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Precor Exercise Bike Equipment Review


Precor Exercise Bike Equipment Review


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PreCor originally began manufacturing their cardiovascular fitness equipment in Helsinki, Finland, and has since developed an international network of local dealers and distributors to supply and service their cardiovascular fitness equipment.

Working to create a "superior fitness experience" is the mission statement and number one goal of PreCor. The innovative and high quality design used in the manufacturing of their exercise bikes is a prime example of the commitment Precor operates under as a manufacturer of high quality fitness equipment.

PreCor exercise bikes, similar to their elliptical and treadmill machines, are well designed, include the latest technological advances, and are constructed using high-end materials. The end result is a top-tier exercise bike that is designed for moderate to heavy use. The evidence of PreCor's level of quality and confidence in their manufacturing process can be witnessed through their above average warranty.

PreCor exercise bikes are considered top-tier exercise bikes that are intended to compete with the upper end manufacturers of fitness equipment. All PreCor exercise bikes offer their customers a reasonable level of user options and features. Included as standard features are accessory holders, transport wheels, metric or standard English units, various languages, heart rate monitoring, and multiple resistance levels and workout programs.

While PreCor exercise bikes are priced above the average cost for an exercise bike, their choice in construction materials, technology, and manufacturing processes warrant a higher price. However, this being said, some individuals may find the cost of a PreCor exercise bike to be prohibitive.


  • Solid Technology
  • Well Designed Using Sound Construction Principles
  • Above Average Warranty
  • Used and Refurbished Models Available


  • Above Average Pricing
  • Limited Number of Models to Choose from

Rating Criteria


PreCor's technological approach is simple and to the point, making their exercise bikes more effective, more comfortable and easier to user for all types of fitness advocates. PreCor exercise bikes include the following technological innovations:

  • SmartRate technology
  • QuickStart technology lets users begin routines with one touch
  • CSAFE compatibility
  • Magnetic resistance through a generator system
  • Tap Control consoles for adjustments
  • Ergonomic seat designs for maximum comfort


Several of the user options and features included on PreCor exercise bikes are listed as follows:

  • Wireless heart rate monitoring
  • Self-powered consoles
  • CSAFE compatibility
  • QuickStart buttons that allow one-touch memory for workouts
  • Random, interval, weight loss and heart rate programs plus others
  • Standard electronic readouts of speed, distance, calories, time and heart rate


All exercise bikes manufactured by PreCor include Poly-V belts for quiet, effective and lasting performance. Powder-coated steel frames provide a lasting durability that is effective and designed for moderate to heavy use. PreCor exercise bikes are designed with human fluid motion in mind; the pedals, seat, and handles work together for an ergonomic and effective ride.

Customer Support

PreCor customer support is available via email and phone, Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, and by requesting a service agent to contact the customer. Local authorized PreCor dealers may be located through a link on the PreCor customer service webpage. Authorized PreCor dealers will be able to provide service and/or answer support questions.

Owners manuals for PreCor exercise bikes are accessible online through the PreCor website. In addition, the PreCor website includes a searchable Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) database that may reduce the need for a direct support inquiry.


PreCor offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and welds of their exercise bikes. Other parts and wear items are covered by a 10-year warranty. Labor is covered under a one-year warranty. Optional and accessory items are covered by the same parts warranty as long as they are manufacturer-installed, internally connected items. Otherwise, a 90-day limited warranty applies for the manufacturer's external parts.

Parts and Service

For service on all PreCor fitness equipment, customers should first contact their local authorized dealer where they originally purchased their exercise bike. Certified technicians are authorized by PreCor to repair their fitness equipment. In addition, customers may contact the PreCor customer service department by email or phone to request parts or service repairs. Ver Mega Filmes Online Gratis


PreCor exercise bikes can be purchased from local retailers or through several online merchants. PreCor exercise bikes range in price from approximately $ 3,095.00 to $ 3,395.00. On occasion, discounts can be found both online and through the local retailers.

As is evident, PreCor exercise bikes are fairly expensive and priced above the average cost for an exercise bike. While the price is surely justified given the quality in construction, choice of materials, and technology used in the design and engineering, not everyone is looking for an exercise bike of this caliber.

However, individuals that are looking to purchase an above average exercise bike will find that PreCor exercise bikes deliver on all fronts. In addition, used and refurbished Precor exercise bikes can be found both online and at many local retailers.


PreCor offers a high quality exercise bike that is designed to provide an effective workout and last for years and years. All PreCor exercise bikes are intended for moderate to heavy use.

PreCor exercise bikes are expertly manufactured, and backed by a strong reputation for providing a sound product that is supported by an above average warranty. All PreCor exercise bikes are ergonomically designed to provide a safe, comfortable and effective workout.

For individuals that are looking to purchase a higher-end piece of cardiovascular training equipment, the PreCor exercise bike may be ideal. However, coupled with the higher quality and design is a higher price tag. This being said, the Precor exercise bike will not be for everyone, as the price is well above the cost for an average exercise bike.