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Natural and organic skin and beauty product companies have greatly gained in popularity over the last several years. These companies produce an entire range of skin and beauty products in a form that is either all-organic or very close to all-organic.

For individuals that prefer to take an all-natural and organic approach to their overall lifestyle, the skin and beauty products under this section of our website will be just what you are looking for.

Today, many individuals dedicate a significant amount of time to maintaining and improving their personal appearance. As the average age expectancy continues to rise, the desire to look young at all ages has increased as well.

There are several factors that can lead to premature aging, and a healthy and fit lifestyle is the best way to delay the visible signs. This includes a healthy and balanced diet, plenty of exercise, rest and relaxation, and a solid skin care regimen.

Today's top quality skin and beauty products are designed to feed and nourish the skin with the nutrients necessary to delay the degeneration of the skin, to reduce wrinkles, to minimize sun spots, and to promote elasticity. In fact, today's skin and beauty products can be thought of in a similar light as the foods that we consume - Healthy foods provide our internal bodies with nutrition, and skin and beauty products provide our outer body with nutrition. This being said, it is important to determine your exact skin condition and requirements before purchasing high quality skin and beauty products that will complement your outer beauty.

Below are our team's recommendations for the top-rated all-natural and organic skin and beauty product manufacturers. Our review criteria facilitates a thorough and stringent analysis of each of the top-rated all-natural and organic skin and beauty product manufacturers so that our users can make an educated decision as to which manufacturer will best meet their personal health and fitness goals.

Xtend-Life Natural Products Review


Xtend-life manufactures high quality skincare products using all-natural ingredients that are free of any harmful side effects. In fact, much of the company's popularity hinges not only on its product effectiveness, but its product safety as well.

Intelligent Nutrients Review


Intelligent Nutrients produces high quality skincare products. The company exclusively utilizes certified organic and food-based ingredients, is trusted by many high-end natural salons, and has received "Editors Favorite" awards from Allure magazine.

100 Percent Pure Review


100 Percent Pure is a high quality skin and body care product company that exclusively focuses on all-natural products. Citing the negative health consequences resulting from the synthetic ingredients found in many of their competitors' products, 100 Percent Pure is committed to using strictly the purest ingredients.

Sibu Beauty Review


Sibu skincare products have been wowing customers since the company's introduction in 2003. The skincare products universally utilize the Sea Buckthorn berry - a berry that is filled with antioxidants and contains many healing properties. The skin and beauty product line consists of a 4-step regimen, and is highly regarded among consumers.

Origins Review


Origins is a natural skincare and cosmetics company that has created high performance products using natural and sustainable sources. Origins was a pioneer in the natural product and ecological responsibility movements. Many of the ingredients are organic and all of their essential oils are certified 100% natural.

Native Remedies Review


Native Remedies is a provider of natural herbal remedies, and is a leading-edge supplier of natural skin care products. Their products are designed to balance your physiological and psychological well-being through the use of homeopathic remedies, flower essences, tissue salts and herbs.

Aubrey Organics Review


Aubrey Organics is a 100% natural hair, skin and body care company that is well respected for its diverse line of skincare products. Aubrey Organics focuses on natural wholesome ingredients and, as a result, manufactures superior products. The company's skincare products address all skin types, from dry to oily and everywhere in between.

The Body Shop Review


The Body Shop provides highly effective natural health and skincare products at very reasonable prices. Their emphasis on natural ingredients is evident in their use of Vitamins C and E, Tea Tree oil, Aloe and Hemp. Their skin and beauty products are not only effective, but safe and environmentally friendly as well.

Chinese Herbal Direct Review


Chinese Herbal Direct is a health company with a wide range of products that, as the name implies, rely on traditional Chinese herbal treatments to address various health and skin conditions and issues.

Ayurvedic Herbs Direct Review


Ayurvedic Herbal Direct provides nutritional supplements and skin and beauty products specializing in the use of Ayurvedic herbs. Their products include supplements, lotions, soaps, washes and cleansers, as well as unique mud baths.

Organic Health and Beauty Review


Organic Health and Beauty markets a variety of organic nutritional supplements, health treatments, and skin and beauty products. Their skincare products are divided into skin conditions and/or types such as acne, dry, mature and men, making it easy to find the exact organic skincare product you're seeking.