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Powertec Strength Training Equipment Review


Powertec Strength Training Equipment Review


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Powertec is a strength training fitness company that has developed a strong reputation for providing leverage-based and traditional weight training equipment designed for the beginner as well as the experienced weight trainer. Powertec produced their breakthrough strength training equipment in 1998 when they debuted their plate-loaded leverage weight training equipment.

By combining their leading edge design technology with their outstanding build quality, Powertec has quickly become one of the top weight training equipment manufacturers on the market.

Powertec strength training equipment is well designed and ideal for light to heavy use. Powertec's design, materials and components, as well as their overall manufacturing process, make their equipment durable and built for the long run. For this reason, all Powertec weight training equipment is backed by a solid warranty.

To meet each individuals personal health and fitness goals, Powertec has designed all of their equipment so that it can be configured using several attachments. To this end, individuals can begin with a basic multi-station home gym and add attachments to facilitate all exercises that they wish to perform. In addition, Powertec manufactures adjustable weight benches, dumbbell racks and olympic plate racks.

All of Powertec's weight training equipment is ergonomically designed in that the pivot points align appropriately with the joints. In addition, the leverage-based design eliminates the need for a spotter. Coupling these two items, Powertec weight training equipment is safe, effective and ideal for home use.


  • Unique Leverage System
  • Excellent Quality
  • No Spotter Required
  • Designed for Safety
  • Solid Warranty


  • Olympic Resistance Plates Not Included

Rating Criteria


The key to Powertec’s weight training systems is their plate-loaded leverage technology. The Powertec leverage system uses bearing-driven lever arms instead of cables or pulleys to create a smooth, quiet and natural resistance feel when compared to more traditional free weight training systems.

The levers contain loaded sections, similar to a barbell, that allow the user to install progressively higher amounts of weight. The Powertec leverage technology provides a high level of safety as the levers are directly attached to the rest of the frame. As a result, the levers and weights will never detach from the machine or drop.

The Powertec multi–leverage home gym is a weight training system that combines a variety of individual elements, including a chest press station, leg curl/extension station, squat station, abdominals station and seated row bar station.

For individuals that prefer more traditional, non-leverage-based strength training equipment, Powertec manufactures a full line of equipment including power racks, half racks, olympic bench presses and more. This type of flexibility offers the user the ability to design their own home gym. All content on our website was written with the assistance of Professional custom writing service . There are only qualified academic writers.


All Powertec weight training equipment is well built and designed to support a large amount of weight. To this end, the Powertec leverage system allows the individual to place a large amount of weight on the attached olympic plate posts. Below is a list of several of the resistance levels that can be supported using Powertec leverage technology:

  • 500 pounds on the lever press arm
  • 500 pounds on the lever press squat
  • 400 pounds on the lat lever arm
  • 200 pounds on the triceps lever arm
  • 200 pounds on the leg lift/arm curl lever
  • 100 pounds on the abdominal crunch lever arm
  • 300 pounds on the leg extension lever arm

One of the advantages of the Powertec leverage system is that it eliminates the need for a spotter. The lack of cables and pulleys greatly reduces the total number of wear items. In addition, the Powertec multi-leverage system includes a high end squat station, allowing the individual the ability to perform a serious squat workout. Most home gym manufacturers fail to include a heavy duty squat station, as their systems are constructed using cables and pulleys.


All Powertec multi-station gyms, support machines and accessories are constructed using powder coated heavy steel frames, with adjustable benches containing high density foam padding. The Powertec strength training leverage system is patented by Powertec, so they are free to focus on perfecting their technology. To this end, Powertec has done an excellent job of creating a strength training system that is safe, effective, and constructed using the highest of quality standards.

All Powertec multi-leverage weight training systems are designed with space in mind. This being said, the Powertec mutli-leverage strength training system footprint is modest and ideal for areas where space is limited. In addition, the unloaded weight of the Powertec home gym is typically around 300 pounds. All other support equipment is significantly lighter, a testament to Powertec's build quality.

Customer Support

Powertec offers customer support via telephone, fax and email. Their office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm EST. While the company maintains authorized dealers within several countries throughout the world, support is best handled directly with the Powertec online customer service department.


Powertec leverage-based strength training systems include a lifetime warranty on the frame, two years on component parts (such as bearings and spring pins) and one year on pads and grips. Shipping charges for parts are not covered under the warranty.

Parts and Service

All replacement parts can be obtained directly through the customer support department of Powertec. All parts are covered under the two-year component parts warranty, or the one-year pad and grip warranty. However, individuals will incur shipping and handling charges for replacement parts.


Powertec leverage strength training equipment ranges in cost from approximately $ 849.00 to $ 1,349.00. The muscle group-specific attachments, benches, racks, and other support accessorises typically range from $ 79.00 to $ 649.00.

As is evident, the prices for the various Powertec strength training equipment units are quite low. Since several of the individual pieces of equipment are compatible with one another, users need not worry about purchasing additional equipment in the future.

It is important to note that the leverage-based Powertec home gyms do not include olympic plates, and will need to be purchased separately by the individual. However, even after factoring in the cost of the olympic plates, Powertec strength training systems are reasonably priced when compared to more traditional weight training manufacturers.


Powertec has developed a solid leverage-based weight training technology that is almost completely unique when compared to their traditional counterparts. Powertec leverage-based strength training equipment is constructed using high quality materials and sound manufacturing principles. In addition, all Powertec home gym systems and attachments are ergonomically designed and work effectively to avoid any muscular and/or joint strain.

All Powertec leverage-based home gyms are built with the highest quality standards and are backed by a solid warranty. To this end, all Powertec equipment is designed for light to heavy use. The Powertec line of strength training equipment is ideal for individuals that are just beginning a weight training program, and for seasoned weight lifters as well.

All in all, the Powertec line of strength training equipment represents a solid choice for individuals that intend to perform a weight training routine. Powertec's design, technology and construction make them a top tier choice when considering a strength training system.