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Healthy, Yet Obese – Is it Possible?

Controversy has surrounded the debate over whether people can be considered “healthy” even if they’re obese. While some argue that it’s perfectly possible to be in good health while carrying many extra pounds of weight, others say that obesity itself is a major health danger, even if an individual is free of the types of conditions that typically accompany it. Typical obesity-related conditions include high blood cholesterol, high blood sugar and high blood pressure. A new study conducted at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital found that people who are obese, in comparison to those who are of a normal weight, are about 24% more likely to die from any cause over a 10-year period, or to have a heart problem during this same timeframe. The two groups compared above had no metabolic problems at all – only their weight differed.

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Exercise Matches Drugs in Fighting Certain Diseases

When it comes to treating diseases, exercise might too often be viewed as a preventative action. More and more information is showing that exercise might actually be a solution when it comes to specific types of conditions. A new review of over 305 controlled studies indicates that people with certain common and potentially fatal diseases could benefit from exercise as much as they could from prescription medications. The researchers behind the review looked at studies concerning the effects of exercise on the risk of death resulting from prediabetes, stroke, heart disease and heart failure, as well as studies examining how drugs affect these diseases. A total of 340,000 people participated in the studies covered by the review.

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Early Exercise Prevents Later Epilepsy

Young people who exercise end up with strong muscles and bones, decreased likelihood of obesity, lower blood pressure, reduced possibility of getting type 2 diabetes, and better sleep. Adding to these benefits, a new Swedish study found that engaging in regular, vigorous exercise as a young person, may reduce your chance of developing epilepsy when you get older. Over 1.17 million Swedish men, all of whom completed cardiovascular fitness tests upon enlisting for the military at 18 years of age, were included in the study. The age of the men varied greatly, as they were born between the years of 1950 and 1987. Just under 6,800 men received an epilepsy diagnosis over the course of the 40-year study, according to researchers.

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Taking a Supplement with DMAA? Stop Now, Says FDA

If you take a supplement containing DMAA (dimethylamylamine) you should stop doing so immediately, according to a new report from the Food and Drug Administration labeling the drug “dangerous” and “illegal.” DMAA is found in certain supplements intended to assist with weight loss and body building. The side effects can include shortness of breath, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and even heart attack, according to the FDA. The announcement marks the first time the FDA has officially warned consumers about the potential dangers of DMAA. However, the organization has worked previously to get supplements including the ingredient stripped from the market. In 2012, the United States military removed DMAA-containing supplements from stores on military bases after suspecting that such supplements were related to two soldier deaths.

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Exercise Results in Better Sleep

A new poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation finds that those who exercise get better sleep than those who never exercise. The effects were detected even for individuals who engage in a very limited amount of exercise. Overall, about 56% to 67% of people who said they engaged in any level of exercise reported that exercise improves sleep on virtually every weeknight. In comparison, only 39% of those who never exercised reported the same. People who reported exercising also reported fewer sleep problems than couch potatoes. An alarming 24% of those who never exercise said they have a hard time falling asleep nearly every night of the week. The same was true of only 8% of those who reported frequent, vigorous exercise. So how much exercise is needed to improve your sleep?

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