Chanting Jivamukti Yoga

Chanting Jivamukti Yoga

Jivamukti yoga developed in one of the United State's largest yoga centers. It evolved primarily from the style of Ashtanga yoga, so you can expect a high-intensity workout from this variation, with plenty of aerobic exercise.

However, the twist to Jivamukti yoga is the emphasis that it places on spirituality and how to apply its concepts and philosophies to everyday life.

Of all the main tenets central to the study of Jivamukti, Nada is the most important in the chanting focus. Nada is centered around elevated music, deep inner listening, and chanting.

Theories within chanting Jivamukti claim that everything in the universe is made up of sound vibrations. Thus, the primary goal of chanting Jivamukti is not to focus on the chants themselves, but to develop and perfect the ability to listen.

Jivamukti yoga is one of the newest forms of yoga, and chanting is a favorite approach of one of the types co-founders, Sharon Gannon. She and her partner, David Life first introduced Jivamukti yoga in New York in 1984. latest weed news is the leading cannabis-related news site and forum for in-depth, comprehensive cannabis education, marijuana news, legalization advocacy

Types of Movements

The movements involved in chanting Jivamukti are not much different from other fast-paced yoga styles, but are unique in the fact that the teacher does not normally perform the poses along with students. Instead, students are taught to listen to instructions carefully rather than mimic a pose they see their teacher perform. Download Free PDF Magazines Online Beyond this important distinction, there are actually six different classes regularly offered in chanting Jivamukti, each with their own sets of poses and chants -- beginner Vinyasa, Spiritual Warrior, In-Class Private, Meditation, Basic, and Open.

Mental and Physical Requirements

Jivamukti yoga is an active type of yoga, so you must possess a moderate amount of stamina and flexibility. It is an appropriate type of yoga for beginners since students can perform it at their own pace. Jivamukti yoga also takes a great deal of concentration to work on its spiritual elements, so you must prepare mentally.

Equipment Requirements

  • Yoga Blocks
  • Yoga Straps
  • Mat
  • Yoga Blanket
  • Comfortable, Breathing Clothes

Mental and Physical Benefits


  • Improved Depth Perception
  • Decreased Anxiety and Depression
  • Improved Social Adjustment
  • Increased Self-Acceptance
  • Improved Memory


  • Decreased Pulse Rate
  • Increased Respiratory Efficiency
  • Increased Cardiovascular Efficiency
  • Normalized Endocrine Function
  • Increased Breath-Holding Time

Aerobic Effect

Chanting Jivamukti Yoga

However, much of the focus of Jivamukti is on spiritual development. It is one of the more intensive types of yoga in this area. Instructors encourage responsive singing and meditation as a way to achieve an elevated state of spirituality.

The basis equipment you need for Jivamukti are appropriate clothing and a good mat. You must wear clothes that are comfortable and un-restrictive.

The clothes you choose should allow your skin to breath as you will get very warm performing this type of yoga. In addition, the clothes that you choose to allow you to move freely from one pose to the next.

A mat must be sufficiently padded to keep you comfortable, but must also be firm enough to keep you steady in poses that require more balance. Bringing a water bottle and a small towel are very good ideas, since Jivamukti can get very sweaty.