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Flat Bench Abdominals Leg Raises

Exercise Tips

  • Slow, controlled movements are key
  • Focus on using your abs to control the movement
  • Keep your eyes on the ceiling

Flat Bench Abdominals Leg Raises

This exercise targets your lower abdominals area and provides a low cardiovascular benefit.

Muscle Group

Lower Abdominals


2 Days a Week to
3 Days a Week


Flat Bench

Cardiovascular Benefit


Muscle Group: Lower Abdominals

Equipment: Flat Bench

Minimum Frequency: 2 Days a Week

Maximum Frequency: 3 Days a Week

Cardiovascular Benefit: Low

Exercise Category: Lower Abdominals

Starting Position: Lie flat on the bench, resting your head at the very edge. Grab the bench behind your head, your elbows slightly flared out. Raise your legs to a 45 degree angle.

  1. 1 Keeping your legs together and your head down, exhale and lift them to almost a 90 degree angle.
  2. 2 Inhale and return your legs to starting position, 45 degrees from the bench.
  3. 3 Repeat this exercise until you have completed all repetitions for the set.