New Vitality Nutritional Supplement Review


New Vitality Nutritional Supplement Review


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New Vitality is a premium nutritional supplement manufacturer and retailer that has been delivering high quality supplements at an excellent value since 1993.

Originally developed as a mail-order catalog, New Vitality is now a totally-online nutritional supplement retailer that keeps prices low and product quality high by selling directly to their customers. However, what hasn't changed is New Vitality's reliance on scientific research in developing their products. A team of nine health experts, including nutritionists, doctors and chemists help to design and develop many of the products sold by New Vitality.

New Vitality offers a diverse range of products including vitamins, minerals, all-natural supplements and herbal remedies, with each product categorized according to it's medicinal purpose. For instance, some of these categories include Men's Health, Women's Health, Stress and Energy, Vision, Brain, Cardiovascular, Digestive, Blood Sugar and Bone and Joint. In addition, separate categories are devoted to areas such as Antioxidants, Essential Fatty Oils and Weight Loss. The product catalog is easy to navigate, and the individual product descriptions include user testimonials, benefits lists and ingredient information.

New Vitality's reasonably priced product catalog can be made even more affordable by applying the company's many available discounts. Several of the products come with bulk discounts or free bonus supplements, and the Super Saver program allows you to lock into a current sale price indefinitely. Flat-rate shipping is offered on all standard orders, with shipping fees waived entirely on orders above $150.


    • Affordable pricing.
    • Detailed product pages.
    • Extensive catalog with multivitamins, herbal remedies and other supplements.
    • GMP-certified manufacturing process.
    • Super Saver auto-shipping.
    • Phone and email support.
    • Consistent product quality.


    • Relatively brief trial period.
    • No information regarding ingredient sourcing.
    • Many products devoid of testimonials.


New Vitality is committed to delivering the highest quality nutritional supplements, herbal remedies and health and beauty products. In order to sell a product line that is safe, consistent, effective and results-oriented, the company insists on researching, developing and manufacturing all of its own products. This process includes everything from selecting the raw ingredients to formulating, bottling and packing the finished products in a GMP-certified facility. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification is given by the FDA exclusively to nutritional supplement manufactures that follow a strict set of guidelines dictating quality control. This results in products with maximum levels of safety, purity and potency.

Much of New Vitality's overall quality comes from its expertly-designed website. The extensive product line is separated into categories including Best Sellers and New Arrivals, making it easy to keep abreast of the newest and most popular products manufactured by the company. Budget-conscious consumers will appreciate the Web Specials category, which includes a list of combo deals, quantity discounts and other promotional offers. All customers can create an account, which is used to keep track of your past order history and expedite the process of ordering new supplements. Both current and prospective customers can contact New Vitality for general inquiries and to receive expert product recommendations.

New Vitality strongly believes that high quality nutritional supplements should be available at a good value. As such, they've adopted a direct-to-consumer sales model in which they only sell their products over their website, eliminating distributors, physical retail stores and other middlemen. This allows New Vitality to maintain the lowest price points possible without sacrificing quality or compromising with retail chains.


All of the product pages located on the New Vitality website include a full list of ingredients, either under a separate Ingredients tab or as part of the product description itself. The ingredient lists include the names of the active and inactive ingredients, as well as daily nutritional values when applicable. In this way, you won't have the surprise of finding that the nutritional supplement you purchase contains any more or any fewer ingredients than you expected based on the product description.

New Vitality is responsible for sourcing all of the ingredients used in the development and manufacturing of their nutritional supplements and herbal remedies. However, the company makes no definitive statements regarding the source of their ingredients. They also make no guarantees as to what's not included in the supplements, such as fillers, flavorings, dyes and other additives. Regardless of this lack of clarification, however, there's no reason to believe that New Vitality would include detrimental or unsafe ingredients in any of its products. The company's high rate of consumer satisfaction, as proven by its positive user testimonials, is a testament to the fact that New Vitality chooses only the best-quality ingredients.

Clinical Studies and Research

Each product manufactured by New Vitality is the result of a collaborative research process conducted by the company's panel of experts. This panel comprises a group of researchers, nutritionists and doctors with advanced knowledge of the nutritional supplement industry. Members include:

  • Alex Duarte, OD, PhD
  • Denise Forte-Pathroff, MD, FAAD
  • Roger Mason, Research Chemist
  • Tony O'Donnell, Nutritional Researcher
  • Alan Pressman, PhD, DC, CCN, DACBN
  • Alison Rhein, DVM,
  • Bob Martin, ABAAHP, DACBN, CCN, DC
  • Arthur W. Perry, MD, FACS
  • Jacob Rosenstein, MD, FACS

The New Vitality website includes a full profile of each expert on the panel, as well as links to the individual products that each expert helped to create. Unfortunately, the profiles do not offer an extensive description of how the experts created the products, or their respective levels of involvement. Their credentials are nonetheless impressive, and the results of the finished nutritional supplements speak for themselves.

