Doctor Greens Nutritional Supplement Review


Doctor Greens Nutritional Supplement Review


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Doctor Greens is a premium manufacturer of all-natural nutritional supplements, many of which contain organic ingredients. The history of Doctor Greens dates back over twenty years ago, to when founder Hal Decker nearly lost his one-year-old son to cancer.

As a father, Hal Decker was discouraged by the endless antibiotic regimens prescribed to his son by the medical staff during his recovery. Hence, he sought out to learn more information related to natural ways, through nutrition, of boosting the immune system as well as other aspects of the mind and body.

Decker's tireless research, along with help from nutritionists, chemists, herbalists and medical doctors, led him to the development of an extensive line of natural, highly effective nutritional supplements.

Today, the Doctor Greens product line includes formulations designed to address virtually any health concern. The products are conveniently divided into a categorized online catalog including Multi-Vitamins, Antioxidants, Bone Health, Circulatory Health, Digestion and Fiber, Energy and Vitality, Fish Oil, Greens and Joint and Muscle Support and include safe, high quality supplements and herbal remedies for both men and women.

The Doctor Greens nutritional supplement company is known for its high active ingredient concentrations and carefully-researched product formulations. Despite containing several times more key ingredients per serving than the competition, Doctor Greens' products are affordably priced.


    • All-natural ingredients.
    • Full ingredient lists.
    • Large product catalog.
    • High quality manufacturing process.
    • Most products based on fruits and vegetables.
    • Excellent value.
    • High active ingredient concentrations.


    • Brief return policy.
    • No clinical testing data.


Doctor Greens assures the quality of their natural nutritional supplements by manufacturing all of their products in-house in the United States. This differs from the manufacturing models employed by many nutritional supplement retailers, who often outsource product responsibilities to third-party companies in foreign countries. Doctor Greens chooses to manufacture their products in-house for two important reasons. First, many of the company's wildcrafted and organic ingredients are grown near their factory, allowing for unmatched product freshness and greatly minimizing the chances of bacterial contamination that are present with storage and shipment. Second, it allows Doctor Greens to personally oversee the quality and consistency of each product, batch-to-batch and bottle-to-bottle. In addition, Doctor Greens prefers to keep and create jobs in the United States instead of in foreign countries.

Doctor Greens maintains exceptionally high manufacturing standards. All of the company's nutritional supplements are formulated, mixed and packaged in facilities that exceed federal and state guidelines. High concentrations of active ingredients are utilized in order to increase the efficacy of each product. All of Doctor Greens products are compatible with one another, allowing you to take multiple supplements for multiple health concerns without risking a negative reaction.

Doctor Greens maintains an extensive Radio section featuring Hal Decker and a variety of guests from various medical fields, including nutritionists, brain experts, physical therapists and more. This is an excellent resource for those interested in the science behind nutritional supplementation, and how supplements are an important component of a healthy lifestyle.


All of the products sold by Doctor Greens contain 100% all-natural ingredients, many of which are organically grown or at least wildcrafted (meaning that they're essentially organic despite lacking official organic certification). The products are free of potentially harmful chemical ingredients such as artificial flavorings, colors, preservatives and fillers. Each product is clearly labeled to indicate a lack of known allergens, including gluten, wheat, soy, dairy and nuts.

Each individual product page found on the Doctor Greens website includes a full list of that product's ingredients in the form of an actual photo of the label. This is the best possible way of presenting the ingredients, as its guaranteed to be complete and accurate, and matches the label found on the container you'll receive in the mail. In most cases, the ingredients are separated into different categories such as Organic Vegetables, Organic Fruits, Antioxidants, Probiotics and Enzymes, making it easy to determine why each ingredient was included in the nutritional supplement. Percentage daily values for each ingredient are listed when applicable, making it easy to determine the exact nutritional benefits you'll gain by beginning any supplement regimen.

Doctor Greens deserves praise for using significantly higher concentrations of active ingredients than many of its competitors. Some of the products contain up to 25 times the amount of a key ingredient per serving as those of comparable supplements from competing manufacturers. Despite the fact that this is an undoubtedly expensive practice, Doctor Greens manages to maintain competitive pricing.

Clinical Studies and Research

Although some of the product pages contained within the Doctor Greens nutritional supplement website do allude to the results of clinical studies, there are no objective and detailed clinical trial results published. This is understandable given that the vast majority of all-natural nutritional supplement manufacturers, not to mention plenty of non-all-natural ones, do not have the financial resources necessary to conduct rigorous double-blind studies. Still, some first-party analysis of Doctor Greens' products, even with smaller sample sizes, would be appreciated. The company makes up for this in part by listing the active ingredients in each product, followed by an explanation of how each ingredient provides a specific benefit. Many such claims on the Doctor Greens website have been verified by scientific testing, though links to the original test results are not provided.

