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Power-Line Strength Training Equipment Review


Power-Line Strength Training Equipment Review


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The Powerline series of strength training equipment is a sub-brand of fitness equipment marketed under the Body Solid umbrella. The Powerline series of strength training equipment is designed to compete in the under $ 2,000.00 home gym market.

The primary focus of the Powerline series of strength training equipment is to provide easy-to-assemble home gyms that support a total body workout, all at a reasonable price. In addition, all Powerline strength training equipment is designed and engineered under the Body Solid design department.

This being said, all Powerline strength training equipment utilizes simple ergonomic solutions to provide an effective workout for not only the casual weight trainer, but the serious athlete as well.

Powerline offers a full line of strength training equipment. From several multi-station home gym models to individual pieces of equipment that are designed to target specific muscle groups, Powerline offers a comprehensive list of strength training equipment. In addition, Powerline also offers free weight systems such as power racks and a Smith machine gym.

The entire range of Powerline strength training equipment is well-designed, soundly constructed and ideal for home use. The Powerline series of strength training equipment is backed by a reasonable warranty and is intended for light to moderate use. This being said, most individuals will find that Powerline strength training equipment represents an affordable route to total body fitness.


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Powerline strength training home gyms include a well-designed, biomechanically-correct press bar and a lat pull down station that allows for smooth movement throughout the entire range of motion. The telescopic seat post is entirely adjustable, and the nylon pulleys are encased in impact -resistant fiberglass.

The frame is coated with an electrostatically-applied, powder coated, scratch-resistant paint, and the upholstery is fitted over a high density foam. The hand grips are fitted with a high density rubber to ensure security when performing each exercise. Each exercise is ergonomically designed to reduce joint stress.

The fixed pulleys swivel to allow for flexibility in exercise choice and angle. There are high, mid and low pulleys that allow for a greater number of exercises to be performed. Finally, Powerline offers several attachments that can be added to their home gym system.

Features and Functionality

Upper-end Powerline strength training home gyms are multi-functional and multi-station. These models include a bearing pivot point leg developer, high, mid and low pulleys, a leg press, press arm and fixed pulleys. As is evident, Powerline multi-functional home gyms allow the user the flexibility to perform a large array of exericses.

The less expensive Powerline strength training home gyms include fewer user options. Typical in the lower-priced home gyms are a press arm system that includes an optional 150-pound weight stack. While the lower-end Powerline home gyms are basically a press arm system, they still include a lat bar, a straight bar, a utility strap, a high pulley, a low pulley and a leg curl station. This being said, the lower-end Powerline home gyms offer the average user enough features and flexibility to perform an effective full-body workout.

Quality and Construction

Powerline strength training home gyms offer solid quality and construction thanks to the fact that they're manufactured by Body Solid, a company that is known for developing some of the highest quality gym systems within the industry. Powerline home gyms utilize aircraft-grade cables, fiberglass reinforced pulleys and silicone bearings.

While Powerline may produce a "middle-of-the-road" line of strength training home gyms, their quality and user flexibility surpass most of their competition at this price point. Hence, Powerline home gyms are ideal for individuals that perform strength training at a light to moderate rate, or as a supplement to their overall fitness routine.

Customer Support

Customer support is provided via Body Solid’s sales and technical support teams through email and phone. Authorized Powerline dealers and repair technicians can be located through the official Body Solid website. Typical repairs times vary depending on your geographical location and the proximity of an authorized dealer.


All Powerline strength training equipment includes a 10-year warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on all parts. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferrable.

Parts and Service

All Powerline parts and service requests can be obtained by contacting the Body Solid customer support department. Individuals may incur a shipping and handling fee for replacement parts. An authorized Powerline dealer may also provide parts and service assistance as well.


The Powerline series of strength training home gyms typically range in cost from approximately $ 599.00 to $ 1,375.00. This is a fairly solid value for the quality of the Powerline series of home gyms.

Powerline free weight systems (i.e. power racks, Smith machine systems, etc.) range in cost from approximately $ 475.00 to $ 1,795.00. Powerline free weight machines (i.e. cross-over cables, preacher curl machine, vertical leg press machine, etc.) are generally priced within the $ 165.00 to $ 500.00 range.

As is evident, all Powerline strength training equipment is reasonably priced when compared to the value and quality of the systems. With the large variety of equipment types offered by Powerline, individuals can design their entire strength training set-up for an affordable price. Реклама: Netradicinė medicina, Masažas, Sveikas maistas, Organizmo valymas, Nevaisingumas jo priežastys bei gydymas http://netradicinemedicina.com/nevaisingumas-jo-priezastys-ir-gydymas/


Powerline strength training equipment delivers smaller, easier to use and less expensive versions of the Body Solid equipment line. Powerline strength training systems are smartly designed and constructed using quality materials.

All Powerline strength training equipment is intended to compete within the moderately-priced fitness equipment market. To this end, Powerline strength training equipment provides a solid value for the money. In addition, the Powerline series of strength training equipment offers enough variety and options to meet most individuals' needs and personal fitness goals.

Since Powerline is a sub-brand of Body Solid (a highly regarded player in the fitness equipment industry), the availability of parts, service representatives and solid customer support has already been proven. For individuals that are seeking a sound strength training system that is designed for light to moderate use, Powerline weight training equipment is a solid choice.