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Sole Fitness Elliptical Equipment Review


Sole Fitness Elliptical Equipment Review


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Sole Fitness was initially founded in the 1990's, and entered the cardiovascular fitness equipment arena with the sole focus of manufacturing quality treadmills.

Since then, Sole Fitness has expanded their product line to include a larger variety of reasonably priced, high quality elliptical machines.

Throughout the years, Sole Fitness has been recognized for their ability to manufacture high quality durable cardiovascular fitness equipment for residential and commercial use at competitive pricing.

Sole fitness has become the flagship manufacturer of treadmills and elliptical machines for retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods stores, and have even become the preferred vendor for Hilton Hotels.

Sole Fitness offers several models of elliptical machines that typically range from $ 1,000.00 to $ 2,000.00 in cost. All Sole Fitness elliptical machines include multiple resistance levels, built-in cooling fans, water bottle holders, speaker inputs for MP3 players, and oversized foot pedals for comfort.

Fluid natural motion is provided by a whisper-quiet front drive system. The motion functions in both forward and reverse, and is driven by a heavy duty flywheel ranging from 19 to 29 pounds (depending on the model) and a high gear ratio. This technology creates a smooth feel while providing plenty of resistance at the top to facilitate a workout that is effective and challenging. All Sole Fitness elliptical machines also include a power incline feature which provides additional resistance as well as variable positions for adding diversity to your workout. The variable incline angle ranges from 30 to 40 degrees depending on the model of the elliptical machine chosen.


  • Durable Frame and Parts
  • Great Value
  • Innovative Angled Pedal
  • Heavy Duty Fly Wheel


  • Sub-Par Display Screen

Rating Criteria


All Sole Fitness elliptical machines include a uniquely designed pedal placement that is angled 2 degrees inward in order to help protect your joints from excess strain. The newer Sole Fitness elliptical machines include a heavy 25 to 30 pound flywheel for smooth rotation and a 20 inch stride length for a more natural foot motion.

Resistance is provided by an ECB magnetic system with 20 levels of resistance. The Sole Fitness elliptical machine line ranges from an LCD display for their lower-end model to an LED console for their top-end models.


Sole Fitness elliptical machines come with adjustable foot pedals and handlebar buttons for easy access to resistance and incline adjustments. Sole Fitness elliptical machines are known for their stability, and their premium model is able to support a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.

Heart rate monitoring can be accomplished via the handlebar grips or by using the heart rate chest band. The cooling fans offer modest relief, and the audio system allows you to plug your MP3 player or iPod into the console. Heavy duty grips are provided in addition to a cup holder and six pre-mapped workout programs.

The heavy flywheel allows the user to experience smooth resistance while controlling the 15-40 degree incline range. Sole Fitness elliptical machines do not fold up, and do require a fair amount of space.


Sole Fitness elliptical machines are known for their consistent quality and construction. The weight capacity ranges from 325 pounds for their lower-end models to 400 pounds for their top-end model, which is as good or better than competing ellipticals.

All Sole Fitness elliptical machines are situated on a sturdy base and weigh approximately 200 pounds, which prevents shaking and rocking from occurring when in use. The frame and heavy duty grips and pedal components are all very durable, and are known for being among the best in the market. Kizi games play online at this website. Play today at the best kizi games.

Customer Support

Sole Fitness customer service is reputed to be among the best in the the fitness equipment industry. Sole Fitness can be contacted for sales, shipping and warranty support via telephone or email. Sole Fitness offers three shipping options:

  • Residential Delivery – Basic delivery of the equipment to your house
  • Ground Inside Delivery – Equipment box is delivered to your home and placed in the room of your choice
  • Turn Key Delivery – Equipment is delivered to the room of your choice, unboxed, and assembled for you

The first option is $ 99.00, and the last option is $ 239.00. All concerns and complaints are discussed directly with the customer support department. This includes providing warranty service from either Sole Fitness or parts service from a sponsored provider.


All Sole Fitness elliptical machines come with a lifetime warranty on the frame. The lower-end models include an additional 3-year warranty on parts and electronics as well as a 1-year warranty on labor. The top-end models include a 5-year warranty for parts and electronics and a 2-year warranty on labor. All warranty work is performed in-home.

Parts and Service

Service and parts can be obtained through Sole Fitness directly by filling out a request form. Service labor that falls within the warranty period is covered by Sole Fitness, and the service is performed in-home. A small maintenance kit containing lubricant is provided with the equipment, as well as a manual on how to properly maintain the elliptical during future use. The time frame for at-home service will vary from case to case.


All Sole Fitness elliptical machines are affordably priced and designed to compete across the ,000.00 to $ 2,000.00 range. The Sole Fitness elliptical machines are set at reasonable prices when compared to comparable models manufactured by their competition.

Additionally, the quality, durability, and performance of the mid- and top-range Sole Fitness elliptical models make their prices extremely attractive, particularly when compared to competing models that offer similar features at higher prices. The only area in which the Sole Fitness elliptical models may come up a little short are their display consoles, which may not be as intuitive or as comprehensive as those from their competitors.

For most individuals that are shopping for an elliptical machine, including both casual and hardcore users alike, Sole Fitness elliptical machines offer a solid value for the price.


Sole Fitness has proven to be a solid manufacturer of quality elliptical machines. Similar to their treadmill line, Sole Fitness has been able to provide elliptical machines that are designed with a high level of quality, durability, comfort and performance while keeping their prices affordable.

All Sole Fitness elliptical machines include several user options and features. Their elliptical machines are well constructed and designed for moderate use. In addition, the warranties on Sole Fitness elliptical machines are in-line with, or in some cases even better than, the warranties provided by their competition.

Sole Fitness elliptical machines truly offer an excellent value for the money. For individuals that are seriously considering the purchase of an elliptical machine that is priced within the $ 1,000.00 to $ 2,000.00 range, Sole Fitness is definitely worth considering.