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Maximus Fitness Strength Training Equipment Review


Maximus Fitness Strength Training Equipment Review


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Maximus Fitness is a commercial exercise equipment manufacturer based in California and has been designing and producing high quality strength training systems since 1978.

Since their founding, the primary focus of Maximus has been manufacturing residential and commercial strength training systems. On the commercial side, Maximus Fitness strength training systems can be found throughout several types of industry sectors including resorts, fitness centers, universities, physical therapy clinics, hospitals and public safety departments.

Maximus Fitness manufactures both multi-station gyms and individual pieces of equipment that are designed to target specific muscle groups. In addition, Maximus Fitness manufactures support equipment such as weight benches, cross-over cable systems, Smith machines and squat racks, to name a few.

All Maximus Fitness strength training equipment is well constructed and built to last. Their equipment is designed for light to heavy use and is ideal for individuals that workout on a regular basis. In addition, all Maximus Fitness multi-station gyms include the periphery support equipment needed to perform a workout. A lat bar, ankle strap, abdominal strap, D-Handle and curl bar are included in the purchase of their multi-station gyms.

While all Maximus Fitness strength training equipment is well designed and constructed, their prices are above the average cost for similar equipment manufactured by their competitors. To this end, some individuals may find that Maximus Fitness strength training equipment is above their price budget.


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  • Above Average Pricing

Rating Criteria


Maximus Fitness is known for incorporating solid technological and innovative elements into their strength training systems. Their multi-station gyms are expertly designed and built using sound technology principles. To this end, all Maximus Fitness strength training equipment is designed to withstand moderate to heavy use.

Maximus Fitness' technological strength lies in engineered components that are extremely well suited for commercial use. For instance, the fiberglass reinforced pulley channels keep the cable well supported, while the pivot points contain sintered iron bushings with oil for smooth resistance throughout the entire range of motion.


Maximus Fitness strength training gyms, such as their 1800 and 3800 series, include several standard features that you would expect from a quality multi-station gym. For example, the 1800 series multi-station gym includes a 200-pound weight stack, while the more comprehensive 3800 system includes three 200-pound weight stacks. Typical exercise stations include a lat pull-down station, a vertical bench and shoulder press station, a high pulley and triceps station, an abdominal crunch station and a pectoral station.

A majority of components are adjustable, from the lever arm, to the shoulder press station, to the articulating handles of the pectoral station. The cable pulley system includes 15 settings.

All Maximus Fitness multi-station gyms include several accessories that are designed to support an effective workout. For instance, a lat bar, ankle strap, ab strap, and curl bar are all included in the purchase of any of their multi-station gyms.


All Maximus Fitness strength training equipment is considered light-commercial-grade quality. More specifically, all of their equipment is constructed using heavy gauge steel and their cables are of aircraft quality, rated up to 2,200 pounds.

The Maximus Fitness pulleys used in their strength training equipment contain sealed ball bearings tested up to 1 million cycles with a load of 400 pounds. The guide rods and weight stack rods are both 1-inch thick, and the the upholstery is made out of a heavy duty thick foam padding with commercial grade vinyl. In terms of overall quality, Maximus Fitness is one of the top manufacturers within the strength training equipment market.

Customer Support

Customer support is handled via telephone, email and fax through the company directly. Maximus Fitness does not support or utilize any authorized dealers.


Maximus Fitness strength training equipment includes a lifetime warranty on the frame, weight plates and guide rods. The bronze bushings, sealed ball bearings, pillow block bearings and pulley wheels include a 5-year warranty. The cables and any other frame components include a 1-year warranty while the upholstery is covered under a 90-day warranty.

Parts and Service

Under-warranty replacement parts can be obtained through Maximus Fitness directly. While the under-warranty replacement parts are offered free of charge, shipping and handling fees may apply.

Maximus Fitness does not offer in-home service. Equipment assembly and installation of replacement parts must be performed by the individual or by a third-party selected by the customer.


Maximus Fitness multi-station gyms range in cost from approximately $ 4,000.00 to over $ 8,000.00. As is evident, Maximus Fitness multi-station gyms are fairly expensive and priced above the average cost for similar models manufactured by their competitors. However, it should be noted that the design, quality and materials used are well above average too.

In regards to the cost of the Maximus Fitness strength training equipment that is designed to target individual muscle groups, typical prices range from $ 300.00 to over $ 4,000.00. Again, the cost for each of the individual pieces of equipment is above the average cost when compared to the competition.


Maximus Fitness strength training equipment is well designed and constructed using sound manufacturing principles. The materials used in the construction of their weight training equipment is of light commercial-strength quality and designed to last. In addition, all Maximus Fitness weight training equipment utilizes sound technology, and is expertly designed from an ergonomic perspective.

While all Maximus Fitness weight training equipment is above average in terms of functionality and quality, so too is their price tag. For this reason, many individuals may find that they simply cannot afford to purchase Maximus Fitness strength training equipment. However, for individuals for whom price is not a primary concern, Maximus Fitness strength training equipment may be ideal.