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Smooth Fitness Elliptical Equipment Review


Smooth Fitness Elliptical Equipment Review


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Smooth Fitness was founded in 1984, and initially began as a fitness specialty store. In 1996, Smooth Fitness became one of the first fitness equipment manufacturers to sell their products online.

Today, Smooth fitness operates a highly successful online cardiovascular fitness equipment website and exclusively sells their all of their equipment over the internet. This approach allows Smooth Fitness the ability to eliminate the costs associated with retail outlets, and any fees required from middlemen that would handle their equipment throughout various interim steps.

The reason for this approach is primarily driven by Smooth Fitness' decision to provide high quality cardiovascular fitness equipment at affordable prices, which means dealing directly with their customers instead of using third-parties to sell their equipment. By eliminating the necessity to deal with retailers, Smooth Fitness has created a clear advantage over their competition. In addition, this approach has allowed Smooth Fitness to focus on creating a quality online store and improve their ability to exceed their customers expectations. This approach is evident from the initial sale to the customer service interactions that take place down the road.

Smooth Fitness elliptical machines are manufactured using solid construction materials, sound design principles and the latest technology. The company's machines offer a vast array of user features and options, such as infrared hand sensors, LCD and LED displays and built-in iPod docks. To this end, Smooth Fitness produces some of the highest quality elliptical machines for the money and backs them with an industry leading warranty, making the company worthy of consideration for any fitness equipment buyer.


  • Solid Technology
  • Above Average Quality
  • iPod Dock Included
  • Excellent Overall Value


  • Can only be Purchased On-Line

Rating Criteria


All Smooth Fitness elliptical machine models include an iPod docking station situated on the center console. The company touts their “Dynamic Motion” system as one of the best workout programs in the fitness industry. The "Dynamic Motion" system is designed to combine several motion levels and a number of intensity levels to provide you with a workout that forces several muscle groups to be engaged throughout the routine.

The resistance system and the braking system are both entirely electromagnetic on a rear drive platform, giving you fewer moving parts and thus less overall wear and tear. The lower-end models include a multi-color LCD display while the top end models receive an LED dot matrix display system, along with infrared hand sensors for workout adjustments.


All Smooth Fitness elliptical machines include the “Dynamic Motion” workout program system. With the cheapest CE 3.7 model, the program allows for 3 motion levels and 16 intensity levels that can be mixed and matched to provide varying movements throughout the workout. The intent is to provide a better overall workout by forcing several muscle groups to participate in the workout.

The top end Agile model elliptical machine program offers 12 motion levels and 20 intensity levels. The iPod docking station, cooling fan, and water bottle holder add several creature comforts to the package. With the top end models, individuals also receive an infrared thumb touch control system that is located on the handlebars. The infrared thumb touch control system allows you to adjust your workout any way you want without disrupting your session.

While the CE 3.7 model uses rather standard ergonomic foot pedals, the Agile model is equipped with articulating shock pedals to further reduce joint impact. All models include a heart rate control chest strap and transportation wheels for ease in mobility.


The primary focus of Smooth Fitness is to provide a quality product at reasonable pricing, and they manage to accomplish this rather efficiently. Each elliptical machine ranges in weight from 200 to 400 pounds, depending on the model. All Smooth Fitness elliptical machine models use an Eddy current breaking system, heavy duty flywheels, and frames that are composed of heavy gauge oval steel.

The price points for Smooth Fitness elliptical machines range from approximately $ 1,099.00 to $ 2,500.00, and are equal or above the industry quality standards in virtually every respect. In fact, Smooth Fitness has won several “Best Buy” awards over the past several years.

Customer Support

Smooth Fitness does not retain any third-party retail support. Instead, all customer service is handled directly through their company. Smooth Fitness provides email, telephone, and fax support for all of their sales and service transactions and/or requests.


All Smooth Fitness elliptical machines include a lifetime warranty on the frame and braking systems. The lower-end models include an additional 3-year warranty on parts and electronics, as well as a 2-year in-home labor warranty. The high-end elliptical models include an additional 2-year warranty on parts and electronics, increasing the warranty period to a total of 5 years.

Parts and Service

All service requests covered by the warranty are performed by third-party service technicians contracted by Smooth Fitness. Warranty service is performed in-home, and may take anywhere from a couple of days to a week to complete, depending on your geographical location.


The various Smooth Fitness elliptical machine models range in cost from approximately $ 1,099.00 to $ 2,500.00. The mid-range models are Smooth Fitness' best selling elliptical machines.

Smooth Fitness' closest competitor within this price range is Sole Fitness. While both elliptical machine manufacturers are comparable in user features and functions, the primary difference between the two is that all Smooth Fitness elliptical machines are rear drive systems while Sole Fitness manufactures front drive systems. ??? ?????????? ? ????????? http://gigale.com

All in all, Smooth Fitness manufactures a well-built elliptical machine that is loaded with user features and options, utilizes the latest technology, and is backed by a solid warranty.


Smooth Fitness manufactures high quality elliptical machines at affordable prices, thanks to their focus on exclusively marketing their fitness equipment online without the use of third-party retailers. This approach provides Smooth Fitness a competitive advantage and allows them to put more money into their elliptical machines while maintaining a competitive cost structure.

The entire range of Smooth Fitness elliptical machines is above average in market standards when considering factors such as quality, durability, technology, and user options and features. The rear wheel drive and electromagnetic braking systems personify Smooth Fitness' intent on providing elliptical machines that will last for many years. In addition, all Smooth Fitness elliptical machines are intended for moderate to heavy use

This being said, Smooth Fitness is a top tier choice when considering the various elliptical machines that are available throughout the fitness equipment industry. While there are some manufacturers that produce elliptical machines that are superior to the offerings from Smooth Fitness, their prices are significantly higher. Hence, with all things considered, Smooth Fitness manufactures a high quality elliptical machine that strikes an excellent balance between cost and quality.