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Pharmaceutical Manufactured Nutritional Supplement Company Reviews

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Pharmaceutical manufactured nutritional supplement companies provide a large portion of the worldwide population with their daily nutritional supplements.

It is important to understand that many of the pharmaceutical manufactured nutritional supplement companies produce an entire range of supplements in a form that utilizes non-organic materials such as fillers, binders and preservatives.

While this is not to say that the supplements are less than beneficial, it may be a concern for individuals that prefer their supplements in an organic form.

Whether choosing pharmaceutical or organic supplements, it is important to determine the exact types of supplements to consume that will most benefit your personal health conditions, dietary regimen and lifestyle requirements. Proper nutrition is the single most important aspect of good health, fitness and mental well-being.

This being said, most individuals do not consume a healthy diet, and force their body to function in a non-optimal mode. By starving the body of its daily nutritional requirements, the probability of contracting a disease drastically increases. To this end, it is highly recommended that each individual consume a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet, and couple it with a sound nutritional supplement regimen.

Below are our team's recommendations for the top-rated pharmaceutical nutritional supplement manufacturers. Our review criteria facilitates a thorough and stringent analysis of each of the top-rated pharmaceutical nutritional supplement manufacturers so that our users can make the best possible decision as to which manufacturer will best meet their personal health, fitness and nutritional supplementation goals.

Puritan's Pride Review


Puritan’s Pride was founded by Arthur Rudolf over 40 years ago with a vision of providing individuals with vitamins and supplements at a reasonable price, delivered right to their doors. Puritan's Pride manufactures their nutritional supplements within their own factories and ships them directly to over 6 million customers.

Bodybuilding.com Review


Bodybuilding.com is a provider of supplements geared towards muscle development and post-exercise recovery. In 1999, Bodybuilding.com formed relationships with numerous nutritional supplement providers to allow their customers access to a wide variety of natural supplements for body building and active lifestyles.

Purity Products Review


Purity Products was founded in 1993 and has continued to grow ever since. One of the areas of primary focus for the company is the environment. They have made great strides in becoming a green company within both their manufacturing and office facilities. Purity Products offers a line of all-organic products as well.

New Vitality Review


New Vitality is a nutritional supplement and beauty product company that was established in 1993. Their primary focus is simple: “Helping people live longer and look younger.” New Vitality is not affiliated with any fitness centers or drug stores, allowing them to keep their costs down and pass the savings on to their customers.

GNC Review


GNC (General Nutrition Centers) was founded by David Shakarian in 1935, and has gradually expanded to over 4,800 retail locations. GNC sells everything from vitamins and supplements to power bars and exercise equipment. GNC manufactures and sells their own nutritional supplements as well as dozens of other brand-name products.