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Obesity Leads to Vitamin D Deficiency

Obesity can lead to a vitamin D deficiency, according to a new study by epidemiologists from Europe and North America. Vitamin D assists the body with calcium absorption, and is therefore crucial to maintaining healthy bones. Unfortunately, the study did not find that increasing vitamin D intake can curb obesity.

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Best New Year’s Resolutions and How to Realize Them

New Year’s resolutions have almost become a joke in modern society – everybody makes one, but very few actually keep them and follow through with their plan. For many people, a New Year’s resolution involves improving health, kicking old habits like smoking, losing weight, improving physical appearance or something similar. All good goals, no doubt, but why do they always seem to fail? In some cases, the problem is that the goal was poorly defined, had no deadline, was unrealistic, or just didn’t appropriately match the actual needs of the individual. However, even with proper goal-setting techniques, the best New Year’s resolutions fail due to a lack of the knowledge and resources necessary for completing the goal. Here are five tips that should help you make your resolution a reality.

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Hair Straightening Dangers: Congress Says Products Could Cause Cancer

If you’re fond of using a bottled spray, gunk or goo to straighten your hair in the morning, listen up: three representatives of Congress are asking the Food and Drug Administration to crack down on manufacturers of hair straightening products they believe to be a public health risk. The representatives, including Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon), Jan Schakowsky (D-Illinois) and Edward Markey (D-Massachusetts), are concerned because they say these products contain high levels of formaldehyde, making them potentially carcinogenic. Formaldehyde has been listed as a known human carcinogen by the National Toxicology Program since 2011, but the dangers have been suspected since the early 1980s. The letter sent to the FDA could lead to major changes in how hair straightening products are formulated and labeled.

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Muscle Building Study Finds Many Teens Focused on Bodybuilding

A surprisingly large number of teenagers, including both boys and girls, care about building muscle and take various steps toward doing so, according to a new muscle building study by researchers at the University of Minnesota. While many of these muscle building habits are healthy, some of them could actually lead to long-term health problems, according to the researchers. It’s important for parents, doctors, educators and the teens themselves to understand which bodybuilding habits are healthy and which are not. The study, which surveyed approximately 2,800 students from 20 middle schools and high schools around St. Paul and Minneapolis, came to some interesting conclusions about the muscle building habits of teenagers. Approximately 80% of girls and 91% of boys said they exercised longer and/or harder to increase muscle. Making changes to eating habits to support muscle growth was found to be less common but still highly prevalent, with 62% of girls and 68% of boys admitting to doing so. Teens unfortunately reported using riskier methods as well, however.

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Premature Birth Risk Increases with Almond Oil Use

Women who are pregnant should avoid frequent exposure to certain herbal remedies including almond oil, according to a recent study conducted in Italy into premature birth causes. During the study, pregnant women who applied almond oil to their stomachs frequently doubled their risk of giving birth prematurely in comparison to women who didn’t engage in this practice. Some believe that applying almond oil to the stomach during pregnancy can prevent stretch marks, though little scientific evidence exists to back this notion. The researchers accounted for many factors that could influence birth timing, including smoking habits, drug use, age and whether the mother was carrying multiple babies, in completing their study. Many experts maintain that there is really no way to prevent stretch marks completely.

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