Types of Meditation


Meditation is a mental technique that is intended to promote a mind/body connection that improves mental clarity, focus, and stability, while, at the same time, calming and centering the mind. Meditation has been regularly practiced by millions of individuals for literally several thousands of years.

Although the objective of most types of meditation is the essentially the same, obtaining a mind body connection, there are several different variations or approaches that can be used as subsets to accomplish a variety of different mental benefits.

The intent of this article is to discuss the varying types of meditation and how they can be targeted to achieve specific and selected purposes. For this reason, it is important to take the time necessary to determine the specific goals that you would like to achieve through practicing meditation.


The goal of upward meditation is to raise consciousness from the body which is viewed as an unsatisfactory venue for such a powerful entity.

This type concerns itself with the gravitational pull that is common with the idea of consciousness. Movements that employ a strong upward force in the spine are often used. The ultimate goal of this type of meditation is to obtain the idea of anti-physical realism by sacrificing consciousness. This type of meditation is often referred to as detached or disassociated.


The goal of downward meditation is to inject the body with forces that are present outside of it. Generally, this is considered to be the exact opposite of upward meditation as the force of gravity is utilized rather than rejected. The forces that are pulled into the body are believed to collect in the heart and expand the host's ability to feel courage and compassion. It is mainly a way for the rest of the universe to bless and deliver grace to a person.

Mind Centered

Contrary to what the name may sound like, mind centered meditation is actually considered to be the absence of any collected thought or frame of mind. No emotion is involved in this type of meditation.

Emotion Centered

In stark contrast to mind centered meditation, emotion centered meditation involves the over saturation of emotions in the body. In fact, the ultimate goal of this type of meditation is to experience all of the emotions in a single session. Much like downward meditation, the force of emotion is collected in the heart and is used to further expand the capacity of the host to feel much more powerful emotions in the future.


In monastic meditation, the mystery of death is explored in order to overcome the fear and uncertainty that is common with dying. This type of meditation was developed in monasteries for use in private to contemplate the person's existence and the eventual end of their life. As sensitivity is greatly heightened, this type of meditation, when performed successfully, can be harmful to the participant's perception on their current life and should be used with care.

In Life


This type of meditation is the exact opposite of monastic. It is meant to heighten ones awareness of their life before death. This is the primary type of meditation that is used to contemplate the meaning of life and what purpose it has. In life meditation is also meant to conquer the fear of taking risks and feeling completely alive in them.

The ultimate goal of in life meditation is to increase the capacity for compassion and allow for a greater ability to create. This type of meditation is also thought to be helpful in the solution of problems.


This type of meditation involves the spiritual departure from your body in order to obtain an omniscient view of your true emotions and thoughts. This type of meditation is beneficial in getting to the true root of all issues that arise in the heart and mind and can be a viable alternative if other methods of dealing with emotions and thoughts do not work properly.


As you might have guessed from the name, this type of meditation focuses upon the powerful emotion regarded as love. The first part of this meditation involves deep concentration while future parts are manifested as physical sensations, emotions and visually absorbed entities.

The ultimate goal of this type of meditation is to become fully engaged in the emotion of love rather than observing this emotion from outside the body.


This is one of the most common types of meditation. In fact, when most people think of meditation, they think of it as being passive. In this type, the focus is upon not doing anything or feeling any emotion. There are no judgments that can be made in this type.

Some of the results of this type are usually day dreaming or deep sleep. Sometimes this type of meditation can be induced by waves of sound that are designed to affect the brain in a relaxing way.


This type of meditation is the exact opposite of passive meditation. In this type, the mind is centered on a specific goal or set of goals and actively tries to achieve them. This can also be regarded as living life in a constant relaxed and meditative state.

One of the primary focuses of this type of meditation is to rely on the emotions and forces that leave your body rather than the forces that enter it. Followers of this type of meditation believe that the employing of the heart is much simpler than the rejection of the mind.

Fantasy Based


As the name implies, in fantasy based meditation, you pretend, or imagine, that your body is in an entirely different location or that you are a completely different being or person. Although this type of meditation can be beneficial in the employment of escapism (the ability to remove yourself from your existence to deal with a strong emotion or horrible situation), the return from this type will not have helped you deal with the problem.

Reality Based

In stark contrast to fantasy based meditation, reality based meditation concerns itself mainly with the enlightenment of what reality means and how it pertains to the participant. This type views imagination as being anything that cannot be directly seen or felt by the person but can be verified as being true. This may include magnetic fields or various waves of energy. The ultimate goal of this type of meditation is to become more in tune with what is considered to be real.

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