Some of the product pages contained on the New Vitality website allude to scientific clinical studies, though the information is neither detailed nor explicit. None of the products sold by New Vitality have undergone clinical testing, though many of the ingredients contained in New Vitality products have been the subjects of extensive scientific research. The product descriptions do not offer links directly to these studies, requiring you to find them on your own.


New Vitality manufactures and sells a massive variety of nutritional supplements, some of which are undoubtedly more effective than others. All of the nutritional supplements are manufactured in the same GMP-certified facility, ensuring a certain measure of consistency in terms of the product catalog's overall effectiveness. Of course, your exact experience with New Vitality's products will depend on the severity of the condition or issue you're hoping to address, as well as other factors such as your exercise regimen, diet and any other nutritional supplements you're taking as well.

New Vitality offers user testimonials under the Customer Reviews tab located on many of the product pages. Unfortunately, these user testimonials seem to be limited to only the most popular products sold by New Vitality. The MultiVescense product page, for example, contains a plethora of positive testimonials, while many of the products are devoid of reviews. This is most likely a marketing decision made by New Vitality, and not a reason to believe that the products with little to no reviews are automatically less effective.

Customer Support

New Vitality is known for offering high quality customer support through its team of trained service representatives. The company offers support via both phone and email. Service hours go from 9:30am until 6:00pm, Monday through Friday, with a half-hour break between 1:00pm and 1:30pm. For general customer service inquiries, send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 1-800-943-6465. For questions regarding specific products, or to seek a product recommendation, call a New Vitality Product Advisor at 1-888-997-2941. It's worthing noting that many nutritional supplement retailers do not offer any direct product advising, giving an obvious advantage to New Vitality.

New Vitality maintains a physical headquarters in Farmingdale, New York. The company offers a 50-page full-color catalog that you can receive by mail after contacting customer support. All order transactions are kept secure through SSL encryption.

Product Return Policy

New Vitality understands that even the highest quality nutritional supplements may not provide the expected results to all consumers. As such, they offer a 30-day return policy that allows you to return up to one opened bottle, and an unlimited amount of sealed bottles, for a full refund of the purchase price. This refund does not include the cost of shipping and handling. In order to request a return authorization, you much contact New Vitality customer support.

Although the 30-day money back guarantee offered by New Vitality is a positive attribute of the site, a longer return policy would be preferable. This is because most nutritional supplements require at least 30 days of regular use before noticeable effects can be seen. The current return policy provides an insufficient amount of time for thoroughly testing most products.


New Vitality offers average pricing on the vast majority of their nutritional supplements, with plenty of available ways in which savvy customers can save additional money. Most products come with a 10% discount off of retail pricing when you purchase a single bottle, and many products are available with a "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" offer. You can increase your savings by subscribing to the New Vitality newsletter, which delivers discount coupons and health tips via email.

One of the best ways for regular New Vitality customers to save money is by joining the company's Super Saver Program. This is an automatic shipment program in which you'll receive the same supplements on a regular basis after locking in at the current price, even if the product is currently on sale. Super Saver members receive free shipping on all periodic orders, as well as varying bonuses such as additional discounts and free nutritional supplements depending on the product(s) you order.

New Vitality ships single-bottle orders for $4.95 each. The company charges a flat shipping fee of $7.95 for all orders containing two or more bottles. There's an important exception for two of the company's products, Coco Pure and Ruby Reds. These products are subject to shipping fees of $6.95 for a single bottle or $9.95 for two or more bottles. Shipping normally takes between 7 and 10 business days, though a few shipping upgrades are available for additional fees:

  • 5-Day Rush Shipping: $6.95
  • 2-Day Air Shipping: $16.95
  • Overnight Shipping: $24.95

Orders exceeding $150 always ship for free, regardless of whether you're a member of the Super Saver program.


New Vitality is a strong choice for anyone seeking an affordable online nutritional supplement retailer. One of the company's biggest draws is the fact that it not only sells, but manufactures, all of the supplements contained in its product catalog. This allows New Vitality to maintain strict quality control standards that apply to each step of the nutritional supplement manufacturing process, starting with the sourcing of ingredients and ending with bottling and packaging. This approach has paid off in the form of a highly effective product line that's available at a very fair price.

New Vitality does have a few important drawbacks, as well. Many of the product pages do not contain testimonials, and the company doesn't give any details as to the source of their ingredients. Although the 30-day return policy could hardly be considered a disadvantage by itself, the fact is that most customers would prefer more time before having to decide whether to return a product. Fortunately, these inconveniences are easily overshadowed by the company's strengths, including its excellent customer support, affordable pricing, consistent product quality and lengthy history of consumer satisfaction.