Slim In 6 Exercise Program Review


Slim In 6 Exercise Program Review


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Beachbody was originally created by Product Partners, LLC in 1998. Beachbody operates out of Los Angeles, California and has been responsible for producing several well-known and popular fitness programs including P90X, Slim in 6, Insanity, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, INSANITY, Yoga Booty Ballet, and ChaLEAN Extreme.

Beachbody has developed a precise formula for producing DVD-based home fitness programs that are supplemented with exercise guidelines, exercise schedules, dietary and nutritional guidelines, solid customer support and a strong online community.

Beachbody's goal is to manufacture fitness programs that allow each individual to reach their goal of living a healthy and fulfilling life. To accomplish this goal, Beachbody adheres to four core values: Commitment to delivering on fitness program promises, treating every customer with respect, utilizing initiative to continuously improve, and infusing hard work with passion, enthusiasm and common sense.

The Slim in 6 fitness program is a collaboration between Debbie Siebers and Beachbody. Debbie Siebers has over 20 years of experience in the fitness and training industry and is a member of the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). In addition, she has been featured on several health and fitness television shows and has worked at numerous fitness centers as a trainer.

The Slim in 6 fitness program is a comprehensive 6-week fitness program that utilizes Debbie Siebers' exclusive "Slim Training" techniques to literally reshape your body. The "Slim Training" approach combines cardiovascular training with light resistance movements to reduce excess body weight to create a lean, toned and sculpted physique.


  • High Intensity Workouts Promote Weight Loss and Muscle Tone
  • Supplemental Dietary Guideline Included
  • Resistance Band included for Strength Training Exercises


  • Exercise Workouts May be Too Intense for Individuals with Chronic Pain

Intent of Fitness Program

The Slim in 6 fitness program's focus revolves around combining fat burning cardiovascular exercises with light resistance exercises in order to reduce excess body weight and achieve a body that is more toned and sculpted. The Slim in 6 fitness program is designed as a 6-week fitness program. The fitness program accomplishes these goals through a DVD-based routine that includes DVDs with multiple workouts, a helpful exercise and nutrition guidebook, a motivational calendar, a tape measure, a 6-day express diet plan and a training resistance band.

The Slim in 6 fitness program includes the following:

  • Start it up! Workout
  • Ramp it Up! Workout
  • Burn it Up! Workout
  • Cardio Core! Express Workout
  • Slim in 6-Pack Advanced Ab Workout
  • Slim and Limber Flexibility Routine
  • Simple Steps to Success Guidebook
  • Step by Step Nutrition Guidebook
  • 6-Day Express Diet Plan
  • Slim in 6 Training Resistance Band
  • Motivational Calendar
  • Tape Measure

Primary Areas Worked

The primary focus of the workouts within the Slim in 6 fitness program is to deliver high intensity calorie burning cardiovascular and resistance exercise routines designed to promote effective weight loss, improve cardiovascular endurance, and increase lean muscle mass and strength.

For instance, the Burn it Up! exercise routine begins with a 5-minute warm up that is followed by a high intensity cardiovascular workout that includes movements such as kickboxing. Thereafter, you will perform sets of lower body strengthening and calorie burning exercises that include squats, lunges, dips, standing side crunches, jumping jacks, jogging in place and more.

After you have completed the first portion of the Burn it Up! exercise routine you will begin a series of upper body exercises using the Slim in 6 training resistance band. Exercises include various sets of lateral rows, overhead shoulder presses, biceps curls and triceps extensions. This is quickly followed with another session of lower body and core exercises such as donkey kicks, hamstring curls and butt blasters, and concludes with a series of abdominal exercises.

As is evident, this type of exercise routine is designed to focus on working all major muscle groups under a high intensity cardiovascular approach that will effectively reduce unwanted body fat, improve cardiovascular endurance, increase lean muscle mass and strength, and improve coordination, balance and flexibility.

The Slim in 6 fitness program structures its workout routines in a circuit training manner. In other words, sequentially alternating between lower body, upper body and core exercises. What this means is that, while each portion of the body may get a moment of rest as other muscle groups are targeted, the entire body is getting a total workout that keeps all the muscles groups active for the majority of the routine. All of the exercises are performed with a high level of intensity to ensure that a significant number of calories are burned per exercise session. Finally, all workouts conclude with several stretching exercises that are designed to improve the range of motion in your joints and increase the flexibility in your ligaments, tendons and muscles. Almost all tracks on songsab are 320 kbps.

By combining a high intensity workout with a calorie-conscious dietary regimen, the Slim in 6 fitness program has produced a large number of success stories, all without the need for a lot of space or support equipment.

