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The food intake dietary approach in which dietary meals are prepared by the individual may be ideal for individuals that want an effective weight loss program that allows for a little more flexibility in their meal choices. Weight loss companies of this type provide literally hundreds to thousands of healthy, calorie-conscious and nutritionally-balanced recipes for the user to choose from.

Below is a list of several of the additional services that weight loss companies of this type provide:

  • 100's of nutritious, well-balanced, calorie-conscious meal choices.

  • Multiple weight loss tools to support, track, and facilitate effective weight loss.

  • Large online support communities.

  • Registered physicians and/or dietitians to provide advice and recommendations to meet your specific weight loss goals and conditions.

  • Exercise routines to assist in your weight loss efforts.

  • Support associated with the mental aspects of successful weight loss.

Listed below are our team's top recommendations for the most effective weight loss companies in which the dietary meals are prepared by the customer. Our review criteria facilitates a thorough and detailed analysis of each company so that our users can make an informed decision as to which company will best meet their personal weight loss goals.

Glycemic Impact Review


The Glycemic Impact weight loss plan is 1 of 20 online weight loss plans provided by eDiets.com. The Glycemic Impact weight loss plan is a well-balanced nutritional diet that is designed to limit the individual’s sugar intake and hence, works well for individuals seeking to minimize the variations in their blood sugar level.

South Beach Review


The South Beach diet weight loss program focuses on modifying the individual's personal lifestyle to that of a healthy and nutritious approach. In addition, the South Beach diet focuses on consuming foods that not only assist with weight loss, but improve the individual's overall health and fitness as well.

Anne Collins Review


Anne Collins weight loss programs have been approved by medical doctors and nursing staffs. Anne Collins is a qualified nutritionist and diet consultant. She has assisted individuals in losing weight for over 24 years. In terms of cost, the Anne Collins online weight loss program provides a high "bang for the buck."

Formula Zone Review


The Formula Zone weight loss diet is based on the Zone diet. The Zone diet was created by Dr. Barry Sears, and was originally intended for medical cardiologists. The Formula Zone weight loss diet promotes a specific nutritional balance with 40% of calories coming from carbohydrates, 30% from proteins, and the remaining 30% from fat.

Denise Austin Fit Forever


Denise Austin Fit Forever is a total body weight loss program that incorporates cardio, stretching, strength training and more. The program is offered as a paid subscription and includes a one-week free trial. Denise Austin Fit Forever includes several online tools, such as calorie counters and weight loss trackers.