Formal Name: Verbena officinalis
Supplement Forms: Leaves, liquids

Recommended Daily Allowance

  • Infants: (0 to 12 Months) N/A
  • Children: (1 to 13 years) N/A
  • Adolescents: (14 to 18 Years) N/A
  • Adults: (19 and Older) N/A
  • Lactating Women: N/A
  • Pregnant Women: N/A

Notes: No RDA info available.

Additional Information


Vervain, or verbena, was originally called "tears of Isis" by ancient Egyptians. It has long been thought to have divine or supernatural powers, and was called the "Holy Herb" by some. According to legend, vervain could serve to protect individuals from vampires and demons.

Bodily Functions Vervain Assists

Vervain is a perennial herb grown throughout North America and Europe. It provides a multitude of health benefits, including minor pain relief and the reduction of cold symptoms. Some evidence also suggests that vervain may treat depression, exhaustion, and fatigue as well.

Foods High in Vervain

Vervain is typically ingested by brewing it in an herbal tea. This tea can also be cooled and used externally.

Ailment That Vervain Eliminates:
  • Freshens breath
  • Treats rheumatism
  • Relieves headache
  • May treat insomnia
  • May treat cold and asthma symptoms
  • Can be applied externally to treat tooth decay, tonsillitis, and minor sores and wounds
Side Effects/Pre-Cautions:
  • Pregnant women should not ingest vervain
  • Do not use vervain if you have a heart condition