Despite a lack of published clinical testing information, Doctor Greens takes a serious approach to scientific research when formulating its nutritional supplements. Founder Hal Decker has worked with a team of researchers, herbalists and doctors to combine the most important components of Western and Eastern medicine and herbalism in order to develop the Doctor Greens product line. Hal Decker is a published author who has gone on numerous speaking tours throughout the U.S., in which he teaches thousands of individuals about the benefits of proper nutritional supplementation, diet and exercise.


Doctor Greens customers can assess the effectiveness of the nutritional supplements sold by the company by reading the testimonials found on each respective product page of the Doctor Greens website. Each testimonial takes the form of a brief paragraph followed by the name and location of the reviewer. Some of the most popular products have several testimonials, while others only have one or two. Unfortunately, the testimonials do not come with star ratings, and all of the testimonials are positive. As you may expect, there's no way for new customers to post testimonials directly to the Doctor Greens website, and all testimonials are subject to review before posting. This is detrimental, as there's no way of knowing how many negative reviews a product has received.

With that said, the reviews that are posted on the Doctor Greens website indicate the company's ability to deliver highly effective all-natural nutritional supplements. Several of the reviewers describe their satisfaction with Doctor Greens product line, with several testimonials mentioning the positive experience they had with ordering, shipping and customer service. Still, the company's reluctance to post both positive and negative testimonials may raise red flags for some potential customers.

Customer Support

Doctor Greens offers friendly and reliable customer support through phone, email and standard mail. You can contact the company by dialing 617-283-2100, or by sending email correspondence to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If the nature of your inquiry necessitates it, you can even contact Hal Decker (the founder and president of Doctor Greens) directly by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Doctor Greens also handles customer support through a FAQ section. The FAQ is geared towards offering information about the company's approach to formulating and manufacturing nutritional supplements, so questions pertaining to site navigation, orders, returns, shipping and other technical issues are best directed to phone or email support.

Doctor Greens offers an automatic delivery program as an additional service to customers. You can receive any of Doctor Greens' products as an ongoing subscription, with orders shipped on either the 1st or 15th of the month at your choosing. Those who take advantage of the Auto Ship program will receive a 5% discount off of the advertised price of each ordered nutritional supplement.

Product Return Policy

Doctor Greens offers a simple and straightforward return policy in which you may return any nutritional supplement to the company's main office in Portsmouth, New Hampshire for a full refund. You'll have 30 days from the time of your initial purchase to determine whether a return is necessary. This is a no-questions-asked return policy that applies to both sealed and used bottles of product.

The Doctor Greens return policy is relatively short compared to those offered by some other all-natural nutritional supplement manufacturers. Generally, all-natural supplements require at least a few weeks of continual use before their effects can be noticed. For this reason, 30 days is barely enough time to accurately assess the products sold by Doctor Greens.


Doctor Greens offers moderate pricing on its extensive line of nutritional supplements. Most products are subject to an online-only discount of 10% to 30% off of normal retail pricing. Although Doctor Greens' product pricing is largely in line with that of the competition, the products remain an excellent value due to the high concentration of active ingredients found in each formulation. In many cases, you'll find that a nutritional supplement from Doctor Greens contains 5 to 10 times more active ingredients than a comparable supplement from a competitor. When considering this discrepancy in nutritional values, it becomes apparent why Doctor Greens is considered so affordable.

Customers seeking discounts will find them through Doctor Greens' Value Packages. The packages, which include Complete Health for Men, Complete Health for Women, Cleanse/Detox, Cardio Health Support and a Complete Health Starter Package, allow you to save between $35 and $50 off of what you'd normally pay for the supplements separately.

Doctor Greens offers reasonable shipping prices that are based on the size and weight of your order. A flat shipping fee of $4.95 is placed on all orders of $69 or more. This provides standard ground shipping within the contiguous United States.


Doctor Greens is an excellent choice for any individuals seeking high quality, highly effective nutritional supplements at an excellent value. The company was founded for very personal reasons by Hal Decker, the same individual who leads the company today. Decker has spent years working with nutritionists, herbalists and scientific researchers to develop an extensive product line capable of addressing virtually any health concern. Doctor Greens insists on 100% in-house manufacturing, and even sources many of its ingredients from the areas surrounding its central office in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Doctor Greens does have a few disadvantages, including a lack of published clinical testing data and a return policy that only lasts for 30 days from the time of your purchase. In addition, the company's prices range from moderate to slightly above-average. However, extremely high active ingredient concentrations, a reliance on organic ingredients and a strong dedication to high quality customer service easily make up for these minimal shortcomings.