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Body-Craft Strength Training Equipment Review


Body-Craft Strength Training Equipment Review


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BodyCraft was founded by a team of experienced fitness professionals who understood the need for effective, creative and versatile strength training equipment that could be marketed at affordable prices and met a large range of personal health and fitness goals.

As leaders within the field of health and fitness, the founders of BodyCraft focused on and targeted designing strength training equipment that would facilitate a comprehensive and complete body workout. In addition, all BodyCraft strength training equipment is designed with a sleek appearance and is space efficient.

BodyCraft designs and manufactures multi-station gyms, free weight equipment and functional trainers. All of the strength training equipment is light-commercial to commercial grade and is designed to handle heavy use. In fact, all BodyCraft strength training equipment includes a lifetime warranty.

BodyCraft strength training equipment is well priced for the level of functionality and quality they deliver in their systems. The design, technology, and materials used in the construction of their equipment is of high quality and sound principles. This being said, the average price of a BodyCraft multi-station gym is priced above the average cost offered by the competition.

While BodyCraft multi-station gyms may be priced slightly above the average cost for comparable systems, the quality, design, and functionality do warrant a slightly higher price point. Hence, for individuals that can afford to pay a slightly higher price for a multi-station gym, BodyCraft is well worth considering.


  • All-in-One Designs
  • Solid Construction & Overall Design
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Slightly Above Average Pricing
  • Labor Costs Not Included Within Warranty

Rating Criteria


BodyCraft utilizes the latest technology and design concepts to produce strength training equipment that is highly functional, space-efficient and built to last. In addition, all BodyCraft strength training equipment is ergonomically designed in terms of aligning the joints with the pivot points of the machine to reduce excessive joint stress.

With years of experience in the fitness industry, BodyCraft has solidified their place as a high quality manufacturer of strength training equipment. For example, all BodyCraft strength training equipment utilizes aircraft-quality tensile cabling, high-end bearings and heavy gauge tubing.


BodyCraft offers several models of multi-station gyms. Their multi-station gyms typically contain at least four work stations. In addition, several models include multiple weight stacks to allow multiple users to perform their workouts at the same time. Below are several standard features included with the BodyCraft multi-station gyms:

  • Weight stacks up to 200 pounds
  • Chest, legs, arms and abdominal focus attachments
  • Versatile cable and pulley system for targeting different muscle groups
  • 300 to 400 pounds of resistance
  • Range-of-motion adjustments to fit various users and reduce joint stress
  • Adjustable benches and seats for comfortable use and lumbar support
  • Additional attachments that can be purchased separately for added diversity and increased targeting

Each multi-station gym manufactured by BodyCraft includes several attachments such as a lat bar, straight bar, ankle strap, abdominal strap and hand grips. All BodyCraft multi-station gyms are designed to provide a full body workout. In addition, certain models are designed for placement in a corner to reduce space requirements.


As durable quality home gyms for families and individuals, BodyCraft multi-station gyms are built to last. All BodyCraft multi-station gyms include a lifetime parts warranty, which further supports their commitment to craftsmanship and quality.

From 14-gauge steel frame tubing to aircraft-strength cables with nylon pulleys reinforced with fiberglass, BodyCraft multi-station gyms result from innovative designs with high quality and functionality in mind. The multi-station strength training gyms are intentionally designed around actual commercial gym frames to ensure the longest durabilty, even for the serious weight trainer.

Customer Support

BodyCraft employs fitness professionals at all levels of their company. Customers can reach a knowledgeable customer support representative for technical help or fitness assistance by calling a toll-free direct service number.


BodyCraft offers a lifetime warranty on all components of their strength training equipment under circumstances of normal wear and tear or manufacturing defects. The lifetime warranty applies to the original owner only and lasts for as long as the original owner possesses the equipment. Unfortunately, labor costs are not included in the replacement of warranty parts.

Parts and Service

Replacement parts for all of the strength training equipment manufactured by BodyCraft can be ordered by contacting a local BodyCraft dealer. Trained service technicians at these local dealers can assist with technical support and general support issues as well as machine repair. The BodyCraft central office also supplies parts and can be reached through their customer support department.


The cost for a BodyCraft multi-station gym typically ranges from approximately $ 1799.00 to $ 5999.00. The price variations across the various multi-station gym models are dependent upon the model chosen and the features that are included. In addition, BodyCraft also manufactures free weight systems and functional trainers. Typical prices for these range from $ 349.00 to upwards of $ 3,299.00.

Shipping costs for each piece of strength training equipment will vary by size and weight. Several BodyCraft retailers offer free shipping as occasional promotions.


BodyCraft is committed to providing in-home strength training equipment with commercial grade quality for all users. The versatility of their multi-station gyms, combined with their high quality workmanship, makes BodyCraft a formidable competitor within the fitness equipment industry.

All BodyCraft strength training equipment is expertly engineered and constructed using sound manufacturing principles and high quality materials. Hence, all of the strength training equipment manufactured by BodyCraft is designed for moderate to heavy use. Chairtalk

While it is true that BodyCraft strength training equipment is priced slightly above average when compared to their competition, their design, technology and craftsmanship do in fact warrant a higher price. This being said, for individuals that can afford a slightly higher purchase price, BodyCraft is well worth considering.