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Total Body Solution Exercise Program Review


Total Body Solution Exercise Program Review


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The Total Body Solution fitness program is a product created by Beachbody, a leader in at-home DVD/VHS-based fitness programs. Since 1998, Beachbody has been producing fitness programs designed to address a large range of personal health and fitness goals.

For example, Beachbody has created at-home DVD/VHS-based fitness programs designed to promote weight loss, increases in lean muscle mass and strength, improvements in cardiovascular endurance, increases in coordination, balance, and flexibility, stress reduction and mental stability.

The Total Body Solution fitness program is intended as a fitness program that addresses several of the common aches and pains that many individuals suffer from. The fitness program is a collaboration between Debbie Siebers, Chad Waterbury and Beachbody. Debbie Siebers is a well-known fitness instructor and has worked with several industry leading fitness companies.

After several years of performing aggressive and highly intense workouts, Debbie began to suffer from several of the common injuries that occur from overuse. It was at this point that she contacted Chad Waterbury, a neurophysiologist, to assist her in evaluating and alleviating the aches and pains that she was suffering from.

The Total Body Solution fitness program is designed to address and target the five most common areas where aches and pains exist - the neck, shoulders, abs/core, lower back and knees. To this end, the fitness program centers around safe and effective drills that are designed to address and eliminate those nagging aches and pains.


  • Fitness Program Designed to Reduce Pain Associated with Areas of Chronic Pain
  • Targets 5 Common Areas of Chronic Pain
  • Exercises and Stretching Routines can be Effective


  • No Menu Option to Allow for Choosing of a Specific Body Area
  • Each Exercise Routine is Short in Duration

Intent of Fitness Program

The Total Body Solution fitness program is designed as a specialty program that targets common aches and pains of the body. Along with neurophysiologist Chad Waterbury, Debbie Siebers takes you through therapeutic exercises designed to alleviate pain and stiffness in areas such as your neck, shoulders, abdominals, lower back and knees.

Often, chronic aches and pains of the joint or musculature frame can be partially or completely alleviated through daily stretching and exercise. While no fitness program is designed to immediately relieve your pain, aches or joint problems within a single workout, the fitness program does provide you with exercise routines that, when performed on a daily basis, can minimize your symptoms over the long term.

The Total Body Solution fitness program includes one DVD containing five 15-minute exercise sessions.

Primary Areas Worked

The Total Body Solution fitness program focuses on the neck, shoulder, abdominal, lower back and knee areas. The fitness program offers initial tests for each area, designed to test the total range of motion for that area. These tests are used to gauge how serious the ache, pain or problem is and how much the range of motion has decreased.

Once the tests have been completed, you will perform exercise routines for each of the aforementioned areas that include mild exercise movements and stretches. For instance, if you have neck pain, the stretches are designed to have you slowly go through the entire range of motion of your neck. You will be asked to flex, hyper-extend, tilt and rotate your neck while holding each position for several seconds.

Another common area of pain is the lower back. Lower back pain can occur through a variety of circumstances such as injury, poor chronic posture, overuse of muscles or ligaments, or pressure on the nerve roots. You will perform floor stretches such as the pelvic twist, knee to chest and cobra stretch in combination with regulated breathing to loosen the muscles, ligaments and tendons to help alleviate the pain associated with your lower back. By performing these exercises and stretches on a daily basis, you will not only reduce the severity of the pain, but improve the range of motion and flexibility as well.

Program Length/Frequency

The Total Body Solution fitness program DVD includes 5 sections, each 15 minutes in duration. The fitness program is primarily designed as a supplemental program that can be used in conjunction with a more comprehensive workout routine. As such, it does not have a specific workout schedule. However, if pain related to a specific area is a concern, it is best to perform the exercises and stretching routines 5 to 6 days per week.

The Total Body Solution fitness program is a home-based program so it can be performed whenever you have time. Ideally, if you already participate in another exercise routine, you can perform these exercises and stretching routines before and after your primary workout routine to reduce the severity of the pain.

Effectiveness/Results of the Program

If you perform the exercises and stretching routines on a regular basis, and if you are proactive in eliminating other causes of your aches and pain, this fitness program will help achieve a better state of health. While you should not expect to improve your flexibility or balance, you will most likely see moderate improvements depending on your initial baseline fitness. It is important to remember that chronic aches and pain problems may take several weeks before you feel moderate relief, and that the problem may have a more serious underlying cause that may require a professional diagnosis.

Equipment/Space Requirements

The Total Body Solution fitness program is designed to be performed without any support equipment. However, if you are not comfortable performing exercises on the floor it may be beneficial to have an exercise or yoga mat, especially when performing the lower back exercises. Aside from that, you will only need a moderate amount of space to perform the various stretches and exercises.

Physical Requirements

The Total Body Solution fitness program is an exercise routine that is accessible for everyone. The stretches and exercises are mild and primarily designed for those who have some sort of ache, pain or other problem with their neck, lower back, shoulders, abdominals or knees.

Those who do have consistent aches or pains in one of the aforementioned areas will benefit most from this program. Additionally, the Total Body Solution fitness program may also prove useful for the elderly who may have similar problems and would benefit from low intensity stretches and exercises on a daily basis.


The Total Body Solution fitness program is produced by Beachbody and comes with an extensive customer support system that includes the following:

  • Online FAQ database
  • 24/7 customer support telephone line
  • Online email customer support
  • Live chat support via their website


The Total Body Solution fitness program can be purchased for one payment of $ 29.95 plus $ 2.95 for shipping and handling. For a cost of approximately $ 33.00 you will receive a single DVD that is 1.5 hours in duration and contains an introductory informational section followed by five 15-minute exercise and stretching routines.

For individuals who have no particular interest in performing a fitness routine and are simply looking for an exercise program that is directed towards alleviating a chronic area of pain, the price will not be an obstacle and the fitness program will prove to be of value through the level of relief it will provide for your specific area of pain. Sokiu kursai Vilniuje vaikams sokiukursai.lt


The Total Body Solution fitness program is designed to address chronic aches and pains associated with the neck, shoulder, abdominal, lower back and knee areas that afflict millions of individuals as they age. The Total Body Solution fitness program is intended to demonstrate various stretches and exercises that will assist you in your path towards an ache- and pain-free life.

The Total Body Solution fitness program provides enough educational information and effective stretches and exercises to be worth the cost of admission. The techniques, exercises, and stretching routines are indeed targeted towards specific areas of the body and can relieve the chronic pain that is often associated with each area. This being said, the Total Body Solution fitness program is worth considering for those who are experiencing a level of chronic pain in one or more of the aforementioned areas and would like to take a proactive approach to addressing and reducing that pain.