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Nordic Track Treadmill Equipment Review


Nordic Track Treadmill Equipment Review


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Nordic Track entered the fitness equipment industry in the 1980s by offering their Nordic Track Skier. The Nordic Track Skier was a low-impact cardiovascular exercise machine that produced solid improvements in cardiovascular endurance, overall fitness, and even promoted safe and effective weight loss.

In the 1990s, Nordic Track began to expand their presence within the fitness equipment industry by offering elliptical machines and then treadmills. To date, Nordic Track elliptical machines and treadmills have become some of their most popular items.

While Nordic Track's fitness equipment product line has continued to grow and now includes incline trainers and strength training equipment to name a few, all Nordic Track equipment is backed by over 20 years of experience. In addition, Nordic Track fitness equipment continues to maintain a high level of quality, durability and functionality.

Nordic Track offers a wide selection of treadmills, each designed to meet their customer's personal fitness goals and monetary budget. All Nordic Track treadmills are well designed and utilize the latest technology features to provide an effective and enjoyable exercise experience. In addition, Nordic Track treadmills offer several user options and features that are designed to allow their customers the ability to tailor their treadmill to their personal needs.

Overall, Nordic Track manufactures a reasonably solid treadmill that is decently priced. The construction quality and number of user features offered on their treadmills are in-line with their competitors at each of their price points. In addition, all Nordic Track treadmills are designed for light to heavy use, depending on the model chosen.


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Rating Criteria


Nordic Track offers sound technology and design concepts on their treadmills, and is considered above average in these regards when compared to their competitors. The various lines of Nordic Track treadmills include the following technology features and enhancements, again depending on the model chosen:

  • DuraSoft and Reflex Cushioning on the treadmill decks
  • 2.5 CHP Dura Drive motors and 2.25 to 3.5 CHP Commercial Plus motors
  • QuadFlex™ Precision Calibration™ cushioning allowing the user to set their level of firmness through 9 settings
  • 0% to 40% incline technology (Incline series)
  • iPod, MP3 and Intermix Acoustics sound system
  • Quiet treadbelts designed to minimize noise
  • IFit Live compatibility for web-based training with Jillian Michaels of The Biggest Loser


Several Nordic Track treadmills feature a space-saving design that makes storage between workouts easy. Nordic Track incline trainers are a special line of treadmills that increase the effectiveness of a walking workout.

Nordic Track offers a large range of treadmills, each designed with common user options and features that are unique to the specific model. Below is a list of several of the user features and options offered across the line of Nordic Track treadmills:

  • 10" full color touchscreen display with web browser capability
  • One-touch incline and decline controls that allow for a range of -3.0% to 15%
  • Treadmill speeds from 1 to 12 mph
  • 8 to 26 built-in workout programs that include high intensity, speed, incline and calorie burning programs
  • CardioGrip™ heart rate monitor with Polar® wireless chest pulse
  • Cooling fans


Nordic Track has continually worked to enhance the durability and the construction of their personal fitness equipment over their tenure as a leading fitness company. All Nordic Track treadmill motors are time-tested continuous duty motors designed for long-lasting performance. The Nordic Track belt and track designs are made with the average user and the serious fitness trainer in mind.

Nordic Track treadmills are designed using quality construction materials and sound manufacturing principles. To this end, Nordic Track treadmills are comparable to other treadmills manufactured within this price range.

Customer Support

Nordic Track treadmill customer support is offered primarily through their customer care center via toll-free phone and email. There is no direct online support for customer care. User manuals for all of their fitness products since 1998 can be ordered or downloaded in PDF format. Sales and pre-purchase customer support is available by calling the Nordic Track sales department.


Nordic Track offers a lifetime warranty on all treadmill frames and motors. Depending on the treadmill model chosen, parts and electronics will be warrantied for 3 to 5 years while labor for in-home service and repair is covered for 1 to 2 years.

Nordic Track offers a 30-day trial period for all of their treadmill models. Within the first 30 days, a customer may return their treadmill for a refund of the purchase price. If the treadmill is defective, a replacement unit may be provided or a full refund may be requested. Customers must pay the shipping charges and a 10% restocking fee, except in the case of defective machines.

Parts and Service

For service on under-warranty Nordic Track treadmills, customers can directly contact the Nordic Track customer care center to request service. Authorized repair representatives are available in most locations nationwide. For out-of-warranty parts replacement, online request forms are available to order any necessary parts. Parts typically ship within three to five business days.


Nordic Track treadmills range greatly in price, as they offer a wide variety of treadmills to choose from. In general, Nordic Track treadmills range in price from $ 799.00 to $ 3,299.00. However, most Nordic Track treadmills fall within the $ 999.00 to $ 1,999.00 price range.

This being said, Nordic Track treadmills are designed to meet a diverse range of personal fitness goals and monetary budgets. Nordic Track offers free shipping, and sale prices can be frequently found on their website.

In addition, Nordic Track offers four different delivery options for their customers to choose from. Below is a list of the four delivery options provided by Nordic Track:

  • Standard Delivery - Nordic Track treadmill delivered to your front door - Free

  • Bronze Delivery - Nordic Track treadmill delivered by two individuals inside your front door - $ 99.00

  • Gold Delivery - Nordic Track treadmill delivered inside your home and to the room of your choice. The treadmill is removed from the box and all packing material is removed from your home - $ 159.00

  • Platinum Delivery - Nordic Track treadmill delivered inside your home and to the room of your choice. The treadmill is removed from the box and all packing material is removed from your home. The treadmill machine is fully assembled and the functionality and operation is verified - $ 239.00


Nordic Track offers a diverse and high quality line of treadmill machines that have been expertly designed and offer several user options and features. Nordic Track treadmills are targeted towards the average user and compete well within the average to slightly above average market. This being said, Nordic Track offers treadmills that are well priced and, in many cases, provide several more user options and features when compared to their competition.

Nordic Track treadmills include a reasonable warranty and are marketed and sold at an affordable price point. Hence, Nordic Track treadmills offer a cost-effective and durable exercise machine with enough flexibility in features to accommodate the casual exerciser and the serious athlete alike. To this end, all Nordic Track treadmills are designed for light to heavy use, depending of the model chosen. prostitutkigid.

In all, Nordic Track manufactures solid treadmills that are designed to provide years of use, and their customer service is above average when compared to the competition. This being said, Nordic Track is well worth considering when shopping for a quality treadmill that is priced at an average cost.