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Best Exercises For Weight Loss

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There are countless exercise types and routines that will not only promote safe and effective weight loss, but increases in lean muscle mass and improvements in cardiovascular endurance, coordination, balance and flexibility as well.

Beginning an exercise routine and performing it with intensity, focus, and regularity will improve your overall level of health, fitness and mental well-being, period.

There are two primary approaches to losing excess body weight safely, predictably and effectively. The first approach is to adhere to a nutritional dietary regime that focuses on consuming natural whole foods that are minimally processed and contain a high level of nutritional value and a reasonably low level of fat.

By doing so, you will decrease the total number of calories that you consume on a daily basis and, quite possibly, create an overall caloric deficit.

For example, if you decrease your daily caloric intake to 1,500 calories per day and your basal metabolic rate (the average number of calories your body burns per day) is 2,000 calories per day, you will burn 500 more calories per day than you consume. You will burn 3,500 more calories per week than than you consumed in food. For every caloric deficit of 3,500 you create, you will lose one pound of excess body weight.

The second approach to safely and effectively losing weight is to begin an exercise routine that forces your body to burn additional calories. If your exercise routine burns an additional 500 calories per session, and your caloric intake and basal metabolic rate are equal, you will lose one pound of excess body weight at the completion of every seventh workout (remember, a 3,500-calorie deficit produces one pound of weight loss).

Obviously, the best approach to losing weight is to incorporate both a sound nutritional dietary intake routine and some form of exercise on a regular basis. By doing so, you will increase the amount of nutrients that you are feeding your body and improve your health at the same time. Decreasing your daily caloric intake to a level below your basal metabolic rate and regularly performing an exercise routine that burns additional calories will only produce an even faster rate of weight loss. This approach incorporates the simultaneous implementation of both approaches and is highly recommended by this website.

Best Weight Loss Exercises

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There are literally thousands of aerobic exercise types that will promote safe and effective weight loss. However, one item that you will want to make sure of when choosing an aerobic exercise type is that the exercise routine will elevate your heart rate to your target heart rate and maintain that level for a minimum of 20 consecutive minutes.

Additional items to consider when choosing an aerobic activity with the intent of successfully promoting effective weight loss are the average number of calories burned when performing the exercise routine, the primary body parts that the exercise type targets, the ability of the exercise type to promote lean muscle tissue development, and the level of coordination required.

In general, the best exercise types for rapid, safe and effective weight loss will include the following characteristics:

  • Elevate your heart rate to your target heart rate and maintain that level for a minimum of 20 consecutive minutes. To calculate your target heart rate, please use our target heart rate calculator.

  • Utilize several body parts and major muscle groups. The more muscle groups required to perform the exercise, the greater the effort necessary to successfully perform the exercise. In addition, a higher number of calories will be burned across a shorter period of time. For example, running utilizes a large number of muscle groups and burns a high number of calories per time spent performing the exercise.

  • Increase your level of cardiovascular endurance. Exercise types that aggressively work your cardiovascular system will promote an elevated heart rate, increased blood and oxygen flow throughout your body, and the elimination of toxins.

Choosing an Exercise Type that is Right for You

With so many exercise types to choose from, it can almost seem overwhelming when deciding on what type of exercise activity will work best for you. Below are a few items to consider when choosing an exercise type that best suits your needs:

  • Choose an Exercise Type that You Enjoy Performing: For instance, if you ran track in high school and enjoyed the experience, you may want to consider running as your primary exercise type. By choosing an exercise type that is enjoyable to perform, you will increase your chances of sticking with your exercise routine, perform the exercise with greater regularity, and, in the end, have a greater chance of achieving your personal weight loss goals.

  • Choose an Exercise Type that You are Physically Able to Perform: It is important to choose an exercise type that is challenging but not detrimental to your overall health. For example, if you have lower back or knee problems, you may want to avoid running as your primary exercise type. Choosing an exercise type that is outside of your physical capability will only lead to frustration, disappointment, pain and a desire to quit your exercise routine.

