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Chinese Herbs Direct Skin Care Review


Chinese Herbs Direct Skin Care Review


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Since its founding in 2004, Chinese Herbs Direct has developed an impeccable track record of selling high quality, all-natural skincare products, herbal remedies and nutritional supplements based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Chinese herbalism.

The company achieved accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in 2005, and currently maintains an A rating. Since its inception, Chinese Herbs Direct has operated as a family-owned company that constantly strives to improve its product catalog by working with the most reputable herbal skincare product manufacturers.

Although Chinese Herbs Direct does not sell an enormous range of skincare products, they've worked hard to ensure the quality of the ones that are available. All of the products consist solely of all-natural ingredients, many of which are certified organic.

Each product page on the Chinese Herbs Direct website includes a full list of ingredients, making the product line easy to browse for allergy sufferers and those seeking total transparency in their skincare products.

Chinese Herbs Direct is devoted to affordability in addition to quality, and as such, they offer a Low Price Guarantee. All of the products in the company's catalog are priced up to 50% off of retail cost, and additional discounts are available through bulk ordering. If you find a lower price on a particular product elsewhere, Chinese Herbs Direct will do their best to match it. Shipping costs are set to $5.95 per order, or free for orders over $75.

Although the company only offers customer support via email, questions are answered quickly and thoroughly. A 30-day return policy, while relatively short, serves as a safety net to customers who may be inexperienced with herbal skincare products.


    • All-natural ingredients.
    • Most products manufactured under GMP guidelines.
    • Free shipping on $75+ orders.
    • Rating of A with Better Business Bureau.
    • Discounted pricing.
    • Easy website navigation.


    • Only email support.
    • No product reviews.
    • Little clinical study information.
    • Opened-bottle returns only receive 50% refund.


Chinese Herbs Direct maintains a firm commitment to high product quality, as proven by the fact that 99% of their skin and beauty product line is manufactured at Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified facilities. In order to receive this certification, manufacturers must comply with a strict set of guidelines outlined by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Each guideline is specific to a different component of quality, such as efficacy, safety and consistency. The skincare products offered by Chinese Herbs Direct consist of all-natural ingredients, often with organic certification.

When Chinese Herbs Direct selects items for its product line, the company seeks product manufacturers that use all-natural ingredients. In many cases, the ingredients are organically grown, such as with the company's Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil. However, Chinese Herbs Direct does not claim to exclusively sell organic products, and it's therefore necessary to examine each product page to determine whether an item includes organic ingredients. It's also crucial to examine the usage instructions posted on each product page, as some of Chinese Herbs Direct's skincare products are taken as pills or tablets while others are applied externally.

Chinese Herbs Direct offers a high quality website that's both informative and easy to navigate. While the company primarily focuses on herbal nutritional supplements, all of the skincare products are helpfully placed in a category of their own. It's also possible to search the Chinese Herbs Direct product catalog according to manufacturer, of which there are more than twenty. A list of Best Sellers makes it easy to see which products are most popular among customers at any given time. Once you decide to finalize a purchase, you can be sure that your personal information will be kept private thanks to SSL encryption.


When you view a product description on the Chinese Herbs Direct website, you'll see a full list of ingredients immediately after the standard dosage information. Although Chinese Herbs Direct deserves praise for their commitment to transparency in listing ingredients, many of the ingredients are called by their traditional Chinese names, making them difficult to identify. Further, the site does not offer an explanation of each ingredient, nor does it describe why the ingredient is included in a particular product. However, most of the product pages do offer a list of ingredients that are not included, such as harsh chemicals, artificial preservatives, sugar, wheat, yeast, corn, egg, starch, soy and milk. This information will be useful to those who have allergies, or who insist on using skin and beauty products with absolutely no unnecessary additives.

Although Chinese Herbs Direct claims that all of the products they sell exclusively comprise all-natural ingredients from reputable, sustainable sources, the company does not actually reveal these sources. Thankfully, most of the product pages do include a brief overview of each product's manufacturer, complete with at least some information regarding ingredient sourcing, harvesting and formulation.

Clinical Studies and Research

Although many of the products sold by Chinese Herbs Direct undergo extensive research and testing before they're offered to consumers, details regarding this process are not available at the company's website. Chinese Herbs Direct does not state whether their finished products undergo clinical testing, nor do they offer the results of any scientific trials conducted on the products' ingredients. The former is excusable given that most skin and beauty products, even those sold by major brands, rarely receive rigorous clinical testing. However, many of the Chinese herbs included in the company's skincare products have been scientifically tested, so it's difficult to understand why the company hasn't posted the results of these trials on its website.

The Chinese Herbs Direct website does include an abridged history of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as well as some details regarding Chinese herbalism. Although the information is rather basic and introductory, it may be of use to those that are conducting entry-level research on Chinese herbs and how they can be applied to skincare. Chinese Herbs Direct states that all customers should perform some research on their own before purchasing and using any skincare product, regardless of its ingredient profile and clinical testing results. review fraud https://redmercuri.com spellcaster reviews


Due to the diversity of the Chinese Herbs Direct product line, as well as the fact that the products come from various manufacturers, it's difficult to determine which products are most effective. Unfortunately, the company offers little guidance in terms of product selection to consumers other than through their product descriptions, which are admittedly relatively thorough.

