Botanic Choice Nutritional Supplement Review


Botanic Choice Nutritional Supplement Review


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Since 1910, Botanic Choice has been one of the most reliable and popular nutritional supplement retailers in the United States. The company's lengthy history began when Joseph E. Meyer founded Indiana Botanic Gardens, Inc. The company was a culmination of Meyer's passion for herbs and plants and knowledge of printing, allowing him and his company to create a printed catalog of natural herbal remedies.

Today, Botanic Choice continues to be family-owned business led by Tim Cleland, the great-grandson of Joseph E. Meyer.

Although the company no longer grows its own herbs, it sources them from the most reputable suppliers in the world based on its collective knowledge of exotic herbal remedies and all-natural vitamins and minerals.

Botanic Choice possesses two primary strengths: selection and pricing. The product catalog is enormous, with hundreds (if not thousands) of supplements divided into categories including Men's Health, Women's Health, Energy Boosters, Antioxidants, Multivitamins, Sexual Health and a number of more specific health concerns, ranging from Bladder Health to Thyroid Health.

Botanic Choice is strongly committed to responsible, friendly customer service. If you ever encounter a problem with your order, or if you'd like help regarding a product selection, you can contact the company via live chat, email and toll-free phone. The company's no-questions-asked return policy serves as a safety net to those who wish to try the products before committing to a purchase.


    • Extremely affordable pricing with numerous discounts.
    • High quality line of house-branded nutritional supplements.
    • Excellent customer support including live chat.
    • A+ Better Business Bureau rating.
    • 100+ year history.
    • Massive product line.
    • Plenty of informational resources.


    • Many products haven't received testimonials.
    • No clinical study information.
    • Limited product description pages.


Botanic Choice maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a testament to their ability to consistently deliver high quality, all-natural nutritional supplements to the satisfaction of their customers. The company has been in business for over 100 years, and holds a membership with the Natural Products Association, American Herbal Products Association, International Herb Association and American Botanical Council. Year after year, Botanic Choice updates their already-extensive product catalogue with new exclusive nutritional supplements and herbal remedies that you won't find at other companies.

Botanic Choice's quality can also be seen in how they organize and deliver their website content. All products are neatly organized according to health concern, making it easy to find the supplements you're seeking despite the sheer volume of available products. The Best Sellers area allows you to see which products are most popular among consumers. Botanic Choice also offers an extensive Medicine Interactions page to help you determine which supplements can be safely used in various combinations.

Botanic Choice offers a number of high quality resources designed to inform their prospective and current customers. Many of these resources can be found in the Natural Health Blog located in the site's bottom navigation menu. Here, you will find regularly published health and fitness articles that primarily focus on herbal remedies. The Health News area, found in the top navigation menu, includes a number of guides to various health conditions, fitness supplements and healthy recipes.


An ingredients list in the form of an actual product label photo is available on every nutritional supplement product page found in the Botanic Choice online catalog. This allows you to see exactly which ingredients are included in each supplement, as well as the percentage daily nutritional values of every ingredient. Botanic Choice highlights certain ingredients as a service to those with allergies.

The fact that Botanic Choice displays product ingredient labels for all of their nutritional supplements gives them an advantage over many nutritional supplement retailers. However, the company hesitates to make many overarching claims regarding how they select their ingredients. Some (but not all) of the products are organic, and there's little information as to where the ingredients are obtained. Botanic Choice states that they adhere to "strict guidelines" and "rigorous quality control standards," but it's unclear exactly what these standards and guidelines entail.

At the same time, Botanic Choice has received plenty of excellent customer feedback and very few customer complaints, leaving little room to doubt the company's ingredient choices.

Clinical Studies and Research

Botanic Choice does not offer any information regarding clinical studies performed on their nutritional supplements. This is acceptable among the all-natural nutritional supplement industry given the cost of such studies, as well as the fact that all-natural supplements are difficult to properly patent. In addition, Botanic Choice's enormous product catalog contains so many supplements that it would be impractical to scientifically study all of them.

However, many of the ingredients used by Botanic Choice in their line of nutritional supplements have undergone significant amounts of clinical testing. Botanic Choice misses an obvious opportunity by failing to provide summaries of, or links to, the results of these studies.

With that said, it's important to note that Botanic Choice does employ certified clinical nutritionists who research and formulate all of the company's products. This has allowed Botanic Choice to create a line of herbal nutritional supplements that are safe, potent and results-oriented.