  • Choose an Exercise Type that Will Facilitate Your Weight Loss Goals: By doing so, you perform an exercise type that will not only produce physical results, but assist in maintaining a high level of motivation as well.

  • Choose an Exercise Type that is Convenient to Perform: If you decide that exercising in the morning before work best fits your daily schedule, then choose an exercise type that can easily be performed in the morning. In other words, choose an exercise type that is convenient and easily accessible during the timeframe that you have allocated for exercise.

  • Consider Exercise Types that are Within Your Budget: If money is a concern, do not choose an exercise type that will put a strain on you financially. For example, if joining a fitness center or having to buy an in-home treadmill will create a financial hardship, then choose an exercise type that can be performed at a lower cost. Adding money concerns to your personal workout routine will only add frustration and stress to your life, so it is important to choose an exercise type that is easily affordable when performed 3 to 5 times per week.

  • Be Adventurous and Open to Trying New Exercise Types: Over time, it is easy to become bored and lose motivation to perform the same routine day in and day out. Performing the same exercise routine over time can actually limit your physical gains, as your cardiovascular system and your muscle tissue will become used to the exercise routine. Continual gains in physical health and fitness are achieved more rapidly when the cardiovascular system and the muscle tissue are in a constant state of challenge, and are being worked in various combinations and under a variety of stress conditions. For these reasons, it is important to vary your exercise types and routines every few months. This can be achieved by modifying your exercise routine while still performing the same exercise type, or varying the types of exercises that you are performing.

  • Modify Your Exercise Routine as Your Physical Condition Improves: As your physical condition improves, you must increase the level of difficulty required to perform your exercise routine. For instance, if you choose running as your exercise type, it is important to either increase the distance that you are running, decrease the time it takes you to complete a set distance, increase the difficulty of the running route that you typically run (i.e. choose a different route that requires more uphill running), or any combination of the above. In addition, it is important that you monitor your health and fitness progress. In other words, you must be able to monitor both your physical attributes and your physical condition in regards to achieving your personal fitness goals (i.e. lose 25 pounds, run a 6-minute mile, etc.). Personal couples photographer by the best handpicked local professional in NYC. Let your travel experiences last forever. Great for gifts and souvenirs!

  • Choose an Exercise Type that Fits Into Your Daily Schedule: The single most important item in regards to good health and fitness is consistency. Performing an exercise routine 3 to 5 times per week for 3 months and then quitting your exercise routine and becoming sedentary will only lead to frustration, disappointment and a sense of failure. It is best to think of your physical exercise routine as a part of your daily lifestyle and something that you perform with regularity over your entire life. Therefore, it is important to choose exercise types that fit into your overall daily lifestyle and do not create a hardship to perform.

  • Include Family Members and Friends in Your Exercise Routine: Many individuals find it easier to stick to an exercise routine when they perform it with a family member or a friend. For instance, you may find it easier to regularly perform your exercise routine if you go to a fitness center with your spouse or friend, or if you include your children in your exercise routine (e.g. riding your bike through your neighborhood).

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Ultimately, it is most important that you perform some type of moderate exercise on a regular basis. The human body is designed to perform physical activities in order to operate at an optimum level. Just as a car tends to deteriorate more rapidly if it is not regularly driven, the human body will deteriorate and become more susceptible to disease if it is not physically worked with regularity as well.

Adding a health and fitness routine to your daily lifestyle will reap countless benefits in terms of your overall health, level of energy, attitude and mental well-being, confidence, and reduction in the probability of contracting a debilitating disease.

This being said, by taking the time to consider the types of physical activities that you enjoy performing you will increase your probability that you will perform those activities on a more regular basis. Finally, be sure to choose a variety of exercise types as the differences in the exercises will assist in producing results at an even quicker rate.