These inconveniences would be more easily forgiven if Chinese Herbs Direct allowed customers to post their own testimonials regarding the effectiveness of the products on the site's individual product pages. This feature, shared by many high quality online skin and beauty product retailers, has yet to be implemented. In the meantime, navigating away from the company's website is the only way to find real customer reviews of Chinese Herbs Direct's product line.

Despite these shortcomings, there's plenty of evidence indicating that Chinese Herbs Direct sells highly effective products, regardless of whether testimonials can easily be found. Chinese Herbs Direct first received accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in 2005, and since then, they've established and maintained a rating of A. To date, the BBB has yet to receive a complaint from a customer regarding Chinese Herbs Direct, and the only factor holding the company back from an A+ rating is its overall length of operation. In light of these facts, the company's decision to not post customer testimonials makes little sense, as most of those testimonials would likely be positive.

Customer Support

Chinese Herbs Direct handles customer service for their skin and beauty products through email. You can send correspondence to the company directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or navigate to the site's Contact Us page which includes an embedded email form. Support is offered on weekdays from 9:00am through 3:00pm, PST. Most emails are answered within a single business day. Chinese Herbs Direct also offers a toll-free phone number, though it's intended for product orders instead of customer support. Chinese Herbs Direct admits that their support team does not include any medical professionals, and is as such unable to provide any product recommendations that could be construed as medical advice.

Before emailing Chinese Herbs Direct with support questions, it's advisable to view their FAQ section, which answers the most common questions posed by customers. The FAQs are divided into categories such as Store Information, Payments, Products, Ordering and Delivery.

Product Return Policy

Chinese Herbs Direct maintains a 30-day return policy, meaning that you can experiment with their skin and beauty products for up to a month from the time of purchase before determining whether to return them. By returning a sealed container, you'll receive a full refund minus the cost of shipping and handling. If you use some or all of the product before returning it, the refund amount drops to 50% minus shipping costs. Chinese Herbs Direct only accepts one bottle of a given product type, disallowing you from opening multiple containers of the same product and returning all of them. The company accepts returns for all of their skin and beauty products, though certain nutritional supplements such as raw herbs and concentrated extract powders are excluded from the return policy.

In order to receive a full or partial refund from Chinese Herbs Direct, you must pack your item safely and ensure its safe return by purchasing shipping insurance. Be sure to include either the original packing slip or your order confirmation number with the return, as well as your full name. After Chinese Herbs Direct receives and processes the return, they'll process a refund to the same payment option you used to place the initial order.

Although the Chinese Herbs Direct return policy is beneficial to customers as its currently written, a longer return period and a full refund even for used items would be preferable.


Chinese Herbs Direct offers herbal skin and beauty products for very competitive prices, described on their website under their Low Price Policy. This policy states that the company sells all of their products for between 10% and 50% off of normal retail pricing, with deeper discounts available on special promotional items. If you find a lower price on any product at a competitor's website, you can contact the Chinese Herbs Direct customer support team to request price matching. The company will honor the lowest advertised price of a given product under most circumstances.

Individuals seeking additional savings can take advantage of Chinese Herbs Direct's bulk discount offers. For example, a single 1 oz. vial of Po Sum On Medicated Oil normally costs $14.95. When purchasing six or more bottles at a time, the price-per-bottle lowers to $13.95. The price drops further to $12.95 per container for orders of 12 or more bottles.

Chinese Herbs Direct offers standard ground shipping for a flat rate of $5.95 per order. Orders typically arrive within three to seven business days, depending on your geographical location. As a courtesy to customers, the company offers free shipping on all orders in excess of $75.00. By default, orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, though methods such as FedEx and UPS may be utilized in order to expedite the shipment of your order.


Despite their relatively brief history within the all-natural skin and beauty industry, Chinese Herbs Direct has earned an A rating with the Better Business Bureau by amassing a following of dedicated, satisfied customers thanks to their unique, safe and effective product line. The company has taken an innovative approach by selling a variety of pill- and tablet-based herbal skincare products in addition to more traditional serums and lotions that are applied externally. Although the Chinese Herbs Direct website lacks product testimonials and extensive clinical testing information, their track record of customer satisfaction indicates their ability to deliver a highly effective product.

Chinese Herbs Direct's biggest shortcoming is perhaps its return policy. 30 days is hardly long enough to fully audition a new skincare product, and opened bottles are only subject to a 50% refund. The fact that Chinese Herbs Direct's email-only support team cannot offer product recommendations makes selecting an item more challenging. However, the purpose of each product is clearly explained on its relevant product page, and the complete ingredient lists add a level of transparency that isn't seen at many other online all-natural skincare companies.