Dance Exercise Program Reviews

dance exercise program reviews

Dance exercise programs are designed to provide a cardiovascular workout that focuses on improving cardiovascular endurance, reducing excess body weight, and improving balance, coordination, flexibility and rhythm. In addition, dance exercise programs are designed for individuals who enjoy dancing, a high energy workout, and performing cardiovascular exercises that involve a high level of movement and coordination.

The best dance exercise programs promote an excellent cardiovascular workout and burn a high level of calories. To this end, rapid weight loss and improvements in cardiovascular condition can be seen in a fairly short period of time.

In addition, regularly performing a dance oriented exercise program will promote overall body toning, core development, improved balance and heightened coordination are achieved as well.

Below are our team's recommendations for the top-rated dance exercise programs. Our review criteria facilitates a detailed and in-depth analysis of each of the top-rated dance exercise programs so that our users can make an informed decision as to which dance workout program will best meet their personal health and fitness goals.

Body Gospel


The Body Gospel fitness program combines fitness, nutrition and gospel music to elevate your spirit and condition your body. The fitness program includes cardiovascular, core, strength, interval training and stretching to create a well-rounded and effective exercise program. The program also includes a nutritional booklet filled with easy-to-prepare and healthy recipes.

Brazil Butt Lift


The Brazil Butt Lift fitness program provides an excellent overall body workout. The program utilizes the "TriAngle Training" method to work all three major muscles of the buttocks. These exercises work the buttocks from multiple angles and are designed to reduce your hips and thighs, eliminate saddlebags, and create a perfectly shaped derriere.

Hip Hop Abs Ultimate Results


The Hip Hop Abs Ultimate Results fitness program focuses on the core and abdominal areas through cardiovascular routines that target the upper and lower abdominals and the obliques. The overall theme of the program is based on hip hop.

Hip Hop Abs


The Hip Hop Abs fitness program utilizes cardiovascular training through various exercises designed to target your upper and lower abs as well as your obliques. The exercise routines and overall theme of the Hip Hop Abs fitness program are hip hop-based, so the sessions are structured in a dance-like manner.

Rockin Body


The Rockin Body fitness program is a cardiovascular exercise routine designed to reduce excess body weight and promote weight loss by burning a high number of calories. The program is primarily dance-based, but includes a low resistance strength training workout that focuses on increasing muscular strength as well.

Yoga Booty Ballet: Ab & Butt Makeover


The Yoga Booty Ballet Ab & Butt Makeover fitness program is primarily designed for women and focuses on weight loss, light strength training, balance and flexibility, including components of ballet and the use of a weighted ball and resistance band.

Shaun T's Dance Party Series


The Shaun T's Dance Party Series fitness program is designed to promote weight loss and cardiovascular conditioning through a series of dance-infused exercise routines. The program focuses on weight loss and cardiovascular endurance.

Turbo Jam Live


The Turbo Jam Live fitness program includes two additional workouts that complement the Turbo Jam series programs. The program is dance-oriented and combines cardiovascular and strength exercises to promote weight loss through calorie burning.