Purity Products Nutritional Supplement Review


Purity Products Nutritional Supplement Review


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Purity Products is a nutritional supplement company based in Plainview, New York. The company was founded in 1993 by Jahn Levin, the same individual who still serves as President and CEO to this day.

Since there inception, Purity Products has worked hard to create a wide array of affordable, safe, and effective nutritional supplements. In fact, over the years Purity Products has served well over 2 million customers and have achieved a rating of A+ with the Better Business Bureau, making them one of the most popular and reputable nutritional supplement retailers in the world.

Purity Products maintains a mission statement that's in line with their company motto, "Evidence-Based Nutritional Supplements." Their three-fold mission involves providing products to consumers at a great value, formulating nutritional supplements based on real scientific research, and making the world a better place through a commitment to honesty, quality, and environmental and corporate responsibility.

Purity Products offers a massive line of both in-house and third-party nutritional supplements, with products including multivitamins, Omega-3 formulas, organic drinks, energy supplements, weight loss supplements and more. The product catalog is divided according to health concerns, ranging from aging, immune and cardio health to sleep, energy and digestive health. A list of Best Sellers helps customers find the most popular products. Aside from their quality supplements and reasonable pricing, Purity Products is known for exceptional customer service. The company can be reached via toll-free phone and email, with knowledgeable representatives standing by to field your questions and make product recommendations.


    • Large product catalog.
    • Most supplements manufactured in-house.
    • Strict quality standards.
    • Extensive clinical study and research information.
    • Affordable pricing thanks to various discounts and auto-ship program.
    • A+ Better Business Bureau rating.
    • Exceptional customer service.


    • Normal product prices somewhat expensive.
    • Auto-ship program is somewhat inflexible.


Purity Products insists on a strict quality control process to ensure the purity, safety, efficacy and consistency of all of their nutritional supplements. Some of the company's products are made in-house by first-party manufacturing facilities, while others are acquired from third-party manufacturers. All of the manufacturing facilities with which Purity Products works are GMP-certified, "GMP" meaning "Good Manufacturing Practice." In order to become GMP-certified, a facility must ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of all equipment that touches raw ingredients, blends, powders, liquids and capsules. Handling, storage, sampling, mixing, testing, bottling and labeling must also be done in accordance with strict sanitation standards. Purity Products maintains that "quality" is an objective, not just a word. The company's A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau is proof of this philosophy.

Purity Products offers a robust and feature-rich website that's both highly informational and easy to navigate. The products are organized according to various criteria, including Best Sellers, Men's Health, Women's Health, Sports and Energy, Diet and Health Concerns. A News and Insights section allows you to read a variety of health and fitness articles with a focus on advancements in nutritional supplements and scientific research regarding supplement ingredients.

Purity Products' quality is also apparent in its commitment to the environment and human rights. The company has partnered with the Vitamin Angel Alliance in order to prevent child blindness by providing Vitamin A supplements to those in Third World countries. Even more amazing is the fact that Purity Products has been 100% carbon neutral since September of 2008. The company offsets its carbon emissions footprint through a partnership with CarbonFund.org, a company that helps over 1,800 businesses reduce their impact on the environment.


Purity Products sources its ingredients in accordance with a strict set of Standard Operating Procedures. The raw materials are only sourced from approved suppliers and growers that meet these standards. Each ingredient lot is comprehensively tested for identity, purity, strength and composition before it's used in the formulation of a Purity Products nutritional supplement. This insures that each supplement contains nothing more and nothing less than what's indicated on the label. The individuals who handle and mix the raw ingredients follow a strict set of industry-standard hygiene requirements, further ensuring the purity of the finished products.

Each and every product page listed on the Purity Products website includes a Supplements Facts link which directs to an actual image of the product label. This image includes a full list of active and inactive ingredients, as well as their respective quantities and percentage daily values. The product label also includes health warnings regarding any ingredients that may react dangerously with other medications.

The product descriptions also include thorough details regarding the benefits and purposes of each ingredient. Further, each product page lists ingredients not contained in the supplement, such as soy, wheat, nuts, eggs, milk, shellfish and gluten, as a courtesy to those with allergies. When it comes to sharing detailed ingredient information, Purity Products excels among other nutritional supplement manufacturers and retailers.

Clinical Studies and Research

Clinical studies and research are two other areas in which Purity Products possesses an advantage over the competition. Many of the product pages contain detailed descriptions of the nutritional supplements, with footnotes attached to each benefit claim. A References section is then posted at the bottom of the description, with a citation to a clinical study attached to each footnote. This allows you to see who conducted the research supporting a given claim, as well as the year in which the research was performed. Individuals should note that the clinical studies cited by Purity Products have been performed on many of the supplement ingredients, not the supplements themselves. The rigid manufacturing standards imposed by Purity Products ensure that the ingredients maintain the qualities found through clinical testing.

