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Schwinn Exercise Bike Equipment Review


Schwinn Exercise Bike Equipment Review


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For over 115 years, Schwinn has been in the business of manufacturing exercise bicycles. Both outdoor and indoor bikes with the Schwinn label are known for their excellent quality of construction and the reliability that comes from decades of experience in manufacturing cardiovascular fitness equipment that is designed to meet the everyday needs of a wide variety of individuals.

Since their first Airdyne stationary bike was introduced in 1978, Schwinn has continued to focus on developing and improving the design, technology, and quality of their indoor exercise bikes.

Schwinn merged with Nautilus Inc. and is part of the corporation that comprises companies like Bowflex and Universal. Combining the collective knowledge of the additional companies has benefited Schwinn in their overall manufacturing capability, technical knowledge and marketing efforts.

The Schwinn line of exercise bikes includes both upright and recumbent models that are designed with several user features and options in mind. Airdyne exercise bikes utilize virtually infinitely-adustable air resistance, while the IC Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is designed for racers and supports hardcore indoor training.

All Schwinn exercise bikes are priced competitively and stack up well when compared to their competitors within this price range. In addition, all Schwinn exercise bikes are known for their smooth operation and ease of use. The upright and recumbent models are designed for light to moderate use while the IC Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is designed for moderate to heavy use. Overall, Schwinn exercise bikes provide a solid value for the money thanks to their sound design, forward-thinking technology and years of experience in fitness equipment manufacturing.


  • Ergonomic Designs
  • Multiple Models to Choose From
  • Excellent Price Point
  • Solid Value for the Money


  • Below Average Warranty
  • Labor Not Included in Warranty

Rating Criteria


Scwhinn employs the expertise of time-tested and industry-researched development to design innovative, user-friendly technology for their lines of exercise bikes. Schwinn exercise bikes include the following technology:

  • Quiet magnetic Eddy Current Brake resistance system
  • BioFit ergonomic designs for joint alignment and comfort
  • LCD backlit consoles for electronic displays
  • Contact heart rate montitoring
  • Over 11 pre-set workout programs with up to 16 resistance levels
  • BioConnect feedback helps track workout progress


Schwinn upright and recumbent models include seat adjustments, adjustable handlebars and comfort consoles with water bottle holders and a reading rack. 8 to 16 resistance levels are available depending on the model, which correspond with 11 to 18 preset strength, cardiovascular and weight loss programs.

Airdyne exercise bikes feature air resistance with infinite resistance levels. The IC Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is a racer's dream, and is designed for hardcore indoor training. Get fresh and verified information about trading binary options and earning money at home


Lightweight but sturdy steel frames provide the foundation for the upright IC Pro Indoor Cycling exercise bike line. The upright Schwinn exercise bike line will support users from 275 to 300 pounds.

The Schwinn BioDyne performance system utilizes a weighted flywheel to promote smooth, consistent strides while front and rear stabilizers help level and solidify the bike to provide a stable riding platform. The Schwinn recumbent style exercise bikes include additional stabilizer supports and have a user weight rating of 300 pounds.

Customer Support

Knowledgeable Schwinn customer service representatives are available by email with a 24- to 48-hour expected reply time. By phone, service representatives are accessible from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., PST Monday through Friday. Product information including owners manuals, warranty information and product registration can be found online via the Schwinn website under the Customer Service tab.


Schwinn exercise bikes include a frame warranty of three to five years, depending on the model. Mechanical and electronic parts include a six-month to one-year warranty, while wear items are warrantied for 90 days.

Parts and Service

For service or technical assistance on an exercise bike that is under warranty, customers can contact Schwinn customer service to schedule a repair with an authorized dealer, either at the retailer's location or at home. For parts replacements, requests can be made online or over the phone via the customer service Schwinn website page.


The cost of each Schwinn exercise bike varies depending on the exercise bike model. However, the total price range across the entire spectrum of Schwinn exercise bikes is approximately $ 299.00 to $ 999.00, placing them directly in the "budget to mid-range" price category.

The Schwinn Airdyne line and the IC Pro Indoor Cycling Bike are priced higher than traditional Schwinn upright and recumbent models. This being said, Schwinn exercise bikes are reasonably priced and provide a solid value-to-price ratio.


Schwinn exercise bikes are backed with over a century of bicycle design, development and experience. With user comfort and challenging exercise programs as priorities, Schwinn offers a wide variety of styles of indoor exercise bikes when compared to most of their competitors.

Schwinn exercise bikes consistently receive above average reviews and are designed for moderate use. However, the Schwinn IC Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is intended for the aggressive fitness enthusiast. This being said, all Schwinn exercise bikes are comparable to the offerings of other "middle-of-the-road" exercise bike manufacturers.

Whether training for a strenuous event or sport, adding an exercise bike routine to an existing fitness regimen, or creating a new fitness workout that centers around an exercise bike routine, Schwinn exercise bikes are a solid choice. To this end, Schwinn exercise bikes are well worth considering for individuals that are looking for a reasonably priced exercise bike that offers performance beyond most of the competition.