The effectiveness of the products sold by Botanic Choice inevitably varies from one product to another due to the sheer number of nutritional supplements contained in the company's product catalog. Herbal supplements in general are more effective for some individuals than others due to a number of factors, including a person's existing health conditions, diet, exercise and overall supplement regimen. Botanic Choice stands behind their products and offers a full refund to those who don't experience the effects they're expecting with a given nutritional supplement.

Each product page on the Botanic Choice website includes a Reviews section in which customers can post their experiences with the product. The testimonials give some insight into the effectiveness of the products, though some of the products are more comprehensively reviewed than others. Each review includes a rating of 1 to 5 stars.

Customer Support

Botanic Choice offers direct customer service via email, standard mail, toll-free phone, fax and live chat. Phone support is available Monday thru Friday, 8:00am until 9:00pm. Weekend service hours run from 9:00am until 5:00pm. Botanic Choice even offers a special 1-877 number for Spanish speakers. If you wish to contact the company via email, you can use the email web form located on the site's Contact Us page. The company responds to email inquiries within two business days.

In addition to their direct support channels, Botanic Choice offers a FAQ section covering topics such as shipping, product info, return authorizations, account management, privacy and more. I would like to emphasize that dumps shop has many distinctive features

One of the best examples of Botanic Choice's commitment to customer service is its Auto-Refill program. Auto-Refill allows you to choose the supplements that you'd like to have shipped to your address on a regular periodic basis. Some of the benefits of Auto-Refill include:

  • No membership fees.
  • 50% discount on shipping costs (orders over $75 always ship free).
  • The ability to set whatever shipping schedule you prefer.
  • Price lock-ins. You'll receive your supplements indefinitely at whatever price you initially paid when starting the Auto-Refill program. If the price drops, you can contact Botanic Choice to have your Auto-Refill price reduced.
  • Flexibility. Botanic Choice can ship to a new address, temporarily or permanently, with a single phone call. You can cancel at any time.

Product Return Policy

If you're unhappy with a product you purchased from Botanic Choice, you may return it for a full refund minus the cost of shipping and handling. The Botanic Choice return policy applies to both opened and sealed merchandise. In order to receive a refund, you must ship the product(s) back to Botanic Choice at their Hobart, IN central office. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number and order number. Although this is a no-questions-asked return policy, Botanic Choice prefers that customers explain their reasoning for making the return so they can improve their services and products in the future.

Botanic Choice does not state the exact length of their return policy. If you're concerned about whether or not a product can be returned for a refund after purchase, contact Botanic Choice directly.


Botanic Choice offers extremely competitive pricing on all of their nutritional supplements, with discounts of between roughly 30% and 80% off of retail pricing available for most products. There are several ways in which you can receive additional discounts:

  • By clicking the Super Savers tab on the Botanic Choice homepage, you'll see a list of the most heavily discounted sale items.
  • The Get Coupons link allows you to sign up for the free Botanic Choice email newsletter, which contains sale promotions, coupon codes and product updates.
  • Most products can be purchased in bulk for additional savings. For example, 45 capsules of Advanced Apple Cider Vinegar Plus costs $8.49. However, purchasing 180 capsules of the same supplement costs $28.99. Purchased in four separate 45-capsule lots, 180 capsules would normally cost $33.96.
  • Each time you spend $20 at Botanic Choice, you'll receive a Rewards Card. You can turn in 10 Reward Cards for a $50 gift certificate.

Botanic Choice offers flat-rate shipping via USPS for $5.95 in the U.S. mainland. An additional $4.00 shipping fee is applied to orders shipped to Hawaii, Alaska and U.S. territories. Shipping upgrades are available for additional fees, such as $10 for 2nd-Day Air and $20 for Next-Day Air. All U.S. orders exceeding $75 are shipped free of charge.


Botanic Choice is a premium supplier of high quality herbal remedies and all-natural nutritional supplements. The company's lengthy history, impeccable Better Business Bureau rating and positive customer testimonials add up to a brand that you can trust, especially considering the Botanic Choice money-back guarantee. If you're unsatisfied with any product from Botanic Choice, you may return it for a full refund minus shipping and handling.

Botanic Choice does have a few important imperfections. Some of the products have no testimonials, though this is acceptable given how many supplements the company sells. More disheartening is the fact that Botanic Choice does not offer clinical study information regarding its ingredients, nor do they specify the exact source of those ingredients. Fortunately, the company's pricing, track record and selection trump these shortcomings.

Botanic Choice offers a wide selection of some of the most affordable and cost-effective herbal nutritional supplements in the health and fitness industry. The prices start low and get even lower when you apply savings coupons, free shipping on orders of $75+, bulk discounts and Rewards Card gift certificates.