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Ayurvedic Herbs Direct Nutritional Supplement Review


Ayurvedic Herbs Direct Nutritional Supplement Review


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Ayurvedic Herbs Direct is a family-run nutritional supplement company and is partnered with Chinese Herbs Direct and Pet Herbs Direct. The company is committed to the highest levels of quality and offers all-natural herbal remedies derived from Indian and Sri Lankan sources.

Ayurvedic concepts and principles comprise a several-thousand year old comprehensive health and wellness system originating from several Middle Eastern countries. Ayurvedic principles are largely based on natural herbal remedies that help to center and balance the mind and body through herbal nourishment.

In fact, several clinical studies have shown that with regular use, Ayurvedic herbs can support optimal health, increase energy levels, and restore harmony to individuals that are experiencing physical imbalances and health issues. Ayurvedic Herbs Direct markets only all-natural herbal formulas that are manufactured under strict quality standards to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The company offers a massive selection of proven Ayurvedic formulas that are produced by several reputable manufacturers. For this reason, the company is able to offer high quality Ayurvedic remedies at a reasonable price.

The Ayurvedic Herbs Direct website allows you to shop according to both category and brand. The categories are organized according to various health concerns, such as Aging, Brain Function, Heart Support, Liver Support, Urinary Health, Sexual Health, Sleep, Stress, Men's Health and Women's Health. The company also sells raw bulk herbs to those capable of formulating their own herbal remedies.


    • Wide selection of products.
    • A rating with Better Business Bureau.
    • Fair pricing.
    • Free shipping for orders of $75 or more.
    • Strict quality control process.
    • Raw herbs available.


    • No phone support.
    • Limited return policy.
    • Lack of customer testimonials.
    • Lack of clinical study information.


Ayurvedic Herbs Direct uses only the highest quality herbs for their nutritional supplements. This philosophy, coupled with high manufacturing standards that test both the raw and finished products for integrity, allows Ayurvedic Herbs Direct to sell some of the safest and most effective herbal remedies available. The Ayurvedic Herbs Direct quality control process includes the following:

  • All of the products are derived from 100% natural ingredients and are free of any additional chemicals or fillers.

  • The proper climate, soil, and herb selection process is crucial to the medicinal effectiveness of herbs. Since most herbs that are indigenous to a specific region cannot be grown as effectively in another, Ayurvedic Herbs Direct only selects herbs that are grown in their indigenous soils under safe growing conditions.

  • Consistent levels of potency are achieved by using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. This ensures repeatability when raw herbs are formulated into finished nutritional supplements.

  • All Ayurvedic Herbs Direct manufacturers utilize laboratory testing and verification processes, such as chromatographic fingerprinting and microscopic inspection, to ensure that each herb is of the correct species.

  • Ayurvedic Herbs Direct oversees their manufacturers to ensure that they are following precise manufacturing principles as outlined by the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.

Ayurvedic Herbs Direct offers a high quality website in addition to a high quality product line. The products are conveniently organized by category and manufacturer, and the product descriptions themselves are relatively detailed. You can browse a full list of all the company's products or search by keyword. You can also search by herb in order to compare similar products from different manufacturers. All orders are secured through SSL encryption, and the company does not sell, trade or give your personal information to third parties.


Several of the ingredients used in the Ayurvedic Herbs Direct product line are certified organic. In addition, all of the ingredients used by Ayurvedic Herbs Direct are 100% all-natural and manufactured without the use of any additional chemicals, additives, flavorings, colorings, preservatives or other synthetic materials.

The herbal formulas themselves are produced according to strict manufacturing standards in order to effectively process the Ayurvedic herbs for maximum potency and efficacy. Ayurvedic Herbs Direct is highly selective when choosing suppliers to source and manufacture their herbal remedies. All of the ingredients used in their products are chosen from vendors that grow the herbs in locations where the proper climate and soil exists to ensure that the medicinal nature of the herbs is preserved. Many herbs that are indigenous to one region cannot be effectivley grown in another. For this reason, all Ayurvedic Herbs Direct manufacturers only use herbs that are grown in indigenous soils and under safe growing conditions. This helps to guarantee quality and efficacy.

While Ayurvedic Herbs Direct offers ingredient lists for most of their products, some herbal remedies only come with a list of active ingredients. In most cases, ingredient lists are presented as text instead of an actual product label photo, which may concern some potential customers.

Clinical Studies and Research

None of the products sold by Ayurvedic Herbs Direct have undergone extensive clinical testing. This is par for the course in the all-natural nutritional supplement industry for a few important reasons:

  • Many supplement companies, Ayurvedic Herbs Direct included, sell far too many products for each to be clinically tested.

  • Clinical studies cost thousands, sometimes even millions of dollars to conduct. While major pharmaceutical companies have the financial resources necessary to contract clinical studies, herbal remedy retailers typically do not.