Purity Products performs plenty of its own research when selecting the ingredients they use in their first-party nutritional supplements, as well as the products they choose to carry from third-party manufacturers. Both the raw materials and finished supplements are tested using a variety of analytical techniques, including ICP-OES (inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry), GC (gas chromatography) and HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography). All supplements are also tested for microbial levels, and random samples are sent to independent labs for additional testing.


Purity Products sells a massive variety of products, and as such, some supplements will be more effective than others based on several factors, including your overall supplement regimen and the severity of the condition you're attempting to address. As a whole, the Purity Products supplement line is very effective. The company's supplements are used by a variety of athletes, including Sherri Howard (Olympic Relay gold medalist), Martin Barnett (mountain climber), Jean Laguerre (professional bodybuilder), David Kahn (champion triathlete) and Linda Cassano (professional snowboarder).

Of course, most nutritional supplement seekers care more about actual customer reviews than celebrity testimonials. Fortunately, Purity Products provides these as well. Each product page comes with a Ratings and Reviews tab containing testimonials from common users. The testimonials include a one- to five-star rating based on each customer's assessment of the product's quality and effectiveness, as well as their overall satisfaction. The vast majority of the products have received a number of four- and five-star reviews, a solid indication of the type of quality and results you can expect from a Purity Products nutritional supplement. Each testimonial also lists the reviewer's age group, gender and primary health concern, allowing you to single out the reviews that best apply to your situation.

Customer Support

Purity Products is strongly dedicated to customer support, offering direct customer service via toll-free phone, email, fax and standard mail. Purity Products provides phone support from 9:00am through 9:00pm, Monday through Thursday, and 9:00am through 5:00pm, Friday through Saturday. All times are EDT. If you wish to contact the company via email, you'll have three options:

  • Using the Feedback Form located under the site's Contact Us area.
  • Sending general customer service inquiries to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • Sending urgent inquiries directly to the customer support department supervisor at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The Customer Care section of the Purity Products website contains an order tracking feature in which you can enter your phone number to view the status of an order. Purity Products also provides support through a detailed FAQ section which answers questions regarding shipping, taxes, catalog requests, product returns and more. The FAQ also includes a testimonial from a customer who had a particularly excellent experience with the company's customer service department.

Product Return Policy

Purity Products offers a 60-day no-questions-asked return policy on all of the products they sell. This should give ample time to determine whether or not a given supplement is providing the desired results. Be sure to contact the company's customer service department to obtain a return authorization number before returning your order. Failing to do so will result in a processing fee of $10. So long as you return your opened or unopened merchandise within the trial period, Purity Products will issue a full refund minus the cost of shipping and handling.


The product catalog maintained by Purity Products is moderately priced in comparison to the company's competition. However, there are number of ways in which you can receive additional discounts. Some of these include:

  • A "Buy 4, Get 1 Free" offer applies to most nutritional supplements.
  • The Value Packed Kits special allows you to save approximately approximately 50% when ordering multiple products as part of a predefined nutritional supplement regimen.
  • The company allows you to buy in bulk with savings of up to 40% per bottle when ordering 48 or more bottles of the same product. Most nutritional supplement companies only extend these types of wholesale offers to other businesses, not individual customers.
  • Monthly specials and inventory specials, which are offered on a rotating basis, help you find the most heavily discounted items.
  • The Super Saver auto-shipping program, described below, allows for additional savings.

Purity Products charges a flat fee of $7.95 for shipping and handling on all orders. Orders typically arrive in five to ten days with standard shipping. The following shipping upgrades are available:

  • 3-Day - $11.95
  • 2-Day - $17.95
  • Next-Day - $25.00

Purity Products also offers an automatic delivery program known as Super Saver. This program allows you to receive the same products again and again via regularly-scheduled periodic shipments. Benefits include free shipping and savings of 25% or more off of every bottle purchased. You'll receive three bottles of the nutritional supplement(s) you choose every three months.


Purity Products is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a large selection of high quality nutritional supplements. The company bases its extensive product catalog on actual, verifiable scientific studies and research, and insists on the most stringent quality control practices when manufacturing its own supplements and choosing third-party supplement manufacturers. This makes for a line of nutritional supplements that are virtually unmatched in terms of safety, effectiveness, consistency and quality. Purity Products stands behind their products with a 60-day return policy, as well as some of best customer support in the nutritional supplement industry.

The Purity Products supplement catalog is easy to navigate despite its size. The products are well organized, and each product page includes an extensive benefits description, usage guidelines and ingredient list. The claims made in the product descriptions are backed by clinical testing. Each product page also includes user reviews with star-ratings, making it easy to determine which supplement will best address your needs. While the normal prices of Purity Products supplements are average, deep discounts are available through coupons, promotions and the company's auto-ship program.