Program Length/Frequency

The Slim in 6 fitness program workouts are intended to be performed at a rate of one exercise routine per day, six days per week. Since all of the exercise workouts are delivered on DVD/VHS, they can be performed at whatever times work best for you.

The fitness program is designed to promote weight loss and a more toned and sculpted physique within 6 weeks. For best results, it is recommended that you incorporate either the Slim in 6 fitness program, or any other fitness program or combination of fitness programs, into your daily lifestyle as good health and fitness is truly a lifelong endeavor.

Effectiveness/Results of the Program

The Slim in 6 fitness program is marketed as an exercise and dietary program that promotes reductions in weight and body fat percentage, improvements in cardiovascular endurance, increases in lean muscle mass and strength, and improvements in coordination, balance and flexibility.

The Slim in 6 fitness program has numerous success stories that support health gains as beneficial as a reduction in weight and measurements of 6 pounds and 6 inches within the first 6 days of performing the exercise workouts. Another success story notes a decrease of 13 pounds of excess body weight and a reduction of 20 inches in overall measurements, while another noted user achieved a reduction of 15 pounds of weight within the first 6 weeks.

To this end, the Slim in 6 fitness program achieves these types of health and fitness benefits by creating a fitness program that exercises all the major muscles groups in a high tempo, moderately resistance-oriented theme. Hence, if you perform the exercise workouts with a moderate level of intensity, a high degree of regularity, and consume a healthy, nutritious, calorie-conscious, well-balanced whole foods diet, you will undoubtedly achieve health benefits that are in line with the previous success stories.

Equipment/Space Requirements

The Slim in 6 fitness program requires a DVD player in order to view the exercise workouts, and the use of a resistance band, included, to perform the actual workouts. No additional support equipment is required. However, if you do not own an exercise mat, you may want to consider purchasing one as there are several ground exercises that will be performed during the exercise workouts.

An adequate amount of space is required in order to perform the cardiovascular, strength and flexibility exercises. Finally, certain foods may need to be purchased if you are planning to follow the 6-Day Express diet plan that is included with the purchase of the Slim in 6 fitness program.

Physical Requirements

The Slim in 6 fitness program is primarily targeted towards women and men who are looking to lose several pounds of excess body weight and a few inches from their waistline. As with any fitness program, in order to achieve results it will take a moderate level of commitment and adherence to a reasonable dietary intake regimen. The Slim in 6 fitness program is designed as a high intensity calorie burning exercise program, so it may be difficult for individuals who suffer from back pain, joint pain or any other chronic physical pain.


The Slim in 6 fitness program is supported by Beachbody and offers an excellent customer support service that includes the following:

  • Extensive online FAQ database
  • 24/7 customer support telephone line
  • Online email customer service
  • Live chat support via the Beachbody website
  • Online message boards


The Slim in 6 fitness program costs three payments of $ 19.95 plus $ 12.95 for shipping and handling. The billing program is automatically structured in installments. The first installment is $ 32.90, while the second and third installments occur 30 and 60 days after the first installment and are $ 19.95 each. As with all Beachbody products, the Slim in 6 fitness program includes a 100% money back guarantee, as long as the product is returned within the first six weeks of use.

For slightly over $ 70.00 you will receive 6 exercise workouts, an information guidebook, a nutritional guidebook, a resistance band, a tape measure, a motivational calendar, a 6-day diet plan and free online access. The only support equipment that may be necessary to purchase is an exercise mat. As is evident, there is a high value vs. cost ratio that makes the Slim in 6 fitness program appealing. In addition, when compared to a fitness center membership, the Slim in 6 fitness program shines as a solid value.


Slim in 6 is a solid DVD-based fitness program that will provide results in the areas of weight loss, reductions in body fat percentage, increases in lean muscle mass and strength, improvements in cardiovascular endurance, and increases in coordination, balance and flexibility. The overall fitness approach taken by the Slim in 6 exercise routines is that of a high tempo, high intensity cardiovascular and strength training theme.

The Slim in 6 fitness program includes all of the necessary tools and support equipment required for most individuals to achieve their personal fitness goals. In addition, the Slim in 6 fitness program includes a dietary plan that is designed to accelerate your weight loss results and works well with the overall approach of the fitness program.

All in all, the Slim in 6 fitness program is a well-designed and comprehensive fitness program that will produce sound health and fitness results when followed correctly and performed with regularity. To this end, the Slim in 6 fitness program is a solid choice for individuals that are wanting to begin a fitness routine or add additional variety to their current workout routine.