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Body-Solid Elliptical Equipment Review


Body-Solid Elliptical Equipment Review


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Body Solid originally started out exclusively manufacturing and selling only weight training equipment in 1989. However, over time, Body Solid has slowly expanded their business model by adding treadmill and elliptical lines while continuing to provide a variety of residential and commercial weight training equipment.

Body Solid supplies several public and commercial health and fitness oriented sectors including military bases, rehabilitation facilities, fitness centers, and universities. The Body Solid elliptical machines are sold under the Endurance sub-brand.

Body Solid has a sound reputation within the fitness equipment industry and manufactures a quality line of products.

Body Solid offers a wide range of fitness equipment, both at the residential and commercial levels. In addition, all Body Solid equipment is backed with an excellent warranty.

The Endurance Line of elliptical machines offers several model types complete with various user options and features. All elliptical machines include several pre-programmed workout programs, multiple heart rate programs, variable stride lengths and quality display monitors. In addition, the Endurance Line of elliptical machines have a small footprint and are space-efficient.

Overall, Body Solid is a well-respected manufacturer of quality fitness equipment. Their line of elliptical machines is no different in that they are sturdily constructed, built to last, and include a reasonable amount of user options and features.


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  • Lacks Certain Comfort Options

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All Endurance Line elliptical machines are center drive systems in which the flywheel is situated in a long vertical case directly under the handlebars and console display. This allows the machines to take up less space than most conventional elliptical machines.

All Endurance Line elliptical models come with a 15-pound flywheel and use a magnetic resistance system. The displays are typically multi-window LED systems that offer the user feedback and typical pertinent information such as speed, distance, time, caloric expenditure and heart rate. Heart rate monitoring is provided via the handlebars, which are synchronized with the program to provide an upper body workout.


Endurance Line elliptical machines offer exceptionally short dimensions, allowing them to take up less space in comparison to some of the other elliptical machines offered on the market that are excessively long. The machines provide an 18.5” stride length which should be adequate for most individuals.

Some of the base models also have a sister model that include an advanced workout program specifically designed to target particular workouts related to your heart rate. In addition, Endurance Line elliptical machines include a user option that allows each individual to choose from 20 different tension levels. The Endurance Line of elliptical machines do not come with an audio system or cooling fans but do provide a water bottle holder.


Professional reviews of the Endurance Line of elliptical machines consistently identify excellent build quality due to the four-side weld construction and a carbon steel frame. Within the $ 1,500 - $ 3,000 price range, the E5 and E7 models are considered to be among the best quality elliptical machines, and have been compared to several models manufactured by Precor and Life Fitness.

Customer Support

Body Solid can be contacted directly via email, telephone or fax. The entire Endurance Line of elliptical machines can be viewed at the Body Solid website, bodysolid.com. In addition, the Endurance Line of elliptical machines can be purchased at several retail outlets including Dick’s Sporting Goods, MC Sports and Sports Authority.

Body Solid provides sound customer support and employs field service representatives that can install and service their equipment. When purchased through a retail outlet the initial sales support will be provided through the respective retailer./p>


Body Solid provides an excellent warranty on all of their Endurance elliptical machines. All models come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and all parts. An additional 1-year warranty on labor is included as well.

Parts and Service

Service is only covered by the warranty if it is performed by an authorized Endurance Line dealer or a third-party service technician contracted by Body Solid. Individuals may receive parts from the company free of charge when they fill out a parts request form.

Individuals that live in a rural area may be charged a minor trip fee in order for an authorized technician to travel to their home to service and/or repair the elliptical machine. The scheduling of your in-home service request will depend on your geographical location.


The overall prices for the Endurance Line of elliptical machines range from as low as $ 560.00 to upwards of $ 2,900.00. To this end, the primary differences in the various elliptical machine models pertain to the technology used, the construction material, and the user features and options. This being said, all Endurance Line elliptical machines are well constructed and include a solid warranty.

In addition, virtually all Endurance Line elliptical machines can be found online for significantly discounted prices. While the Endurance Line of elliptical machines is rarely marketed by Body Solid, it quietly offers excellent quality with market-standard features. Its discounted prices further indicate that both models provide considerable value for the price when compared to practically any other competing models in this price range.


In the end, Body Solid stays true to its reputation by providing a solid line of elliptical machines under the Endurance brand name. Although the Endurance Line of elliptical machines may suffer from very little publicity, when you combine their excellence in build quality, a lifetime warranty on parts, standard elliptical features and discounted prices, you come to the conclusion that they are indeed a very solid contender within the elliptical arena.

While the Endurance Line of elliptical machines may not provide an extremely smooth rear drive system and do not come with a plethora of added technological features, they do offer a solid product line at an affordable price point.

To this end, the Endurance Line of elliptical machines is well worth considering when comparing the various elliptical machines offered by the competition. The quality of construction, price point, and warranty make the Endurance Line of elliptical machines a worthwhile choice when choosing an elliptical machine that will last and provide a solid workout.