Locating a Fitness Center

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Using the telephone directory, searching on the Internet and discussing fitness centers with friends and family will most likely provide you with several fitness centers from which to choose. For many individuals, one of the most important considerations is locating a fitness center that is near their personal residence and/or their place of employment.

Joining a fitness center that is near your residence or place of work not only makes it easier for you to get there, but it may also make you more likely to go in the first place. This is an important factor in your decision process as many individuals lead fairly busy and hectic lifestyles. In addition, you will want to be sure to find out what the specific days and hours of operation are for each of the fitness centers that you are considering.

Once you have compiled a list of fitness centers that may meet your fitness needs and goals, it's time to define the necessary items that a fitness center must provide for you. In other words, the fitness center that you join must fit into your lifestyle, offer all of the amenities necessary for you to successfully obtain your personal fitness goals, and be affordable relative to your financial budget.

Things to Consider

In terms of a fitness center fitting into your lifestyle, evaluate the hours of operation, number of days open, the availability of child care, and any other items relative to your normal routine.

For example, if you plan on exercising in the morning prior to work, you'll need to know the fitness center's hours of operation, whether they offer the aerobic classes in which you wish to participate, whether the aerobic classes have room for additional members, the time when their daycare facility opens, and whether they have personal trainers available at the time you plan on working out.

In relation to amenities offered, it's important to determine if the fitness center offers the types of exercise equipment, classes and facilities upon which you plan on designing a fitness routine. For instance, if your fitness plan includes circuit weight training, swimming, cardiovascular training (e.g. stair climbers, treadmills, stationary bikes), aerobic and yoga classes, does the fitness center offer all of these amenities? If not, you will want to continue your search for a fitness center that comes closest to meeting all of your fitness needs.

Relative to affordability, it is important that you discuss not only the cost of a general membership at the fitness center, but also whether there are any additional costs associated with certain activities. This is an area where several individuals fail to ask the necessary questions up front and find out after they have become a member that there are additional costs for several of the activities they had planned on utilizing.

Typical additional costs above and beyond a general membership include utilizing tanning beds, participating in martial arts classes, utilization of personal trainers, participating in racquetball and tennis, and in some instances, child care. If any of these types of amenities are important to you it will be well worth the time to take a moment and discuss the specific costs with a sales representative.

Hence, it is important to thoroughly evaluate each fitness center prior to becoming a member. By doing so, each individual will increase their probability of visiting the fitness center on a regular basis, obtaining their personal fitness goals, and viewing the overall experience as a positive one without any regrets. Making the right decision is very important, so be sure to do the necessary research beforehand.

Read Fitness Center Reviews

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The Internet is a good place to start in terms of determining which fitness centers are conveniently located to your personal residence and/or place of employment. In addition, several fitness centers provide a section on their website for member reviews. Fitness centers that only publish positive reviews should be considered with caution.

Finally, most fitness center websites will list their physical locations, days and hours of operation, amenities offered and the various membership costs. By taking the time to evaluate the fitness center options located in your area, you will be able to not only save a lot of time, but also compile and thereafter compare a list of typical amenities and their associated costs.

Ask for Recommendations

You should ask your family, neighbors and coworkers if they, or anyone they know, would recommend a particular fitness center. Word-of-mouth is one of the most reliable ways to learn about any business, fitness centers included. Your circle of acquaintances may include several individuals that are members of various fitness centers. By taking advantage of this fact, you will be able to acquire unbiased information relative to several of the fitness centers located near your home or work.

Visit Centers

Your quest for locating a fitness center should always include a visit to the physical location before you become a member. It is never recommended that an individual become a member of a fitness center prior to actually touring the facility.

You will want to evaluate the condition of the workout equipment, the overall feel of the facility (is the fitness center comprised of individuals similar to you in age, personality and personal fitness goals?), the conduct of the members, the staff (are they knowledgeable, friendly, and currently assisting other members?), and the overall cleanliness of the facility (including the locker rooms, showers, pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi). This may be the most important step in your search for a fitness center. If you do not feel comfortable at the fitness center, you will probably not go.

Talk to Current Members

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If possible, you should try to allow time during your visit to each of the fitness centers to talk to the current members. Simply take a moment explain to each of the members that you talk with that you are considering becoming a member of the fitness center and would like to know their likes, and dislikes, and if they would recommend the fitness center to their friends and family.

Ask them what they like and dislike about the fitness center and what they would change if they could. Finally, ask each member that you talk with how long they have been a member of the fitness center. A strong showing of customer loyalty is an excellent quality for any fitness center.

Locating a fitness center that is right for you is one of the most important aspects of achieving your personal fitness, health and mental well-being goals. Choosing the right fitness center will assist you in maintaining your motivation and your attitude towards a healthier lifestyle, and provide a diverse approach to exercise techniques that will keep your fitness routine fresh and new.