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Precor Elliptical Equipment Review


Precor Elliptical Equipment Review


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Precor exists and operates as a brand under the Amer Sports Corporation umbrella. In 1995, Precor introduced the very first cross-trainer/elliptical machine.

With a company goal of becoming the most well-respected brand in the fitness exercise equipment market, Precor has been consistently producing quality elliptical machines for over a decade.

In addition to providing residential elliptical machines, Precor offers machines tailored toward businesses as well as public and government facilities.

Precor has been a leading manufacturer of cardiovascular fitness equipment for several years, and uses the latest technology in their design and construction of all fitness equipment. This being said, Precor is one of the top-tier manufacturers of elliptical machines and continues to lead in the effort to provide high quality elliptical machines to both the residential and commercial markets.

Precor has been manufacturing high quality elliptical machines that are well-designed and built to last for several years. In addition, all Precor elliptical machines include one of the best fitness equipment warranties in the business.

Precor elliptical machines are priced above the average cost of elliptical machines manufactured by their competitors. However, Precor stands above most of the competition by providing a large number of user features and options, high quality construction, and the inclusion of the latest technology available. For these reasons, Precor is a solid choice when considering various manufacturers of elliptical machines. However, as previously stated, Precor elliptical machines come with a relatively hefty price tag that may serve as a turn-off to some potential customers.


  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Excellent Warranty
  • Adjustable Incline
  • Leading Edge Technology


  • Above Average Pricing

Rating Criteria


The primary technological feature touted by Precor is their CrossRamp technology. CrossRamp Technology provides an adjustable incline that is similar to a treadmill. This feature is designed to assist you in effectively working different muscle groups, and doubles as a way to quickly and easily intensify your workout.

All Precor models are rear drive magnetic resistance systems. Except for the lower-end 5.17i model, all Precor elliptical machines include an adjustable stride length system that allows for a true adjustment of approximately 5 inches.


The Precor elliptical CrossRamp Technology allows individuals to adjust their incline level from 15 to 40 degrees. This feature can be combined with 20 different intensity levels to provide precise variations in intensity depending on your exact preference.

Not all Precor elliptical machine models contain the exact same features, so it is important to compare each model. For instance, certain models do not include any upper body workout handles, while the lower-end models will only allow you to adjust the stride length by 2 inches.

All Precor elliptical machine models include a standard LCD display system with 8 to 10 preset exercise programs to choose from and a variety of vital data to view including heart rate, calories burned, mileage and intensity.


Professional reviewers have identified Precor as one of the premier brands within the elliptical market. One of the primary reasons for the high rating is their excellent level of quality. Precor elliptical machines are known for being extremely quiet and comfortable.

With the Precor elliptical line starting at approximately $ 2,100.00, their machines are a good industry benchmark for quality in that price range, and are only really rivaled by models from Landice and Life Fitness. When comparing prices across these three manufacturers, Precor is able to hold their own and justify their pricing structure.

Customer Support

Precor customer support is handled exclusively within the company via telephone and email. Additionally, the Precor website, precor.com, can assist with locating the nearest authorized dealer for immediate service and sales support.


The majority of new Precor elliptical machine models include a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 10-year warranty on all parts, and a 1-year warranty on service. Any parts or service work performed under the warranty must be directed through Precor itself, or through an authorized dealer. Otherwise, the warranty may be voided. Service under warranty is often provided in-home via a contracted field representative or third-party technician.

Parts and Service

Parts and service can be obtained by contacting Precor directly. The Precor customer support department will assist you in finding the nearest authorized dealer to provide parts installation and servicing. The timeframe for service often depends on your geographical location.


Precor elliptical machines range from $ 2,100.00 to $ 5,900.00. The majority of the Precor elliptical machine models are priced within the mid $ 2,500 to $ 3,500 range. This price range within the elliptical machine market is designed to appeal to those who are looking for a top-quality elliptical machine that will last for years, include the latest user features and options, stand up to heavy use, and include an industry-leading warranty.

In this sense, Precor has built a well-deserved reputation and holds a large influence over the elliptical market by providing high quality machines that are always as good or better than any of their competition's models. For these reasons, several commercial industries and governmental departments have exclusive agreements with Precor.


Over the past decade, Precor has succeeded in achieving their company philosophy of building a brand that is one of the most respected within the exercise equipment industry. Since the creation of the first crosstrainer in 1995, Precor has consistently built solid, expertly-designed elliptical machines that combine lasting performance with a high level of build quality.

The adjustable stride length, incline features, build quality and comfortable performance are leading edge and comparable to their competitors's offerings at this price point. However, when compared to their direct competitors, Precor may lack a few of the bells and whistles that you would expect at the $ 2,500.00 to $ 5,900.00 price range.

All in all, Precor elliptical machines are a solid choice when comparing them to virtually any manufacturer of elliptical machines. This being said, Precor is one of the top-tier manufacturers of high quality elliptical machines, and is well worth considering for anyone seeking an elliptical exercise machine of this caliber.