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Advanced Exercise Program Reviews

advanced exercise program reviews

The advanced exercise programs under this section of the exercise programs are intended for individuals that have been exercising with some level of regularity and are designed to improve cardiovascular endurance, increase strength and lean muscle mass, reduce excess body weight and tone the entire body.

The advanced exercise programs are best suited for individuals that have been regularly exercising or have exercised aggressively in the past, and have set personal fitness goals to get back into shape. It is not recommended that individuals who have not been regularly exercising or have never exercised consistently in the past begin their fitness routine with any of the exercise programs under the advanced section.

The advanced exercise programs utilize techniques associated with interval training (long-burst/maximum intensity with minimal rest periods), strength development and cardiovascular conditioning.

When these training combinations are coupled together, the fitness results are rapid and dramatic in terms of weight loss, cardiovascular improvement, and strength and lean muscle mass development.

Below are our team's recommendations for the top-rated advanced exercise programs. Our review criteria facilitates a thorough and rigorous analysis of each of the top-rated advanced exercise programs so that our users can make an educated and informed decision as to which advanced program will best meet their personal health and fitness goals.



The P90X2 fitness program is the successor to the wildly successful P90X exercise program. P90X2 uses advanced fitness training techniques such as Post-Activation Potentiation to deliver a highly intense total body workout focusing on core strength, agility, balance and overall athleticism. This program is specifically designed for advanced fitness seekers.



The P90X fitness program was created by three health, fitness and dietary specialists, and is one of the most popular fitness programs on the market today. The P90X fitness program produces incredibly rapid results in terms of weight loss, increased muscular strength, improved flexibility and increased cardiovascular endurance.

P90X Plus


The P90X Plus fitness program is an advanced version of the original P90X program, and focuses on taking your cardiovascular, strength and flexibility conditioning to the next level. The program is designed for individuals who have already completed a program similar to the original P90X program and are ready for the next level.

Insanity: The Asylum


Insanity: The Asylum is an intense total body fitness program that serves as a continuation of the original Insanity exercise program. Insanity: The Asylum delivers a sports-specific workout routine that includes cardio, stretching, plyometrics and strength training. The drills used in this program are the same as those used by pro athletes.



The Insanity fitness program is a high level workout program that focuses on weight loss, cardiovascular conditioning and strength training. The program combines aerobic, plyometric, interval and strength training concepts to deliver a total body workout that increases aerobic endurance, lean muscle mass and loss of excess body weight.

Les Mills Pump


The Les Mills Pump fitness program is ideal for individuals looking to loss weight while increasing their muscular tone. The Les Mills fitness program utilizes the "REP EFFECT" concept, performing a high number of repetitions with a moderately light amount of weight to promote weight loss, muscular tone, and cardiovascular endurance.

Body Beast


The Body Beast fitness program is intended for individuals that are primarily looking to increase their lean muscle tissue, muscular strength, and definition. In addition, the fitness program targets all major muscle groups, promotes improvements in cardiovascular endurance, and safely and effectively targets weight loss as well.

P90X One on One with Tony Horton


The P90X One on One Series with Tony Horton fitness program is designed for individuals that are already in shape and includes one new workout disc each month. The workouts promote lean muscle mass, core strength and aerobic conditioning.

ChaLean Extreme


The ChaLEAN Extreme fitness program begins with an introduction to demonstrate the proper exercise techniques and form. Thereafter, the program aggressively targets cardiovascular, strength circuit training and core development concepts to promote weight loss, cardiovascular endurance, and increases in lean muscle mass.

Tai Cheng


The Tai Cheng fitness program is ideal for individuals that are looking to perform a low impact exercise routine that is designed to lengthen all soft tissue, improve balance and coordination, increase joint range of motion, reduce stress, and calm the mind. The fitness program is also beneficial for individuals that are recovering from an injury as well.

ChaLean Extreme Deluxe Upgrade


The ChaLEAN Extreme Deluxe Upgrade fitness program includes weighted gloves, an exercise ball and resistance bands. The exercises promote weight loss, increases in lean muscle mass and strength, and improved aerobic endurance.

Insanity Deluxe


The Insanity Deluxe fitness program is a high intensity total body workout that combines high tempo cardiovascular and body resistance training. The Insanity Deluxe fitness program includes interval training and plyometric exercises that are designed to increase strength through explosive movements.

Tower 200: Body by Jake


The Tower 200: Body by Jake fitness system is endorsed by MMA champion Randy Couture. It's a resistance-based system designed to increase lean muscle mass, reduce excess body fat and improve cardiovascular endurance. The Tower 200 system allows the user to rapidly change from exercise to exercise, and the workouts are performed quickly and efficiently.

Turbo Fire


The Turbo Fire fitness program workouts are aggressive and performed with a high level of energy. The fitness program exercises are smartly designed and utilize high intensity interval training (HIIT) concepts to promote rapid increases in cardiovascular endurance, effective weight loss, improvements in muscle tone, and increased flexibility and balance.

Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite


The Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite fitness program is an extension of the Turbo Jam series and continues along the same theme by combining high intensity exercise movements with dance-like maneuvers. The program is designed for individuals who are looking to improve their cardiovascular endurance and muscle tone, all while eliminating excess body weight.

Power 90 Masters Series


The Power 90 Masters Series fitness program is a set of workouts in which each session focuses on a specific theme. The intent is to promote weight loss, aerobic conditioning and muscular toning. Each workout is independent and can be purchased in its entirely or separately as a continuation of the Power 90 program.

Slim Series Express


The Slim Express fitness program is a condensed version of the Slim in 6 program, and is designed to be performed in a shorter period of time and with a higher level of intensity. The exercise routines are designed for individuals with time constraints and focuses on improving aerobic endurance and the elimination of excess body weight.

Hip Hop Abs Ultimate Results


The Hip Hop Abs Ultimate Results fitness program focuses on the core and abdominal areas through cardiovascular routines that target the upper and lower abdominals and the obliques. The overall theme of the program is hip hop-based.

Chalene Johnson's Get on the Ball


The Get on The Ball fitness program is designed as an enhancement to the popular Turbo Jam series and utilizes exercise ball workouts to improve your balance, flexibility and, most importantly, promote weight loss and core strength development.

Yoga Booty Ballet: Masters Series


The Yoga Booty Ballet Masters Series fitness program focuses on toning the abdominals, thighs and gluteal areas, and improves flexibility. The routines promote weight loss and tone the abdominal and gluteal areas through floor exercises.