power. The company's headquarters, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is powered entirely by renewable energy as well.

The quality of the products sold by Intelligent Nutrients can be measured in part by the various seals found on the company's product pages. Some of these seals include Vegan (meaning that no animal products are included), Gluten Free, Intellimune (indicating a high concentration of antioxidants), Harmonically Made (ensuring the safety and efficacy of an ingredient regardless of organic certification) and Certified Organic (indicating that the product contains at least 95% organically grown materials, as determined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture).


The Intelligent Nutrients website's Education area includes an Ingredient Glossary featuring a full listing of all 155 ingredients used in the company's products. For each ingredient, you'll find a common name, a scientific name, a description of what the ingredient comprises, and a description of what the ingredient does. Seemingly complex ingredients such as cetearyl glucoside are clearly defined, in this case as a fatty alcohol that's derived from coconut and corn oil. This is an excellent educational resource for anyone wishing to know more about organic, all-natural skin and beauty product ingredients, and further serves to assure customers of the safety of Intelligent Nutrients' product line.

The Intelligent Nutrients website also includes a full listing of the ingredients that are never included in their products, along with reasoning for each. None of the skin and beauty products sold by Intelligent Nutrients include pesticides, phthatlates, sulfates, silicone, artificial fragrances, parabens, propylene glycol, toxic minerals, triclosan, enthooxylates, petrochemicals or other artificial additives. All of these ingredients are included in skincare products from certain other manufacturers despite being linked to various health risks.

Each product page maintained on the Intelligent Nutrients website includes a full list of ingredients, conveniently displayed directly within the product description. Each ingredient receives a footnote with more information, such as whether it's certified organic or whether it comprises a certain essential oil. This is the type of transparency that consumers should expect from an all-natural organic skin and beauty product manufacturer.

Clinical Studies and Research

The Intelligent Nutrients website contains no mention of whether their finished products have undergone clinical testing, nor does it offer the results of any clinical trials performed on ingredients used in the company's line of products. However, the "What's In" area of the Intelligent Nutrients site does describe how the company works directly with scientists and physicians from reputable institutions and universities to develop safe, active formulations that deliver proven results without relying on harmful petrochemicals. The company collaborates with the Mayo Clinic's Center for Integrated Health and the Henry Ford Hospital to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their skincare products. Product testing is never conducted at the expense of animals or the natural environment.

A prime example of Intelligent Nutrient's reliance on modern scientific research can be found in their use of plant stem cells. Plant stem cells go beyond organic growing, as they're developed under carefully-controlled laboratory conditions without the use of soil. The plant stem cells are 100% free of toxins and comprise the most nutrient-rich examples of the plants they represent, making them the cutting edge of nutritional chemistry. As a bonus, the process of cultivating plant stem cells has none of the pollution associated with traditional agriculture.


The effectiveness of the skincare products sold by Intelligent Nutrients can be measured by reading customer testimonials found on Beauty.com. Each Intelligent Nutrients product page contains a Reviews tab which offers a full listing of user reviews pertaining to that item. Each review begins with a star rating between 1 and 5, as well as a list of pros (e.g. "lightweight," "non-greasy," "moisturizes," "soothes skin" and "softens skin") and cons (e.g. "irritates skin," "bad smell"). The reviewers also have the opportunity to describe the product's best uses, and post comments in a general review area. Finally, the reviews conclude with a "yes" or "no" as to whether the poster would ultimately recommend the product to others.

While some Intelligent Nutrients products have more user testimonials than others, the reviews themselves are positive overall. As with any user reviews, it's best to read them carefully in order to determine whether the product's advantages outweigh its shortcomings for your particular situation. Reviews tagged with a "Verified Buyer" icon are especially authoritative, as these testimonials are guaranteed to come from individuals who have actually purchased the product they're reviewing from Beauty.com.

Additional information regarding the effectiveness of Intelligent Nutrients skincare products can be found in the Press section of the Intelligent Nutrients website. This area includes quotes from various online and offline skin and beauty publications, such as MSN Lifestyle, Huffington Post, TeenVogue.com and StyleList.com, regarding the company's products.