  • Even after one company's product has been clinically tested and patented, it's easy for another company to make a small modification to the product, receive a unique patent of their own and cite the original product's clinical testing.

However, clinical testing has been performed on many of the ingredients used in Ayurvedic Herbs Direct products. Unfortunately, the company does not provide any of this information on its website, forcing you to seek out the studies on your own.


Ayurvedic Herbs Direct sells hundreds of herbal remedies from over a dozen different nutritional supplement suppliers, including their own brand. As such, it's difficult to determine the effectiveness of each. The company does not publish product testimonials, making it even more difficult to determine which supplements are most effective. Instead, you'll need to rely on external reviews and testimonials on other websites and forums to gauge the effectiveness of a given herbal remedy. This is cumbersome and defeats Ayurvedic Herbs Direct's purpose as a one-stop source for selecting and purchasing herbal remedies.

However, Ayurvedic Herbs Direct maintains that they only sell the safest and most effective herbal supplements. Although this type of statement is of little use on its own, it's backed by the fact that Ayurvedic Herbs Direct has held Better Business Bureau accreditation since 2005 with a current rating of A. The BBB has yet to receive an unresolved complaint regarding the company, something that very few other all-natural supplement companies could claim. Still, the site would be more valuable to customers, especially those inexperienced in the use of Ayurvedic herbs, if it included specific product testimonials.

Customer Support

One of Ayurvedic Herbs Direct's notable disadvantages is the fact that it only offers customer service through email. Additionally, support is only offered on weekdays from 9:00am through 3:00pm, PST. You can send email inquiries directly to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or use the email web form located within the site's Contact Us area. The company also maintains a 1-800 number, though this line is dedicated to product orders and not support calls. Ayurvedic Herbs Direct's support team does not include any medical professionals, so the company is therefore legally unable to provide medical advice. Product recommendations are available through customer support, however.

Before contacting Ayurvedic Herbs Direct, it's advisable to view their FAQs and Help Center areas. Here, you'll find answers to the questions most commonly asked by customers.

Product Return Policy

Ayurvedic Herbs Direct offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all of their herbal remedies and nutritional supplements with the exception of special order requests, raw herbs and concentrated extract powders. Although this is a nice courtesy to customers, it's hardly enough time to realize the full benefits of an all-natural nutritional supplement. This is because most herbal remedies take more than 30 days to fully take effect. A few important conditions apply to the 30-day return policy:

  • All returns should include the product(s), original packing slip, order number, sturdy packaging and shipping insurance.
  • Ayurvedic Herbs Direct will not accept more than a single opened container of a given product type.
  • Open containers are subject to a 50% refund, minus shipping and handling.
  • Sealed containers are subject to a 100% refund, minus shipping and handling.


Ayurvedic Herbs Direct maintains a Low Price Policy that defines their approach to pricing nutritional supplements and herbal remedies. The vast majority of the products are available for between 70% and 90% of the normal retail purchase price. Although there are no guarantees, Ayurvedic Herbs Direct states that they will attempt to match the lowest advertised prices of their competitors. If you find a better price on a particular product elsewhere, be sure to contact the Ayurvedic Herbs Direct's customer support team.

You can receive additional discounts by purchasing in bulk, as is illustrated in the following example table:

  • 1 bottle of ImmunoCare - $24.71
  • 6+ bottles of ImmunoCare - $23.72 each
  • 12+ bottles of ImmunoCare - $22.74 each

This same concept applies to the vast majority of the products sold by Ayurvedic Herbs Direct, though some bulk discounts are more significant than others.

Shipping fees are fixed at $5.95 per order within the contiguous U.S. All orders exceeding $75 in value ship for free. International orders are subject to a shipping fee ranging from $19.95 to $29.95, depending on the exact destination. The vast majority of orders are shipped within a single business day and arrive between 3 and 7 days from the date of shipment.


Ayurvedic Herbs Direct is committed to offering holistic wellness products that are founded under the principles of Ayurvedic medicine. The herbal remedies and products are designed to address both the physical and mental requirements of the body. In fact, the Ayurvedic approach to good health and wellness has been common practice throughout the Eastern world for literally thousands of years.

With factory-direct pricing and reasonable shipping fees, Ayurvedic Herbs Direct is an affordable option for those wishing to pursue an all-natural and holistic approach to their nutritional supplementation. Ayurvedic Herbs Direct maintains high integrity standards and only sells products meeting their restrictive standards in terms of quality, consistency, potency, safety and effectiveness.

Ayurvedic Herbs Direct is a solid place to begin for individuals who are new to the medicinal benefits associated with Ayurvedic supplements and are looking for a diverse selection of products. The company is equally suited to experienced herbal remedy users interested in creating their own formulations, thanks to Ayurvedic Herbs Direct's raw whole herbs.