Customer Support

Beauty.com has built a reputation for offering excellent customer support for Intelligent Nutrients products. Direct support is available through multiple channels, including email and phone, 24 hours a day. Email correspondence is handled through a web form embedded on the Beauty.com website, while phone support is available free of charge by calling 1-800-278-4786. The company also offers live chat from 7:00am through 4:00pm PST, Monday through Friday. Live chat connects you with a team of knowledgeable skin and beauty consultants, and is the ideal customer service route for those interested in skincare advice and specific Intelligent Nutrients product recommendations.

Beauty.com recommends that customers peruse their extensive FAQ section before contacting customer service directly. The FAQ is helpfully divided into several categories, including Promotional Offers, Accounts, Product Information, Order Status, Returns, Shipping and Billing.

Like many reputable online skin and beauty product retailers, Beauty.com offers an automatic shipping program. This program, known as Auto Delivery, allows you to receive the same products from Intelligent Nutrients and/or other manufacturers on a regular predetermined basis. Available shipping periods include 30, 45, 60, 90 and 180 days. In addition to the convenience of periodic shipping, Auto Delivery saves you 66% off of the shipping cost of all orders that do not qualify for free shipping.

Product Return Policy

All Intelligent Nutrients products sold by Beauty.com are subject to the company's 30-day return policy. This allows you to receive a full refund minus the cost of shipping and handling by sending a product back to Beauty.com within a month of the purchase date. However, Beauty.com only offers a no-questions-asked return policy on sealed items. If you open an Intelligent Nutrients product and later decide to return it, you'll need to contact Beauty.com's customer service to describe your issue. If Beauty.com determines that the product is damaged or defective, the company will credit a full refund (including the price of shipping) back to the payment method you used to place the order.

Beauty.com is not responsible for return shipments that are damaged in transit, so it's important to securely pack the item in a box instead of a padded envelope. It's also advisable to use a trackable shipping method with shipping insurance. Beauty.com insists that customers contact their service department to receive a return shipping label, which must be affixed to the exterior of the package. Return orders worth $200 or more may be saddled with a 10% restocking fee.


Although the skincare products sold by Intelligent Nutrients are relatively expensive, a number of cost-cutting policies and discounts available for the company's products from Beauty.com make the prices more palatable. The company offers a membership service known as the Dollars Program in which customers receive 5% in-store credit for every purchase of products from Intelligent Nutrients and other manufacturers. You'll acquire in-store credit in timeframes of three months, after which you'll have one month to spend the accumulated credit. In order to enroll in the Beauty.com Dollars Program, you must first create an account with Beauty.com's partner site, Drugstore.com.

Another value-adding offer from Beauty.com is the company's free sample promotion which allows you select travel-size versions of products from Intelligent Nutrients and other manufacturers as add-ons to your order. You can add as many as three free samples to each order. Beauty.com also offers a variety of free gifts that can be added to orders of various minimum qualifying values. witch reddy http://redmercuri.com spells of magic

Another key cost-cutting feature of Beauty.com is the company's free shipping policy, which applies to orders of Intelligent Nutrients products as well as items from other companies. Everyday Free Shipping allows you to receive free shipping on orders that weigh less than 20 pounds and cost more than $25. While many skin and beauty product retailers offer free shipping, most require a minimum order of $50, $75 or $100.


Intelligent Nutrients is a premium manufacturer and retailer of safe, effective, 100% all-natural skincare products. All of the company's products are based upon organic ingredients that have received certification from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The product pages on the Intelligent Nutrients website offer a full list of ingredients, as well as a list of additives, chemicals and artificial fillers that are never included in the company's products. Intelligent Nutrients delivers on its principles by selling skincare products that are safe enough to eat as well as apply to your skin.

Although Intelligent Nutrients skincare products may be relatively expensive, a number of sales and discounts available through Beauty.com make the line more affordable. And while the return policy offered by Intelligent Nutrients is somewhat brief, the fact that Beauty.com's expert customer service representatives offer product recommendations through live chat, phone and email reduces the likelihood of requiring a product return. Most users will easily forgive the company's minor shortcomings in light of its commitment to organic ingredients, food-grade product safety and unparalleled effectiveness, evinced by Intelligent Nutrients' numerous positive testimonials.